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How To Choose The Most Appropriate Tech Stack For Web App Development

Web Development

Oct 2020
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how to choose the most appropriate tech stack for web app development
Whether it be your Mobile Apps or Web Apps, determining the most appropriate tech stack is one of the most important things for creating a digital product. This is because the tech stack directly impacts your app's performance. Likewise, the application type you're developing also determines the tech stack selection.
Choosing the ideal tech stack is essential to every digital product's success. However, you cannot recognize the suitable tech stack for your web app development without the right team. It's also about developing a secure, maintainable, and stable digital product that won't just impress your users but will help your company earn more revenues.
As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of work to accomplish, like explaining your business concept, planning on a robust marketing tactic, and a detailed pricing model of your product. Hence, choosing the tech stack for your web apps should be handed over to your web app developers from one of the top app development companies in USA 2020.
This article will cover everything from what is a tech stack to how to choose the most appropriate technologies for your web app development.
What Is a Technology Stack?
In tech terms, a tech stack is a blend of components like frameworks, tools, programming languages, and tech used for software development. Web development requires a database, a front-end, and a back-end. And all this together forms a tech stack.
Formation of the Web App
formation of the web app
You can upload a web app on a server and access it online via a website browser on the user's device. The user doesn't need to upload the app to his device to access it. A web app's structure must involve:
- A webserver
- A caching system
- A database
Web Server
A site server receives processes and supplies user demands in an HTML message. Some well-known web servers are:
- Apache HTTP server
Caching System
It removes server lag and helps the database discard heavy loads during peak hours by rendering previously used and accessed information. Web apps are slow-moving and provide lousy website performance without a caching system.
Database finds, filters, displays, and sorts the information in a web app based on user requests sent via a website browser. To respond to user questions, a database can make many calculations. There are two types of databases:
Relational and Non-relational
Primary Structure of the Web App
primary structure of the web app
A web app's structure comprises two components: Front-end and Back-end.
The front-end programming involves everything a user can view. It makes the interaction with an app through the actual presentation layer.
Significant components of the front-end:
- JavaScript
The back-end programming uses the logic behind how the site performs. This technology looks after the communication between the client-side, server-side, and each component within the back-end.
Some of the most famous programming languages are:
- JavaScript
- Ruby
- Python
- Golang
Factors to Consider before Choosing the most Appropriate Tech Stack
After knowing about the tech stack and its structure, let's discuss the factors you must keep in mind before choosing your web apps' right tech stack.
1. Complexity Type of the Web App
This is the foremost thing to consider while creating a web app by iOS app development company. A tech stack is a toolset that helps build a web app; hence, you must totally understand the plan for building to choose the relevant tools.
All web apps can be categorized into 3 types of complexity:
Simple: These web apps are built using uncommon solutions. For example, simple web stores & landing pages.
Mid-level: These are more functional than simple ones and are built using frameworks. For example, apps for huge businesses and online shops.
Complex: These highlight several integrations and functions. They are developed using several web development technologies and are most likely made up of different programming languages.
2. Project Size
Every project can be categorized based on its complexity, which influences the preference of the tech stack. The complexity increases with the increase in project size.
Let's categorize a project as per 3 categories.
Small: You can apply single-page websites, online magazines, presentations, portfolios, and other small website solutions utilizing some design tools such as Webflow and Readymag.
Medium: Digital stores, financial, and enterprise apps require a more complicated stack with a blend of languages and several layers because these apps possess more features and are developed using frameworks. You must also contemplate cross-platform integrations as medium-sized projects involve many systems.
Large: Online marketplaces & social media platforms are known as massive projects and may require more speed, scalability, and serviceability. This type of project development comprises a blend of technologies, instruments, and languages to build an app's individual parts.
3. Security
Although it is impossible to get complete security and protection from cyber attacks, there are still some safer programming languages & technologies. In case your web app depends on client data, make sure you assess the security means applied on the tech stack in detail.
Improved authentication and authorization processes are highly important. While following all the security measures & best practices, the chances of weaknesses and attacks inside the code reduces.
4. Time to Market
MVP development is a good option if you want to develop and launch your web app asap. Moreover, MVP lessens the marketing time.
It won't just help you launch your app quicker, but also its rapid time to market enables you to get feedback from past adopters and suggest crucial changes in your web app's features.
5. Scalability
If you want to develop your web app quicker, you can scale vertically by including additional software for the latest functions or horizontally by having physical machines.
6. Bug Testing
Untested or broken code is the most significant problem in production. To save time in bug fixing, you must involve technologies where you can perform testing efficiently.
Technologies such as Test-Driven Development (TDD) are useful if you have a web app prototype with an ideal structure of components and interactions clearly explained.
7. Web App Development Cost
Modifying your idea to a real-world app can cost you and require investment—your inclination for website tech development stack directly impacts the development cost.
Although most technologies, frameworks, and tools used in web development are open-source and free of charge. You still have to purchase subscription plans to get access to their premium features.
Choosing the latest technology for your web app development can be challenging, but you can always choose the tech stack as per your project needs.
Apart from technology, the overall quality of your web app is equally important. Quality can include the right design that would attract your target audience.
The wrong selection of tech stack might be detrimental to your web app. Hence leave it up to the experts, and the team of experts can help you choose the right tools and deliver exceptional web apps.
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