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How To Create A Remarkable Tracker App Like Celltracker.io

App Development

Jun 2021
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how to create a remarkable tracker app like celltracker.io
With the influx of mobiles and mobile apps sweeping through your feet, it has become a great deal to prioritize security. Especially, the combination of smart devices and teens worldwide is increasing, and it can be pretty scary. Moreover, the risk of fraud, scams, spams, adult content, cyberbullying, depression, malware exposure, etc., is rising; and therefore, it has become essential to limit the screen time and remove suspicious content.
If you want to monitor your kids' activities, such as who they go out with, what they message, who they meet, what they watch, etc., you can receive instant notifications about any unusual activities. Therefore, if you wish to know your kids are watching something without your knowledge, you can easily track their activities secretly and monitor their chatting, online activity, and location with a tracker app called Celltracker.io.
Celltracker.io is a free remote phone tracker app with robust and precise GPS location tracking, offering a variety of features such as SMS tracking, Whatsapp tracking, etc. Let's further look into the app and know how it works.

Introduction To Celltracker.io

This tracking app is a free to use tool that tracks & monitors your smartphone's every activity. Celltracker.io helps you track calls, location, pictures, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, browser history, Skype, and a lot more. The best part is you can use this free mobile app even remotely, and once downloaded to the targeted smart device, it goes into incognito mode.

Essential Features To Include In Your Mobile Tracker App

essential features to include in your mobile tracker app

Several mobile tracker apps by app development companies are available these days, amongst which Celltracker.io provides a top-notch solution to all your parental worries. This free mobile tracking app has several features: live-location status, web-filtering, all-call recordings, browsing history, and so much more. This app can indeed keep you safe from malicious attacks and unfamiliar access.

Incognito Feature

This remote mobile tracking app has an advanced incognito feature, that when downloaded to the targeted mobile device, gets invisible. Hence, if someone has taken your phone and tries to access it, they won't know you already have access to your mobile. Moreover, if your cell phone is stolen, you can even track the live location and reach it.

Compatible Devices

This cell tracker app is compatible with almost every device, whether iOS, WebOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Android, covering almost all operating systems.

Tracks A Lot Of Activities

After installing the app on the target smartphone, you can remotely track their browsing history, video, SMS, emails, all-call recordings, contacts, and much more. After going through multiple apps, we discovered that several apps offer only basic options like location tracking, while this remarkable app contains more advanced features like social media tracking, SMS, browsing history, etc., than other smartphone tracking apps.

Does Not Spy

If you are under the impression that this cell tracker tool spies on you, you're mistaken. This tool doesn't spy on you. It simply aims to help parents control their kids, as they are young and can go off track easily. Hence, to keep them safe from online frauds and adult content, this app can be relied upon.
This app can help you with your cell phone backup, tracker, and usage. What else you need to know is that the info will only be accessed inside the app or from the Celltracker website. Also, after removing the app, all the data saved will be automatically deleted.

Better Privacy

The Cell tracker app deals very well when it comes to data privacy. This tracker app keeps the information private & safe from fraudsters. This free mobile tracker app uses end-to-end encoding to guarantee data confidentiality in your account. So besides you, even your service provider can't access your private data without you knowing.

Always Stay Updated

Remote up-gradation is the most advanced feature offered by this mobile tracking app. Cell tracker lets you remotely update the latest version of the app on your target's device. Meaning, you don't have to update the app to receive the latest features manually.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Celltracker App

benefits and drawbacks of celltracker app


- Cell tracker has a lot to offer when it comes to tracking, including pictures, contacts, all-calls recording, SMS, social media tracking, remote camera, notifications, etc.
- GPS location tracking
- Incognito feature (go invisible in your target device)
- Parental control 
- Stay updated remotely
- Security against theft
- Lightweight
- Free with no hidden costs
- Compatible for all OS
- Easy to download and use-friendly


- Includes advertisements
- Needs internet connection

The Bottom Line

Cell tracker is a modern solution for your safety and security issues. This is a free, secure, and advanced remote cell tracking app created for Android devices. This app tracks and records almost everything, including browsing history, emails download, pictures, status, videos, and much more.
This is a freemium tool that is free to install and use with over 35 advanced tracking features. But, the app also offers a pro version to access enhanced tracking features. The free plan provides you basic stuff, but you can get a premium plan if you want overall coverage.
Moreover, if we talk about the app functions, it has a straightforward UI and is user-friendly. Furthermore, this app is free-to-use and claims to be super secure with end-to-end encoding and better privacy. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the remote update is one of the best features of this app. Imagine getting the latest updates staying at a distance!
Are you ready to develop your cell tracking app with some unique features and a novel idea? If yes, contact our app development team, and together we can discuss great ideas to build you a fantastic app for your audience to steal the show.
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