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How Kotlin Coroutine Does Enhance The Complexity Of Execution In App Development?

App Development

Sep 2019
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how kotlin enhance the execution in app development
A coroutine is a term used as a feature in Kotlin. It allows the users to use asynchronous code in a sequential pattern. Now you may have doubts about, what is asynchronous code? Asynchronous code is a form of parallel programming. It allows a task in a thread to run separately from the primary application, where a thread is a small process that helps to run the tasks in parallel. Asynchronous code notifies the main thread when the task gets executed.
RxJava is said to be a reactive extension of Java is a set of interfaces and methods to provide the problems to solve easily. In simple terms, it is said to be a tool to write clean and simple code. The same feature of RxJava has with Kotlin. The main purpose of using coroutine is to avoid blocking a thread and replace it with a cheaper and more controllable operation.
It is controlled by the function called suspension function. The function can help to execute a long-running operation and wait for it to complete without blocking. Kotlin Coroutine is a valuable feature for app developers India. The flexibility of the app gets increased.
Reusing the Thread pool by coroutine
Managing thread is a complicated task to be maintained, where executors are used to managing it. Thus to manage the thread pool by an executor, you have to add coroutines in the app. To reuse the thread suspension function of the coroutine is added to control the thread. Suspension functions are also termed as an extension function.
To convert the asynchronous task pool into the dispatcher, a coroutine dispatcher is used. In android, it much useable to handle the AsyncTask thread by using suspension function in the coroutine dispatcher.
ForkjoinPool Works under the order
forkjoinpool works under the order
The ForkjoinPool is also named as CommonPool, is the default non-asynchronous mode. So it executes tasks in the LIFO order. If you don’t specify size when starting a coroutine, it won’t work. It only works in the size of 1.
The device and the app matters to avoid the problem like a deadlock. Thus to avoid the problem, you can create a thread pool when your thread count is centralized. Thus I have mentioned the common pool uses the thread size of 2.
Asynchronous code can hit the exception, thus it is important to maintain properly. The exception throws during the asynchronous block wait at the time you call on the delay and it gets returned.
Root Parent by Coroutine
RxJava, a reactive extension of Java is a set of interfaces and methods to provide the method to solve the problems easily. It manages the task through a single object. By adding a coroutine parent, it is easy to add the number of a coroutine to handle the thread pool.
To eliminate the downstream children, just cancel the root parent of the coroutine.
Don’t use asynchronous, till your specific use case calls for it. The benefit of using coroutine is that you can use less line of sequential-asynchronous code.
Suspension Points
You have to create a new one or eliminate it. To work more you need to handle the library of the system and the low-level issues in between them while handling. Analyzing problems such as deadlock will be more useful.
Few conditions have to maintain to handle the coroutine without blocking the thread. By blocking the thread it can create a deadlock. That means you have to wait for the completion of the suspended block. The library is helping to control the behavior of the function and others too.
It helps to take action even without the suspension if the output of an action is available. The functions with suspension can control easily except coroutines or other functions with suspension points. It cannot call in a normal way.
* Flexibility is high using Kotlin’s coroutines. It provides plain reactive programming. It can be written in an easy approach to understanding the sequential in an easy way.
* It  offers a wide variety of set of operators on collections that will look similar to you RxJava operators.
* Interacting with RxJava when needed through Kotlin’s coroutines can be done by following a pattern in many cases or as described in the guide to the reactive streams with coroutines.
* These are said to be very smaller and efficient. The amount of memory used by RxJava is generally higher compared to coroutines and this leads to a slower app given the higher CPU usage for the garbage collection of all the objects generated by RxJava; this also translates into higher battery consumption of course.
* To complete the task using RxJava is trouble as everything can be done easily with Kotlin coroutines, then you can remove the dependency on the RxJava library one less dependency for your app.
Time control with Context
time control with context
Two common dispatchers in coroutine are with Context (Dispatchers.IO). It is designed to interact to test the Coroutine dispatch. To replace the test TestCoroutineDispatcher is used to delay the call function.
Let me give you an explanation, a test that calls a function can offer the TestCoroutineDispatcher using dependency injection; it’s a service locator or a default parameter. The reference value can get from the Surrounding of CoroutineContext; it is under the Function of suspension.
Kotlin coroutine is a feature of Kotlin. It enhances the task effortlessly. Control of the apps can have a wider range of troubles due to Java. Thus the coroutine reduces the burden by the extension function of the thread using the sequential method. It allows the asynchronous task to be handled with a concurrent order.
When comparing to Java it is far better due to its feature to handle the execution part of an app. The demand for app developers is getting increased due to smart mobile features and the growth of technology. Thus the top app development companies were getting high profits due to the service.
The Kotlin app developers are in demand and can use the podium to enhance their business. Thus to build an android app using Java or Kotlin development is dependent on the developer. The complexity gets decreases by the feature of Kotlin coroutine in developing applications. I hope the above content might give you the benefit of using the coroutine in mobile apps.
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