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How To Create A Mobile Investment Planning App Like Catch Benefits App

App Development

Mar 2021
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how to create a mobile investment planning app like catch benefits app
Mobile apps have succeeded in offering us various things, whether it is for our convenience, luxury, or future security. A new safety net app developed by top app developers in 2021 for modern workers has integrated savings, investment, and insurance features. This app is great for reminding you to make payments for any pending dues while you can engage your mind in more useful and creative tasks rather than remembering payment dates; leave that up to this app.
“To err is human!” Many of us are poor at remembering dates, even when it comes to birthdays. It’s good to have such a handy app that won’t let you forget when to make payments for taxes or any other such payments. Imagine having to forget such a thing can cost you many dollars of penalty or a chance to miss out on a great opportunity.
If you work with some firm, investments, insurance, tax withholding, things can be easy. However, money management turns out to be a bad dream for people who are either running businesses as freelancers or are self-employed. HSAs, investment accounts, tax withholding, insurance premiums, student loans, and health marketplaces are always perplexing; If you are looking for something that can ease and automate this process and take care of every paycheck, this blog is for you.
If you are struggling between investment brokers, banks, and insurance carriers, lookout for today’s app that naturally establishes long-term investment savings, tackles tax withholding, and renders critical insurance products.
Introduction To Catch Benefits App
Catch Benefits app is one of the trending YCombinator startups offering personal benefits to modern workers to receive meaningful benefits on tax withholding, retirement investment, & time-off savings. You can now bring this flexibility to your advantage with Catch’s new iOS app.
If you are a staff person or business owner, the Catch Benefit app is the first personal, mobile benefits platform that develops a custom plan for you that truly works. This app allows you to check your benefit status and provides important alerts on your mobile. For example, you are on holiday with your partner. You received a money transfer request or have a deposit clearance pending in your retirement account. This app helps you leverage benefits from wherever you are through your smartphone.
What Is Fabulous About The Catch Benefits App?
Catch Benefit App sells retirement savings plans, health insurance, and tax withholding straight to contractors, freelancers, or anyone uncovered. By developing and curating easy benefits services, this app provides a safety net to modern-day workers for the future of work.
Payroll & benefits used to come from employers. However, if you freelance, do some independent contract work, taking care of taxes & benefits yourself, it’s a big hassle. This app helps you with retirement planning, expert advice, withholding taxes, health insurance, irrespective of how much income you generate.
Essential Features Of Catch Benefits App
essential features of catch benefits app
The Catch Benefit app offers all the essential features that are important for what it is today. Let’s dive into those features to know what you require to build an investment planning app like Catch Benefits.
Health Insurance
This app includes health explorers that allow you to compare plans from insurers and assists you to calculate subsidies, protect your coverage in minutes. The price comparison also helps you learn how much you can save through government subsidies.
Smart PayCheck Withholding
The Catch Benefit app is a good financial planning app to help you calculate your withholding rate. Tax withholding renders an FDIC-insured Catch account that naturally saves what you will need to pay taxes later, while Catch gains interest on the funds.
Makes A Solid Retirement Plan
This app helps you invest in your future by setting up custom portfolios. It is a retirement planning app that naturally saves a % every time you get paid, regardless of frequency & amount.
Take A Break!
It naturally keeps money aside for a holiday, sick days, or an unexpected work gap. This app makes sure that you can enjoy your vacation with one-tap transfers.
How Catch Benefits App Works?
how catch benefits app works
This app is easy to use. You can pick your benefits, link your bank, later set aside a % of every paycheck. Below are some steps to follow:
- Build your plan: You can select only the benefits based on your needs and include them in your desired plan or pause withholding at any given time.
- Keep aside naturally: This app allows you to know every time you are paid. You can turn on Autopilot or hold & verify each transfer yourself.
- See your savings stack up: If you need to stay on top of taxes, save for a new bike, or retirement plan, this app helps you plan your future.
Pros & Cons
- The only app that does health insurance, taxes, and retirement everything in one place.
- The only app that saves a % of your income
- Keeps money aside for a holiday
- Get customized suggestions
- Creates your custom plan
- Retirement planning app
- Provides good customer service
- Personal financial planning app
- Top wealth management apps
- Tax planning app
- Secure 
- Receive employer-sponsored advantages
- Free to use
- Available on iOS & Android devices.
- Device Performance & Battery can be improved.
- The family Sharing feature is still missing.
Future Updates
- Family Sharing
- Health Savings Accounts
- Self-Employed IRA
This app is the top investment planning app, which is free to use.
The Bottom Line
The Catch Benefit app is the top wealth management app to help you with retirement planning, tax withholding, health insurance, etc. You can easily control your benefits in one place without an employer sponsor.
Is this app suitable for you? Of course. If you are a self-employed person or freelancer, and money management is a challenge for you, this financial planning app is all you need. Catch Benefit can make your life easier, and it holds a good rating too. Hopefully, this blog was helpful, and you can create your portable investment planning app just as successful as Catch Benefit.
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