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How much does it cost to develop an App?

App Development

Jun 2015
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how much does it cost to develop an app

In the past few years, the app market has exploded. According to several surveys the usage of mobile apps has grew by 76% in the year 2014. After introduction of Apple Pay, Apple can now access to 90% of credit cards of US citizens. Isn't it INSANE? The App craze is not just limited to Apple, it has spread to Android, Blackberry, Windows and every other mobile Operating Systems. And to increase the traffic to your website and for the promotion of your business or new ventures, mobile apps are indeed the best way.


You can see people putting a very basic free apps and getting thousands of downloads for doing nothing. Clients perhaps think that making an App for the business will be very expensive and sometimes they do not have any idea from where to start. So the good news is its not as costly as you think an not even hard to start.


Let's talk about what goes into while preparing an estimation for any App. As there are many things which needs to be considered while developing an App, doing your proper research would be the first and perhaps the most important while developing an App. The idea of your App should be better and unique than others. The more complicated the idea is, the more cost it is going to be but also a higher chance to get the best return on investment.


After deciding on the idea of your app, you need to prepare the functionality layout. The more function you add, the more costly your app will be. For estimation of your app, functions of your app plays a major part. After the functionality layout, design comes in. The cost of the designing depends upon the frame and the technology used in it. Your designer creates the design according to your needs of functionality. Now developing part comes in and finally once your app is ready with all the testing done, your app will be in the respective app stores. This is the common process for your app on each and every platform.


develop an app


The following is the list to be considered while estimating your App Cost.


  1. Platform of your App:

    You can develop your apps in one or on multiple platforms. But the cost will be according your platform. Major platforms can be considered are 1) iOS 2) Android 3) Windows 4) Blackberry and others.


  2. The size of your app:

    Size matters when you are estimating the cost of your app. Some apps will be very basic with simple functionalities and no complications. Some medium sized app will be there which will have some more functionalities than the smaller and the large sized apps will have all the complicated functionalities with all latest technologies used in it.


  3. The functionalities that engage your users:

    The cost of your app depends on the features you use to engage your targeted audience. For Example: Do you want them to add social media login or How are you going to make money, whether to add in app purchases or you want to make it free. Or you want to allow your user to rate your apps.


Above things will surely take the time to build your app according to your preferences. Now you might think what can be the approx time to build an app. The answer to this question has been made very easy and clear by us. The Average cost to Develop a mobile App with the approx time frame can give you the better idea to organize and plan your business apps.


So The idea, design, the functionalities, the size, the platform, the time frame to develop the app,the process everything together affect the cost of your App. We at Hyperlink Infoystem have make it easier for you to decide and plan your budget for your business App. We have prepared a whole app cost table for you of different famous apps considering all the platforms we are working on. Let's have a look on the same.


  1. iOS App Development Cost:

    iOS App Development depend upon so many criteria. The whole process starting from the idea of iOS app to the approval from the App store takes certain time and cost to spend both from client and the developers side. Want to know what will be the cost of different types of iOS apps? We are here with all the solutions.


  2. Android App Development Cost:

    Android is now covering the maximum mobile market across the world. If you are targeting middle level audiences than Android is the best platform to get the revenue. Investing in Android Apps will be definately a wise idea in this new tech era. We have prepared the whole Android App Development Cost table to make your planning easier than ever.


  3. Windows App Development Cost:

    Windows App Development is now gearing up to compete with other platforms. There are surely some targeted audience for this platform and to build an app for niche market, you definitely need an expert. We at Hyperlink Infosystem serve the best Windows Apps. Have a look on the Windows App Development Cost with the broader aspect by different types of Apps. 


  4. Outsource App Development Cost:

    Outsourcing your app is always a critical decision to make. For that you will really have a hard time to find out the best company to give you the best return on your investment by giving you exactly what you want. Choosing Hyperlink Infosystem will be your best decision for outsourcing the apps.


So, We hopefully answered your question by giving a detailed idea about what can be considered to estimate the cost of your App and how much an app of any platform will cost you. Feel free to contact us to develop any type of app and at any platform in the given budget.

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