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How Long Does It Take To Create A Mobile App?

App Development

Mar 2022
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how long does it take to create a mobile app
Are mobile devices new, no, right? The same goes for mobile apps as well. Do you have any idea how many mobile apps are available out there? to be precise 2.22 million available apps for iOS and more than 2.87 million apps on the google play store. the global mobile app downloads till 2021 was more than 230 billion.
Looking at the numbers, you must be wondering, it is just a piece of cake to develop mobile apps. Anyone can make mobile apps overnight, right? It takes months to develop a mobile app. Let's demonstrate how long it takes to create a mobile app.

Factors That Determine The App Development Time

App Idea Scope

Defining an app idea scope might sound simpler than it is. App idea scope involves each and every step of the mobile app development process starting from what type of services your mobile app will provide, what type of features will it have, what functionalities will it have, does the similar kind of available out there, how can you make your mobile app outstanding from your competitor, what purpose your mobile app will serve and many more. All your brainstorming will happen over here. You might get all these answers in a day or it can take weeks as well. But keep in mind, if you want to earn money from an app, it is better to get the app idea clarity before moving ahead with the development process.

Mobile App Features and Functionality

The next thing is to finalize the mobile app method operations. The features and functionalities of the mobile app play an important role in the app development time. If you need specific trending functions and features on your mobile app, it might take longer to develop them than usual. Along with that what type of tasks will it perform, the operation methods of the features and how much data those features and functionality will need also determine the app development time.
Along with that, you should also define which operating system you want to target for your mobile app. iPhone app development, Android app development and hybrid app development takes different time. Hybrid app development, a mobile app that works on both of the operating systems can take more development time compared to the native app development. A small mobile app scoping process with basic features and functionality can take up to 1-2 weeks. A bit more time for a medium-size mobile app. A large enterprise based mobile app with more complex features and functionality can take up to 3 To 4 weeks for project scoping.

Mobile App Design & Development Process

The designing and development process consumes most of the time for obvious reasons. The various app developers work together for the design and development process. The app development process includes everything from front-end design to back-end systems compatibility. The design and development process demands equal contribution from the app designers to iOS app developers to provide attractive front end visuals backed by robust back-end solutions.
The front end design and development process includes various aspects such as wireframing, UI design and development, caching and so on whereas on the other hand back end development includes data integration, data management, Data migration, versioning, user management everything in between. All of them need coding and programming from expert front end developers that should provide an enriched user experience.
This phase of app development demands continuous communication between app designers and developers to work on a UI UX strategy that meets the end goal of the client's requirements. One wrong step in this step can break the entire workflow of the app development process.
The app design and development phase can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to 9-10 weeks. It depends on various factors such as the complexity of the mobile app requirements, the experience of the android app developers and many more. App development companies will be able to tell you the exact development time once you finalize your app idea scope.

QA Testing

what do you think the app developers deliver the mobile app as soon as they end up creating your mobile app? No, even the smallest mobile app demands QA testing to check whether the app needs any bug fixes or any updates. The app developers test the app briefly before launching to identify any data breaches, data leaks, errors in codes and so on. The app developers work on the identified bugs and test the entire mobile app again. Along with the internal testing, every app needs beta testing to ensure the utmost user experience.
The testing phase is as important as the development phase. It can take 3 to 4 weeks depending on the app size and the number of iterations of debugging and retesting it demands. The mobile app should be flawless before you launch it for the market.

An App To Market Time

Putting together everything, a simple mobile app launch can take up to 2 months, a medium-size mobile app with a few complex features can take around 3 months and a large mobile app with more complex features can take around 4 and half months to hit the market. Apart from this app development process, there are various other factors that affect the app development time such as the experience of the app developers, the app development team working on your project requirements, time spent on testing and so on. So, it really matters who works on your app development project requirements.


You can get an estimation about how much your mobile app development can take. But it is advisable to reach out to experts even if you want a simple mobile app. The app development companies have experts who know how to make an app and also have proven portfolios that can justify their work.
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