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How To Create A Fitness Mobile App Using AR

App Development

Jan 2021
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how to create a fitness mobile app using ar
Are you also conscious about how you look or if you are in shape? Most people are concerned about fitness and are seeking an app to help them attain a healthy body. Therefore, top app development companies in 2021 are seeking to develop fitness apps. Are you even willing to do the same? If yes, then you are at the right place.
The fitness industry is burgeoning, and people are seeking such needs. Therefore, when you want to make an effective move, you must perfectly adhere to the steps to attain the best way of having a successful fitness app with augmented reality.
An AR-powered fitness app with 360 degrees 3D modeling can increase users' whole workout experience worried about their shape. The real-world engagement can immensely bring the virtual & reality closer with the real-time produced data for the tool functioning.
According to the research, AR headsets & their popularity will rise by 2023. This will raise the chance for the whole healthcare tech products & vendors to captivate the market potential like never before.
Role Of AR App To Attain Your Fitness Goals
role of ar app to attain your fitness goals
One of AR's significant advantages is breaking the communication barriers that you will generally find in your everyday lives. It will boost your app with visualization and interactivity that will help you easily offer guidance on posture and decrease the chances of injuries. Moreover, if you aim to make a personalized user experience, AR will let you trigger the 3 critical sides of human behavior like knowledge, emotions, and desire.
You might find it unbelievably tough to capture user attention if your app doesn't motivate people's minds. The AR 3D model will resolve these challenges by giving the users a 360-degree view of the experience. This will provide you with a better viewpoint of their workout and draw attention to have the right muscles.
Know The Challenges In Developing The Apps
Usually, AR will come with a handful of features. Here, you can find a note on the most widespread challenges that you might come across while you are building the fitness app with this ARKit. With the increasing use of the fitness variables, it can be tough to build an app that is compatible with all the electronic devices that people use in their daily lives. The chance is you could either miss the chance of effectively integrating the 360-degree exercise view or track the precise body movements.
Applying such UI or UX design as per the industry & tech is the best practice, & it is a big challenge to face. It can be quite a daunting process to design navigation for various platforms & screens when preserving the interface consistency. Another tough one is to have a front-end to develop super scalable apps. Having an industry professional who has achieved many projects is super crucial.
Know The Prerequisites
When you want to develop a fitness app with AR, you should concentrate on the prerequisites like the Xcode 11 or above and the iPhone 6s or above. It will be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the basics and the functionalities of the ARKit 3. It is the iOS fitness AR that can't be tested on any regular iOS simulator. You will have to try it on the real gadget with the A9 chip and run it on iOS 11 & many advanced models.
3D Models
You can have the ARKit app that will be using the scene kit. This screen kit is the native 3D providing an engine for iOS with direct hooks into the ARKit. Several native formats are available in the SceneKit for you to load the 3D models. But, you will be focusing on the DAE format or Collada Digital Asset Exchange. The DAE format will enable you to have various objects in the scene file, including the lights and camera in any geometry.
Steps To Build The Fitness App Using The ARKit
steps to build the fitness app using the arkit
Choosing the ARKit to build the fitness app is one of the best & preferable options. Several factors are worth considering, though, when you have to build it. Below are the lists of steps you must follow to make the best fitness app.
Step 1: Begin With A Single View
When you want to develop the best fitness app, you must initially begin with a new single view app in XCode by choosing to create a new Xcode project and then click on AR. Now, tap on the 'next' button.
Step 2: Name The Project
Now, you should name the project like organization name, ExerciseDemo, identifier. Moreover, ensure that the language is set to Swift & content tech to Scene Kit. Once set with it, tap 'next,' and you have created the project. 
Step 3: Camera Usage
Now, you must let the camera usage open the info.plist file and include a new row with the key 'privacy - camera usage description.'
Step 4: Cleaning The Code
You must clean the code to some extent to choose the AR app as the template. There is also some code that you may not need to have the process. 
Step 5: Install 3D Workout
Now, you have to install the 3D work model. You can search this from Mixamo. 
Step 6: Extract Zip File
It is time to extract the zip file and add .dea & texture files into Xcode.
Step 7: Tap On A 3D Model
You must click on the 3D model, and you can preview at Xcode and even have a chance to modify the property from any of the materials inspectors. 
Step 8: Complete The Development
While running the app, it will ask you permission for the camera. Your fitness app integration & configuration are now ready, and you can proceed.
The AR-powered fitness app is a transformation step for the fitness sector. The 3D viewability in the workout apps by app developers will provide the users a virtual personal trainer who can keep them healthy and sound with essential fitness. Therefore, developing an app to make it successful is not an easy thing. You have to be cautious for each step that you take. So, make sure you are following the right way to make it more effective.
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