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How Mobile Apps Are Changing Lives

App Development

Mar 2020
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how mobile apps are changing lives
Virtually all the apps being developed these days are based on the artificial intelligence technology. Indian app developers have made serious impact on virtually all sectors of life. Some of the impacts of mobile apps developed by app development companies have been outlined below.
Mobile Banking
Indian app developers have developed some banking apps through which customers can carry out several banking transactions without going to the bank. In fact, virtually all banks hire Indian app developers while some have app development departments being headed by highly experienced Indian app developers.
Through some banking apps, you can check your balance, do real-time funds transfer, confirm deposits and even pay utility bills. The main advantage to users is convenience. They don’t have to go to the bank often since they can also carry out all the transactions any time of the day from anywhere. Most importantly, they will get an immediate response.
The banks also gain from apps in three ways. Some of the transactions aren’t free. For example funds transfer isn’t free. Banks make a whole lot of money from some the transactions. The second way by which banks gain from their mobile apps is by decongesting their banking halls. The transactions you can carry out on banking apps are the ones that usually bring customers to the bank regularly. So, customers now visit banking halls for more serious issues.
With the advent of banking apps, banks make use of fewer hands thereby reducing their staffing cost. This is the third way by which banks enjoy banking app. This is why work is in progress to increase the number of transactions that can be carried out on banking apps. Finally, the convenience brought by banking apps helps banks retain their customers and also get new ones.
Forex trading apps
Virtually all forex brokers now have trading apps to allow their traders to trade on the go. With the advent of trading apps, traders no longer have to stay glued to their systems since they can now trade on the go. That means they can now carry out other activities while trading. This has attracted more people to forex trading. So, the advent of mobile apps has revolutionized the way forex is now being traded.
Retail apps
Virtually all famous retail stores now have apps through which their customers can order their products. Although customers can also order via mobile sites, customers may need to sign in each time they want to use mobile sites. But with mobile apps, customers do not need to sign every time. Apart from that, most apps have one button feedback function. This makes it easier for customers to send feedbacks.
Retail apps are also beneficial to retail stores too. They can use push notification to boost their sales. They can also integrate their app to social media so that customers can easily share their posts thereby increasing their popularity and credibility. 
Security system apps
Virtually all new alarm systems now come with a mobile app that the owner of the home can install on his phone. When there is an intrusion or burglary, the alarm will not only go off, it will send either a picture or video of the intruders to the owner through the app wherever he is. This will enable him call the police immediately. All security companies now hire Indian app developers to build their apps.
Smart wallet
Have you heard about a wallet that cannot get lost? There is a wallet that comes with its own app. Although the wallet has several unprecedented features, its most attractive feature is its ability to send message to the owner when there is up to 50 meters gap between the wallet and its owner. The wallet will assume that it has already been forgotten so a text message will be sent to the owner to remind him of his smart wallet.
Another attractive feature of the wallet is its ability to help locate smartphones. If you mistakenly leave your phone around and you don’t know exactly where it is, the smart wallet will help you to make your phone ring out.
You are probably thinking it is not a big deal since you can use another phone to dial the phone. Of course you are right. Other phones can dial the phone but what if the missing phone is in silent mode? Aha! That is where the smart wallet comes in. It can make a phone that is in silent mode ring out.
Video calling apps
What about video calling apps that allow users to call each other and also see each other? A very good example is Skype. With Skype, you can call someone in another continent and also see the person while you speak. The best part is that the service is free as long as there is internet connection at both ends.
That means both caller and receiver will see each other and hear each other’s voices at the same time. This is very close to seeing each other in real life.
Game apps
Although game apps cannot be compared to game consoles like Xbox and Playstation that are connected to the TV, they have their own advantages too. You can’t play Xbox or Playstation on the go but you can play games on your smartphone on the go.
Secondly, gaming consoles are not free but you can download any game app completely free. You may only need to pay to purchase an in-app item which is not mandatory or compulsory. Think about variety. There are a wide variety of game apps in different categories.
Educational apps
There are several educational apps like the Google play book, Amazon kindle, and Khan Academy. All of them have over 10, 000 educational materials for different subjects and more are still being uploaded. On both Google play book and Amazon Kindle, a few materials are free but others are not. On the other hand, on Khan Academy, every material is completely free. This is why it is more popular and it has more users than both Google play book and Amazon Kindle.
Apart from the three, there are several other educational apps with large reservoirs of educational materials. And there are other apps that make teaching easier and more interesting.
In conclusion, these applications of mobile apps are just very few, there are many more applications. And virtually all apps built by top app developers are built on artificial intelligence because they can take certain actions based on users’ input without any other human intervention.
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