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How To Create A Cartoon Creator App Like Liquid Avatar

App Development

May 2021
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how to create a cartoon creator app like liquid avatar
Can you imagine mobile apps turning our faces into cartoon avatars? Yes, you heard it right! With the technological advancements moving at a fast pace, you can even turn yourself into a cartoon. And let's face it, everyone wanted to be a cartoon in their childhood once, growing up amongst watching Scooby-Doo, Noddy, Bob the Builder, Powerpuff Girls, and so many other shows. We used to love watching them and visualizing ourselves in their fantasy world. This app allows you to do so by creating your 100% look-alike cartoon avatar.
Imagine an app that turns you into a cartoon avatar that doesn't just resemble your face but also your expressions and body language. So cool, no! If you closely observe your friends' list on social media platforms, it will come to your notice that they are hiding their profile behind a cartoon avatar.
A cartoon avatar is a 2D cartoon character that comes with many customization options & themes. Hence, despite not knowing how to sketch, you can still create a cartoon avatar of yourself in moments. Several avatar-making apps are present on Android or iOS platforms, and here, we are talking about the Liquid Avatar app.
We have lessened your work to find the best cartoon-making app with this blog. Liquid avatar app is a fun & robust animation character app that represents Gen Z to the online world via customized avatars. Besides making super cool characters, you can even save your avatar's personality and upgrade them.
This app is truly a blend of fantastic features, creativity, and digital security for its users. Without further ado, let's begin unfolding everything you need to know about this app so that you can develop one!
Topics To Cover
- Introducing Liquid Avatar App
- Prime Features of the Best Cartoon Creator App
- Benefits & Downsides of the Cartoon Creator App
- Are you Ready to Build a Cartoon Maker App?
Introducing Liquid Avatar App
A Liquid Avatar is a free cartoon creator app with multi-layer protection. Its visual technology icon consists of information that can be linked, verified, and shared. This app is created to be fun, cool, and personalized. You can securely & easily connect your online information to your multiple personas & characters, share with contacts, and manage who has access to your information.
According to the CEO of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc, David Lucatch, they want to make digital identity verification as reliable and straightforward as it can be by showing a drivers' license or passport. This app will render users, governments, educators, vendors, and others to easily & quickly interact while maintaining security and data integrity.
Prime Features Of The Best Cartoon Creator App
prime features of the best cartoon creator app
Making a unique avatar for every aspect of your life - friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, etc., can be super duper fun. But, this unique app also preserves your online identity. This app has features such as a digital wallet, Liquid Avatar locker, cloud-based biometric authentication, and controls your online presence.
1. Liquid Avatar Icons
With the help of Liquid Avatar, Locker users can save and control the Liquid Avatar icons. They can even add, alter, and update their Liquid Avatar app icons for the characters they create.
2. Cloud-Enabled Biometric Authentication
Liquid Avatar app authorizes users' identity with a cloud-enabled biometric face scanner, which guarantees that people the user verifies can access their information, wallets, images, credentials, and icons.
This verification system begins with facial recognition and supports camera-based devices. Suppose you misplace or damage your device, your identity and information will remain secure.
3. Online Identity Security
This app uses blockchain tech to secure your confidential data from people you don't wish to share with. You can also divide your groups like school, friends, social media, family, and more by making different icons.
4. Create Avatars And Gate Online Information
Liquid Avatar app operates on a multi-layered tech. This app includes a visual layer, private data layer, public data layer, and a security & verification layer.
- Make a character with the visual layer of the app.
- Everyone has access to the information in the public layer.
- Protected data can be accessed & only shared with specific contacts in private later.
- Secure your identity with a security layer.
- Share your character & details through a code scanner.
5. Digital Wallets
This cartoon creator app links our liquid avatar to online wallets, checkable credentials, and more. It even secures your online identity by rendering you the ability to use SSI wallets and services compatible with all IP open standards.
6. Authorised User Community
After creating your avatar, you can become a part of the authorized Liquid Avatar community for reliable users. As a part of this community, you can play games, ask questions, and do marketing as well.
Benefits & Downsides of the Cartoon Creator App
- AR-based experience
- Free to use
- Cloud-enabled biometric verification
- Over 5000 active app downloads
- Create cartoon avatars and secure your data.
- Links your Liquid Avatar with wallets
- Available on iOS and Android
- Limited Customization
Are You Ready To Build A Cartoon Maker App?
are you ready to build a cartoon maker app
Creating cartoon avatars that resemble you can be a fun thing to do. Besides fun, this fun-loving app is also secure and secure user identity. It makes the most visually eye-catching and customized avatar emojis that help protect your online identity with a face scanner supported by Non-Fungible Tokens.
This app allows a user to build their persona and style. And it also tends to fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a cartoon character. What else do you need?
Are you also planning to develop one such app? If yes, it's a fantastic idea. All you need is a unique idea and the top app development company to help you flourish your unique vision into an incredible success story.
Hire the top 3% of best-in-class developers!

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