How The IoT Developers Are Using The IoT Technology To Develop Amazing Wearable Devices

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The Internet of Things developers are working very hard to make sure that every sphere of human endeavor enjoys digital experiences, so they have built various devices that are IoT-enabled. One very popular type of an IoT-enabled device is a wearable gadget.
A wearable gadget, equally known as wearable technology, is becoming more popular in every industry based on its advantages. But what is wearable technology?
What is a wearable technology or wearable device?
A wearable device is a smart electronic device that can be worn on any part of the body or integrated into a fashion accessory as an implant to exchange data through sensors. There are various types of wearable devices, but the most common one is a smartwatch.
The basic advantage of a wearable device is that it is an activity tracker. It mostly tracks your health activities and enables you to know when you are not living a healthy lifestyle. So, wearable devices are already in use in the health sector. However, below are some wearable technologies or devices that you should know about.

New Wearable Technologies

1. The Smartwatch
As discussed already, this is the most popular type of wearable technology. And a lot of people are already having them. It is a watch that has gone beyond just a fancy fashion accessory. With it, you can track and/or monitor your health activities. Nevertheless, the top Internet of Things developers are still trying to ensure that newer smartwatches come with more features and are even much easier to use.
A smartwatch can be linked or paired with an app on your mobile phone so that when your blood rises above the normal level or your heart rate increases, you will be instantly notified on your mobile phone via that app and prompt medical attention will be provided.
Apart from that, you can use your smartwatch to answer calls while driving. Another advantage of having a smartwatch is that you can receive e-mail and social media message notifications with it. In addition to that, a smartwatch has a camera with pixel resolutions, so you can take quality pictures using it and you can equally share them via a sharing app.
2. Google Glass
There is no fashion accessory as classy and stylish as the Google glass. It is a very powerful IoT-enabled device that can provide any information that the wearer seeks. It similarly displays information to what is obtainable with a smartphone or mobile device when you use the Google search engine. So, while the glasses are on your eyes, you access information as if you are seeing it from your iPhone or Android phone, which makes this a very commendable development from Google. Meanwhile, top software development companies are also working on similar devices and very soon, various IoT-enabled glasses will be available.
3. Fitness Tracker
fitness tracker
The JawBone Up is a popular IoT-enabled device and a good development from a top Internet of Things development company. It is a fitness tracker wristband that helps users to understand their sleep cycle. It is paired with a mobile app so that while you wear the wristband to sleep, information about your sleep cycle will be available on your smartphone. The JawBone Up band is equally good at helping users to know when they are not eating right. So, for you to understand this technology better, the band addresses your lifestyle by indicating when you are not eating well or not resting well enough, so it will be easy for you to know whether to change your diet or sleep more.
Another popular fitness tracking IoT device is the GoQii. It is a wristband designed to make users work with lifestyle coaching. The wristband has the software installed on it that analyses your Body Mass Index (BMI) data and uses it to provide a healthy fitness regimen by the world’s leading health and fitness experts.
The Fitbit Flex is another very good IoT-enabled device that has been developed by one of the best Internet of Things developers. It uses software to track youaar health activity, sleep, exercise, and weight, which ultimately helps or motivates you to achieve your health and fitness goals. This device is very light on your wrist and very comfortable to wear at any time. And it offers a variety of ways to analyze your statistics and/or data. So, if you are trying to control your weight, this device will track your activity and enable you to know how many calories you are burning from exercises and workouts.
NuMetrex chest strap is another wearable technology. However, unlike the other fitness tracking IoT devices that are wristbands, this one is a chest strap and it is designed to monitor the heart rate with sensors and fabric technology. It is paired with an IoT enabled app that will be installed on your mobile phone, so that whenever an irregularity in your heart rate is discovered, the device will send a signal to your mobile phone then necessary actions will be taken immediately.
4. Smart Clothing
Yes, thanks to the top Internet of Things developers from app development companies, clothes are now being installed with conductive fibers like micro-sensors which make use of data in real-time by streaming it on your smartphone. New sporting clothes are now having this feature.
Conclusively, with all that has been explained, you can now understand the efforts and hard work that the top software developers are putting into the Internet of Things development.
Furthermore, they have now designed a whole body video gaming controller called E-skin. You may contact your IoT developer for more information about this product.

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