How Mobile App Development Companies Are Promoting Custom App Development

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The use of mobile devices and applications has drifted from the unconventional path to becoming an acceptable way of life. Thanks to the dexterous efforts of modern-day app development companies put together to make application development simpler and even more exciting, everyone is now a beneficiary of an uncommon revolution in the tech world. 
This year saw mobility reach its zenith with the development of numerous efficient custom applications. No doubt, custom app development is paving the way for a new wave of technologies that are currently transforming the industry. Currently, many businesses are on the verge of adopting Augmented Reality (AR) to boost customer relations, mobile developers are working towards creating a more secure mobile application with blockchain, while everyone is craving for smarter apps to be powered by machine learning. 
Ultimately, custom application development will not only improve mobility but also amaze mobile users as they will soon be able to use their devices to do virtually everything and anything they choose to do. So, how are mobile app development companies planning to use this form of mobile development to transform the industry and people’s way of life? Basically, they are creating, improving upon and adopting new technologies to achieve this aim. Here are some of the most prominent technologies currently dominating the app world. 
Machine Learning (ML)
machine learning
One of the custom app development trends adopted by several mobile app development companies today is Machine Learning (ML). Virtually, every professional in the mobility field understands the significance of this technology and no one is taking it for granted. Already, some big corporations like Apple have started taking advantage of this high-level tech to develop a machine learning framework that will allow iOS developers to build smarter apps with just a few lines of code. This newly innovated feature is known as Apple’s Core ML. 
When it comes to custom iOS development, it is evident that mobile app development companies and developers alike will be able to employ machine learning to improve QuickType, Camera, and Siri with newly improved object tracking, face detection and tracking, barcode detention, and other exciting features. No doubt, this machine learning apps will significantly change the way people interact with their devices as well as the way companies do business in the modern world.
Augmented Reality (AR)
Ever since it was introduced some years back, Augmented Reality (AR) has not only been prominent but has been highly appreciated by many in the industry. This technology has simply moved from the path of being oddities to becoming mainstream. Today, it’s easy to find many mobile app development companies adopting this technology to solve certain tech issues in the industry some of which include Google and Apple whose latest mobile operating systems have been enhanced to support AR functionality, thanks also to their AR development kits – ARCore and ARKit
No doubt, several mobile app development companies are putting in solid efforts to innovate AR which is making it become commonplace today. Many AR applications have already been deployed by some legendary brands through custom mobile application development. Some of which include:
- Android stickers and Snapchat Lenses developed as custom AR stickers
- Industry-specific AR apps like GAP, IKEA, and Nike
- AR games like the Harry Potter Augmented Reality game. 
Evidently, app developers and development agencies are doing well in the area of Augmented Reality. Soon, many enterprises seeking to have that unique gamified customer experience would turn to custom application development. This, in turn, will lead to the proliferation of Augmented Reality (AR) applications in the mobile app world. 
Interestingly, Blockchain is not limited to the cryptocurrency industry alone. As a matter of fact, this technology cuts across several industries in the modern world. Blockchain is gaining wide adoption in the mobile app world due to the high level of security and automation it provides. Many app development agencies operating in the mobile space are already seeking to harness its immense automation potential. 
When it comes to mobile app development, developers are already working toward launching the first wave of Blockchain solutions via custom app development. While some in the sector will need this technology to enhance the safe transfer of funds via mobile, others may just want to use it to boost mobile security. These development processes have been already divided into four main categories which include:
- Blockchain-based personal identification applications
- Enterprise blockchain applications
- Industry-specific customer applications
- Blockchain-based wallets
Whichever way mobile app developers choose to use the Blockchain technology, it is important to note that the development of Blockchain-based mobile apps will provide the easiest, fastest, and most secure means of handling personal data on a peer-to-peer network. 
Pre-Made Modules
Evidently, custom app development has undergone a real transformation over the years. In the tech world, many things are no longer the way they used to be – things have and are still changing. The process of developing and launching an app is no longer as complex as it used to be. In times past, what used to take many businesses months and even years to develop can now be settled in just a few weeks or days. 
Today, almost all app builders are developing one custom app or the other for individuals and enterprises. They are employing the latest technologies to create that mobile experience users expect. Now, there seems to be a rising evolution in the way custom apps are developed. Some companies are already employing pre-made modules to create custom mobile apps for businesses. 
With these customizable typical modules, development companies can effectively develop any custom app tailored to the specific needs of a specific brand. Basically, it’s all about having a ready-to-use customizable app template that could include beacon support, audio guide, map, news feed, photo and video galleries, etc. This can help to bring about a faster development and deployment of mobile applications. 

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