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How Mobile App Development Companies Are Transforming The Commercial Landscape

App Development

Feb 2019
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app companies transforming commercial landscape
Currently, there is a radical change going on in the business sector. As it stands, it is evident that traditional print and mail campaigns can no longer serve as prerequisites for business growth. These days, it is highly imperative for every business seeking to make progress in this modern era to possess good technology and digital marketing skills. To this end, many enterprises have morphed from the traditional way of doing business to adopt innovative market trends. More specifically, these enterprises are partnering with mobile app development companies to adopt effective app integration processes aimed at optimizing production and boosting profitability.
This has not only helped to shape the commercial industry but has also led to the emergence of a new wave of business applications. Now, there is a growing usage of consumer-facing apps, as well as an increase in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) applications. While mobile app development companies are working efficiently to enhance user interaction with mobile apps, the exposure of business partners, consumers, and employees to various applications outside the workplace are greatly impacting user expectations of business apps. 
What are enterprise apps?
enterprise app development
Basically, enterprise apps are those mobile solutions employed by businesses to assist in solving various enterprise problems within the organization. Today, many mobile app development companies and developers alike are using these applications to not only optimize efficiency in the workplace but also leverage big data and improve worker productivity. 
While developing enterprise mobile applications has never been that easy, mobile app development companies, on their own part, have been developing smarter apps through the use of enterprise big data and analytics. Thanks to the adoption of smart devices, businesses can now use these apps to empower both employees and customers to change the nature of corporate landscapes. 
Mobile app development companies are using these apps to structure the corporate landscape through the following means:
Create an adaptive internal structure
In line with modern business culture, app developers have managed to establish a new paradigm in human resources through a system of proliferation of mobile endpoints that fits modern technology. Now, along with telecommunication and virtualization, enterprise mobility is steadily diversifying how business is conducted. This has led to an uncommon revolution in the way and manner the workplace is defined and workers orientation with it. Generally, operating an enterprise app can be too large and complex for individuals and small businesses. 
Effective integration and deployment
Most business organizations do not settle for just a single application. Typically, they employ several other enterprise applications such as CRM systems. But today, these businesses are partnering with some reputable mobile app development companies to develop a single channel through which all the data will be submitted. 
Basically, enterprise apps are designed to integrate or interface with other business applications employed in the workplace. It is always the responsibility of these applications to ensure that the apps strictly adhere to the existing security requirements before being deployed across a variety of networks. Apart from helping to prevent data contamination that can occur as a result of human error, the use of enterprise apps in organizations has significantly helped to fuel business processes and worker productivity in the workplace. 
Interactive BYOA platforms
In the new, developing mobile landscape, many enterprises are already focusing on the next business resource – BYOA – to take advantage of its benefits. The use of personal mobile devices which has been on the increase in recent times led to the acceptable introduction of the BYOA (bring your own app) principle. This implies that both employers and employees alike are allowed to employ personal mobile applications within the work environment as longs as it is aimed at improving business productivity. 
Introduction of smarter apps
Big data combined with analytics has enabled several enterprises in the corporate world to consider business intelligence so as not only to remain productive but also forge ahead. Currently, business owners are coming to realize the importance of analytics and big data owing to the fact the call for smarter enterprises. When developing apps for business, it is always a good thing to consider integrating big data. 
This has helped to structure the overwhelming majority of data that seemingly do not fit in conventional databases such as embedded sensor data, videos, emails, word documents, and more. While it is relatively not easy to analyze big data, it is, however, good to know that this form of intelligence is helping to boost business growth by informing enterprises of addressable inefficiencies, as well as viable market opportunities. 
Enhanced security levels
enhanced security levels
In recent years, enterprise mobility has proven to be an inevitable and essential commodity suitable in any workplace. Before now, IT had been more like a blessing and a curse due to increased exposure to vulnerability. There had been more points of access as a result of increased networked hardware. Though this was initially aimed at optimizing user engagement, all measures put in place to curtail vulnerability – including the server-hosted virtual desktop (SHVD) – proved to be less effective. 
Interestingly, every app development company has helped to find a meaningful solution to this problem by coming up with effective risk reduction techniques and developing high defense mechanisms that are capable of catering to mobile infrastructure. Today, many businesses are compelled by these features to not only seek out new opportunities in the mobile space but also adopt real-time innovative security solutions. 
The significance of enterprise mobility can no longer be emphasized as the needs of businesses are being met regularly by the proliferation of these effective mobile solutions. Interestingly, many of these newer solutions are built with a self-serve model thereby enabling businesses to identify their tech needs themselves and address the increasingly problematic skills drought affecting many others today without having to approach consultants or hire the services of some consulting firms. 
With this new wave of enterprise applications, it is not wrong to say that mobile app development companies are helping to significantly improve the productivity levels of numerous modern enterprises existing today.
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