How Mobile App Development Companies Can Deliver Secure Mobile Applications

mobile app development companies
Mobile app usage is on the increase. Even in the cooperate world, there has been an overwhelming interest in mobile technology as it has proven to be very effective at engaging customers and partners. In a bid to achieve client satisfaction and improve business productivity, many enterprises are adopting mobile technology at an increasing rate. Some enterprises are even investing heavily in mobile app development to boost communication with customers, partners, and employers. 
But since these enterprises do not operate mobile app development as their core business, they just have to seek the external service of those that have the skills to develop the apps. Just so you know, there are several mobile app development companies that operate as third-party vendors. These agencies specialize in developing bespoke mobile applications for both individuals and enterprises that are in dire need of them. 
Implementing mobile application security
mobile app security
Every now and then, apps are released in large numbers in various stores. However, it is sad to note that not many of them have the necessary protection to remain secure from hacker attacks. Many of these attackers take advantage of an app’s weakness to steal important user information while others intrude to cause damage or disruption to the app by slipping in harmful software. 
Security flaws are a very common issue with mobile app development. In fact, Gartner recently revealed that over 87 percent of the top paid apps on the iOS App Store and 97 percent of the top 100 paid apps on the Google Play Store has been hacked. No doubt, security has been a serious issue that should be taken very seriously by all top app development companies.
In order to ensure that users are not left vulnerable to hacker attacks while engaging with an app, it is expedient for mobile app development companies to adopt reliable security measures during the development phase. Apart from helping to regulate high vulnerability, users are sure to benefit from an app when mobile security issues are well-taken care of. 
So, how can mobile app development companies help enterprises to deliver secure mobile applications? Here are some helpful ways this can be effectively done. 
Ensure regular clean up of stored passwords
Apps can be developed in a way that stored passwords would be wiped off periodically. This form of session timeouts can be implemented on a weekly or monthly basis. Usually, most mobile application development companies will implement this strategy to keep user information safe in case of theft or loss of the device. This implies that even when a device is not protected, the user information in it will be kept safe. 
Implement a good mobile encryption policy
While accounting for the varying quality, bandwidth, and performance of devices, app developers are obliged to develop apps in a way that their code and data can be stored on the host device. Unfortunately, this can expose user information to crooks. Whether it is designed to store data temporarily or permanently, an app would remain even more vulnerable to threats as long as it stores data locally on the device. 
Many mobile app development companies are already implementing several security measures to mitigate this problem by designing and developing data-sensitive apps. Some of these security measures include password protection functionalities, encrypted data storage features, encrypted mobile databases, file-level encryption, etc. In today’s tech environment, it is imperative for app developers to be mindful of how user data is secured
Just so you know, an app that isn’t well-secured can release sensitive user information without even its users knowing. To effectively curb this problem, it is expedient for app developers to make key management a priority. No matter how solid an app’s algorithm may be, things can get out of hand if keys and certificates are not well protected from hackers. 
Integrate another layer of security
More caution is always required when a mobile application is designed to depend on the API of a second party for functionality. In case you do not know, such an app will be relying on someone else’s code to keep secure. To this end, a security-cautious developer would ensure that only the areas of the app that require such support are made accessible to the APIs.
When it comes to mobile app security, the importance of adding another layer of security to the login process cannot be overemphasized. There are some security processes that could be of great help in this situation. Like APIs, authentication and authorization technology can greatly help to ensure a safe and secure login by proving to an app who its users are. Other helpful secure identification features include OpenID Connect, JSON web tokens, and OAuth2. 
Regular upgrades and patching
upgrades and patching
Proficient mobile app development companies will not hesitate in any way to perform regular upgrades and patching services for every mobile app under their care. The reason is that hackers are always swift to cause mayhem as soon as a mobile app is launched. This is when they start working to cause identity lapses and loopholes through which they penetrate to exploit the app. Once a weakness is found, they’d begin their malicious activities.
To this end, it is essential for app developers to be cautious enough to ensure that every means of access for intruders are effectively plugged while ensuring that users are provided with regular updates and effective patches. This will not only help to promote efficiency but also boost customers’ confidence on the app they are using. Delay can be disastrous; so, always ensure these issues are fixed in due course. 
When it comes to mobile app development, it is important to avoid the use of free third-party codes as this can lead to a disaster by making your mobile application vulnerable to cyber threats and hacker attacks. To this end, it is recommendable to always seek the professional services of reputable mobile app development companies.

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