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How To Build A Family Tree App Like MyHeritage App

App Development

Mar 2021
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how to build a family tree app like myheritage app
There are around 7.9 billion people across the globe, and do you ever wonder if there might be other people out there related to you? Maybe, but it is tough to find them, right? But, the MyHeritage app has found a solution to this and handled this opportunity. In this blog, we will look into this unique app. This app has seen a boost in the no. of installs recently. Features like Deep Nostalgia have boosted these numbers, and this feature is also used to animate faces.
There are other services included as well. For instance, this app allows you to find and save records of your ancestors. Moreover, you can also locate other people possibly related to you that were unknown to you until now. Let's look into more detail about this app and its features to get a clear idea.
Introduction To MyHeritage App
MyHeritage was launched in 2003 by Gilad Japhet, the CEO of MyHeritage Ltd. When he began this company, his first office was his living room in an Israeli village called Bnei Atarot. This firm received its first angel investment in 2005. Moreover, the firm shifted from free services to freemium.
MyHeritage search used facial recognition software in 2006 to connect people together by scanning photos. Going ahead, this firm acquired Pearl Street Software, the maker of the family tree software. By 2007, MyHeritage had a database of 150k family trees, 17.2 million worldwide users, 180 million people profiles, and 100 million pictures. Also, the service supported 17 languages. Francisco Partners currently owns MyHeritage. It was acquired in early 2021 for a value of USD 600 million.
MyHeritage is a freemium service used to explore your family roots. Besides, you can put life into old pictures and animate them with this picture animator app. This app also includes a feature to colonize pictures you cherish from the past. The AI-powered picture colonization feature fills vintage images with colors and enhances the quality too. Hence, the MyHeritage app provides services to help you explore the history of your roots with the help of pictures, DNA, and documents.
Crucial Features Of MyHeritage App
The app has seen instant growth in its popularity since the release of its new face animation app feature. People also find it an ideal tool for history and even entertainment.
1. Develop & Explore MyHeritage Family Trees
develop and explore myheritage family trees
The family tree is one of the features of this app to explore if you want to navigate your unfamiliar ancestors. With millions of MyHeritage Family Trees and billions of ancestral records, you can register for its services and use this app to find your ancestors or add records. As soon as you fill in your information in the database, this app starts looking for people who might be related to you.
2. Find Your Ethnic Origins & New Relatives
MyHeritage DNA test lets you upload your DNA samples and find your ethnic origins. For instance, your DNA result will contain details like the percentage-wise DNA breakdown from your ancestors from different regions such as Europe, Asia, America, etc. The app examines its database to find people sharing almost the same DNA as yours. This app aims to connect people with relatives they never met before.
3. Animate Faces With Deep Nostalgia
This AI-powered picture animator app feature is used to revitalize your photos. You can upload your ancestor's image, or even a painting with a face highly visible, to improve and animate it with AI. The precision of its animation has blown away users' minds.
4. Use Picture Enhancement Feature To Enhance The Photo Quality
The picture enhancement feature is helpful if you have vintage photos and you wish to enhance their quality. With an AI-based process, you can colorize them, prevent the grain, and even enhance the focus. This photo colorization feature will undoubtedly help you to ensure high-quality pictures of your ancestors to carry their legacy & memories.
5. Discover Billions Of Historical Records
discover billions of historical records
With over 12 billion historical records, MyHeritage App is helpful if you are a history geek. The SuperSearch feature allows you to find your ancestors' records with initial and last names along with supporting docs like birth & death certificates. This ancestry-search app even allows you to find other records like census records, yearbooks, court records, and so forth.
Benefits And Drawbacks Of MyHeritage App
- Permits you to search your relatives you were unaware of
- Improve the quality of vintage pictures you have
- Access to billions of past records & ancestral data
- Learn about your roots
- Animate photos to revive the nostalgia
- Fear of data leaks
- It needs steady and high-speed internet connectivity
- Its services are costly
The Bottom Line
MyHeritage has earned a good reputation for quite a while due to its features like Photo Colorization, Deep Nostalgia, and many more. The app got a good response from its users, and at present, if you look at social media, several platforms & influencers are using it to create content.
Some use MyHeritage to relive memories of their ancestors, whereas others use it to animate famous personalities from the past. With the features offered by MyHeritage, it is clear that it has a massive advantage over its competitors for now.
In the future, if you are planning to build something similar, you will have to conduct deep research to come up with adequate data and resources. You also need to perfect your app. To ensure you are going in the right direction, you can first get your app reviewed. Our expert team will help you in recognizing your app's potential. You can get a good insight into your app in the market.
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