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How To Build An Incredible Card Gaming App Like Rummy

App Development

Jun 2021
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how to build an incredible card gaming app like rummy
Did you know card games have been played for centuries? Our history books can tell us how much our kings and queens loved playing card games for entertainment. And even today, whether youngsters or oldies, everyone loves playing card games. Remember those days when we used to play Hearts or Solitaire on our desktop? Today, everything is more advanced, and thanks to digitalization, nowadays, you can play card games sitting apart from your smartphones.
Mobile card game apps have gained immense fame with a massive audience base, and people are demanding more such games. If you wish to develop a mobile game app like Rummy, you have landed on the right page. Here we will share all that you need to create a game app like Rummy.

Topics To Include

- Introduction To Rummy App
- Market Statistics
- Why Are Card-based Gaming Apps Becoming Popular?
- The Future Of Digital Card Games
- How Can You Monetize Your Online Card Game App Like Rummy?
- How To Create A Card Game App Like Rummy?
- How To Develop A Game App Like Rummy?
- Features Of A Card-based Game App Like Rummy
- Things To Consider While Developing Card-based Game App
- The Cost To Build A Card Game App Like Rummy
- What Is The Best For You - In-House Developers Or Outsourcing?
- Considerations To Choose The Best Gaming App Company
- Hyperlink InfoSystem - The Best Gaming App Development Company 
- The Bottom Line

Introduction To Rummy App

Rummy is a popular card game played by 2-6 people. Since a card set has 52 cards, if there are 4 players, each player is distributed 13 cards. The player who finishes arranging a sequence of 13 cards or sets of the same first wins the game. This comes under the category of famous family card games.

Market Statistics

Rummy is gaining momentum as people prefer staying at their homes while still enjoying playing cards. And this has become possible with digitalization as our experts develop fantastic mobile apps to entertain people. According to sources, the projected value of the skill-based gaming market will reach $3.6 billion in India by 2022, which indicates a positive opportunity for card-based games.
The CAGR of card games is anticipated to be 67.58%, and the total revenue produced by digital card games is approx. 730 crores. It should be noted that the predicted revenue generation will be 1180 crores by 2023. Looking at these high figures itself gives us an idea of the booming market of card-based games and why you should develop one.
Humans like entertainment. After a long day at work, all you need is fun and entertainment. But at your home's comfort. And as digitalization is rising at the speed of light, so are opportunities to succeed by offering people value. And so, we can say that entertainment is the primary reason why these card gaming apps are gaining popularity. However, other factors play a crucial role, such as the excitement to win, the fun element that makes you laugh and bond with your friends, and more.
The most underrated factor that should be highlighted first is familiarity. Most of you must have played card games already with your family and friends, and playing it online with the same rules and same people can give you comfort. Also, unlike monopoly, the game doesn't go on and on; it's pretty brief, it finishes quickly, which is also the best reason to play the game.

The Future of Digital Card Games

Looking at the figures, the future looks bright for online card-based gaming apps. The market for online Rummy is expected to hit $ 22.2 billion in the upcoming years. The online gaming market made $131.1 million only in 2020, which is a record-breaking figure to date. Therefore, with this in mind, it's reasonable to say that the online card-based gaming market will receive incredible growth in the next 10 years.

How Can You Monetize Your Online Card Game App Like Rummy?

In-app Purchase

In-app purchase is one of the most common ways to make money from a game app. Gaming apps like Rummy offer several options such as stickers, themes, coins, etc., as a medium to generate revenue.


Creating a match or tournament is another level to make revenue from card-based game apps. There is an entire match pool with multiple entry tickets. Players who win receive attractive prizes, and app owners generate massive revenue with such activities.

In-app Ads

This is a great source of income for gaming apps like Rummy. Game owners can make money by running various ads on their apps. They can use data analytics to target most app users precisely, guaranteeing maximum ROI for marketers.

Choose The Levels

Apps like Rummy are not just about luck but also techniques. Speaking of which, there will be players who are already experts in the game due to experience; thus, it won't be fair to club experts against novices. Therefore, a great way to maintain a balance is by enabling users to choose their levels such as Easy, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Add Games

You don't have to stick to one game only. With a more user base, you can add more card-based games to engage your users and create more revenues for your business.
It's always good to allow users to play your game for free and offer a premium version so that they can get a chance to decide for themselves if your game is worth it.

How To Design A Card Game App Like Rummy?

how to design a card game app like rummy

App development processes have several important aspects, and designing is one of the main aspects to pay attention to. Moreover, designing is more vital when it comes to gaming apps and casino games. The UI is the most significant factor that drives the app's popularity among your TA when it comes to developing a game app like Rummy. Below are the things that you should consider while developing this card-based game app.

Market Research

There are several online Rummy games available, so as a developer, you should create a list of the popular ones and go through their design before making your card game app. Your list can include the questions such as;
- Which features will boost user engagement?
- Which existing features need improvement?
- Is the UI smooth and user-friendly?
- If the card design is eye-catchy or not?
Find the answers to these questions and start working on your app design.

Develop, Examine, Redo

Initial by developing a wireframe for your card game app like Rummy. You might not do it great the first time, but that's how you become perfect with practice. After creating your wireframe, examine it, share it with your team, and recognize the elements that can be worked on further. Try harder until you create a design that meets all your needs.

Build Authentic Mockups

After building a great wireframe for the card game app, you must develop an authentic mockup. Recruiting a professional designer for the task would be wise. You can see exactly how your app will look when all the design elements are placed together. If it isn't satisfactory, you can always make it better.

How To Develop A Game App Like Rummy?

how to develop a game app like rummy

Once the design is finalized, next comes coding your gaming app. Let's get on with what you need to do.

1. Proper Documentation

Organizing your documents helps you massively during the app development process. It can track your development pace and maintain the quality of work through vast knowledge transfer among different teams.

2. Tech Stack

The tech stack for building the gaming app will depend on how you choose to create your app for a particular platform or choose to build it using a cross-platform mobile app framework. In both cases, recognizing the tech stack will help you recruit the right people and develop the app on a fixed budget.

3. App Developers

App developers are the main behind your app's success. Therefore, recruiting the right talent for your app will ease the development headache massively. If you are new to coding or managing app development, think of recruiting some who are pro in gaming app development.
3rd-party app development agencies have the right set of skills and technical resources to deliver top-notch mobile apps on demand.

4. App Maintenance

This is another crucial aspect to consider during your app development process. iOS and Android launch upgrades throughout the year. And most of them are minor upgrades; thus, your app must be able to pull off major upgrades smoothly. Indeed, you wouldn't want to lose your audience if your app cannot support the latest upgrades!

Features Of A Card-based Game App Like Rummy

So far, we have covered all the basics to develop a card gaming app like Rummy; now, let's move on to some essential features that you don't want to miss out on.

Registration Or Login

Offer users an easy way to log in or register to your app via social media accounts such as Facebook or Google.


Create a better gaming experience with more interaction and fun by allowing your players to chat with each other through text, emojis, or stickers.

Multiple Payment Options

Offer your users various payment options like PayPal, Stripe, GooglePay, etc., for ease and convenience. And provide a robust and secure payment system for purchasing coins, participating in tournaments, etc.

Refer And Earn

Offer users rewards for referring the game to their friends and family as a motivational element.


Here, the user can view game history, earnings, and various other analytics to know their performance.

Match Information

Get information about different matches, the rewards, and the rules.

Things To Consider While Developing Card-based Game App

Besides the features mentioned above, there are other things you must consider as well.


It takes creative and artistic skills to create any mobile game. Pay heed to minute details while building a gaming app. The back cover, theme, fonts, and much more should be planned in advance as it will save you development time and give a great end result.

Gaming Mechanics

It's essential to develop a card game that gives an authentic feel. Choosing a card from the deck or organizing them in order should feel as natural as it can. As a gaming app developer, never compromise on the mechanics part, or else your app will fail to succeed.

App Testing

So, most designers make the major mistake is they only pay heed to looks and miss out on the fun element. Your app might look attractive, but if users don't enjoy using it, it won't sustain itself. To guarantee that the fun element meets that look, start testing your app at an early stage. Select different age groups, receive reviews and improve on it to make the game more engaging.

The Cost To Build A Card Game App Like Rummy

the cost to build a card game app like uummy

Now we finally know how to create an app like Rummy and what are the essential features to incorporate in the app. But, developing an app is a lengthy process, and how much time it will take depends upon your requirements. Therefore, it is not practical to give you the exact cost to develop an app unless we know your needs.
While focusing on an app like Rummy, it depends on your decision whether to develop the app for a particular platform. Developing apps for different platforms is obviously more costly as you have to recruit different developers to build apps for various platforms and test the apps on multiple devices. Moreover, the developers will need different tech stacks and project managers for the same.
Cross-platform apps are less expensive and time-consuming comparatively. You can build apps for several platforms using a single code. But, unlike native apps, cross-platform apps lack speed and performance.
Several factors influence the cost of your app development, such as;
- UI/UX design
- Number of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)
- App Features
- Location
- Testing Method
We can still provide you an estimated app development cost for a moderately complex app that comes to around $30,000 to $50,000. However, this depends on your app needs and the location of the mobile app development agency.

What Is The Best For You - In-House Developers Or Outsourcing?

You can develop your card-based app like Rummy in-house or recruit a mobile gaming app development agency to do it on your behalf. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

In-house app development

- Better communication
- More agility
- More control
- No work-relation friction
- More expensive
- Significant hiring requirements
- Difficult to keep pace with up-gradation and scalability
- Shifts focus
- Challenging to retain quality developers


- Reduced costs
- Easy scalability and update apps on demand
- More time to market
- More talented pool
- More flexibility
- Transparency issues
- Different time zone
- It might not sync with company culture
Therefore, you can see that outsourcing an app development company can take all the burden, and you can focus on core areas of your business. This is a crucial decision to make as you need to choose the best company to meet your business requirements. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a leading mobile gaming app development agency in the world to provide you exactly what you are looking for.

Considerations To Choose The Best Gaming App Company

considerations to choose the best gaming app company

These are the things to look into while choosing the best gaming app development company.

Client Testimonials

Connect with the companies that have already worked with the prospective app development partners. Know about their working experience with the company, work culture, after-development services, customer support, and more.

Technical Skills

Learn your prospective app development company based on the tech stack it uses. The top app development company will have a solid team of talented and experienced app developers. Try to conduct a meeting with the team and know about their approach and development projects.

App Marketing

Your prospective app development partner might offer app marketing services. Follow the strategies that they use to reach out and interact with your TA. If your expectation fails to meet, don't compromise until you have the most suitable plan in place.

Cost Estimates

Top game development companies offer free cost estimates. Get in touch with several companies and compare their services, quality, and prices to understand better. Know why there is a vast difference in the cost for the company's situation in the same country. And do what best suits your budget and needs.
If you are looking for the top rummy game development company to develop a fun and engaging app for your Rummy players, you have landed in the right place. We have developed several gaming apps for our clients and have experience developing over 2300 apps for our clients. With the help of our experts, we can create any complex app skillfully using the latest technologies.
Our client-centric approach ensures that our clients get precisely what they ask for on time. If you want a complex or straightforward Rummy app, we guarantee to deliver you the best possible mobile app as your success means everything to us. Moreover, gaming apps are ever-changing as it is quite possible to lose interest in a game after a while, so we always ensure to follow the latest trends and keep intact the fun element.

The Bottom Line

The market for card-based games is massive. Rummy is amongst one of the most loved card games to be widely played among users. But along with great UI/UX designers and skilled developers, card gaming apps require to be super creative to engage a massive user base.
At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we have the most talented pool of top app designers and top app developers to create an amazing app that speaks to the users and gives them a feel of a real gaming environment. Hopefully, this blog helped you build an incredible Rummy app for your business, and if you are confused about where to start, get in touch with us, and our team will respond to your queries.
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