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How To Create An Awesome App For Gen Y

App Development

Aug 2020
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how to create an awesome app for gen y
Technological advancements have made us all wonder what it can’t do. It is and will cater to everyone’s needs in every avenue of life. Mobile app development companies design apps that can fit different generations of people from baby boomers to Gen Y and Gen Z. However, if you want your app to be successful with spectacular UX design, you need to consider Gen Y/ millennials. They were born between 1982 and 2000, which makes them pioneers in witnessing the launch of the web, smartphones, and other technologies. Thus, they are the most significant segment of the audience for tech companies.
This article will throw light on the aspects of the app that will become trending amongst millennials. Moreover, what should you consider, and what features will be appreciated by the people from this generation. It is always better to know about your target before you think of anything further. Speaking of which, let’s deep dive into Gen Y.
A Few Facts About Gen Y
Millennials are the largest generation in the States. There are around 92 million millennials, which is 15 million above the number of baby boomers, and 31 million above the amount of Gen X people. They are the most active users of online content. They spend around 4 hours on their smartphones daily.
The next thing you must keep in mind is that they are a great audience for your advertising efforts. Gen Y accounts for 35% of the workforce, and they own a great purchasing power of about $1.3 trillion.
Developing Apps for Millennials
developing apps for millennials
Many millennials have grown in the world of fast-paced technology; they are acquainted with consuming content differently from other age groups. Whether they need to reserve a hotel, order a takeaway, listen to music, read the news, open a bank account, millennials are more likely to use their smartphones because it is simpler and more convenient.
The later generation that is known to the latest technologies has verified expectations about mobile apps and websites than other generations. Gen Y expects immediate satisfaction, and they admire the on-demand mobile apps and web experiences. Hence, developers have to build apps that are quick, consistent, and smooth.
To make your app attractive for Gen Y, efficiency must be your top priority. If your app is efficient enough, does more actions in less time, you are unbeatable. Millennials are used to obtaining relevant information right away; they are unlikely to spend more time after finding a specific useful feature. Thus, it would be best to make sure that your navigation is as lucid and straightforward as possible.
Clarity is also essential for the onboarding process. Onboarding is the most initial experience with your users and determines the overall impact of users’ experience. You must get your users ready to use your services and ensure they admire the benefits they receive from the very beginning. Otherwise, they will stop using your app and use your nemesis’ app.
The best bet is to use a single sign-on feature because millennials are more comfy with their information being stored online. Also, putting efforts into your content will force your audience to try your app, besides being informative and pertinent. For example, you can check the writing service reviews to find writers with experience in delivering content related to your segment.
Tips to Develop An Awesome App for Gen Y
Simple and friendly tone
Your main objection must be building a good relationship with your users. Thus, we suggest you avoid a commanding, formal tone. This way, you won’t lose your users. Besides, don’t use jargon when you can replace them with simple words.
Stimulate users to pursue their goals
Gen Y is always on the mission to seek what they want. Their primary motivations are personal growth, family, arts, sports, and anything to help them find meaning in their lives.
Gen Y finds more meaning in clear and action-oriented goals. They download apps to accomplish particular purposes, and you must provide them with a tool and all the essential support. It would be best to allow them to share their achievement on social media and offer them immediate rewards, like digital trophies.
Make your app fun and entertaining
make your app fun and entertaining
The web has strengthened connections to entertainment. Gen Y uses their smartphones all the time. Entertaining apps like music and other gaming apps are trending across these users. To develop a trending app, it isn’t essential to create a game. But, you will no doubt benefit from adding some fun features, even though your app is practical. For example, you can try adding funny animations.
Use social proof
Views of regular users will be more useful for others to install your app instead of celebrity approvals. We suggest you use social proof from youngsters as your marking strategy.
Design your app, mindfully
Lastly, your apps must be virtually attractive and display a remarkable UX. And the most important thing is to make your design user-friendly. But, you must also ensure it looks appealing. We suggest you evaluate your competitor’s design solutions and think of how you can surmount them.
The Endnote
Gen Y is a tech-savvy generation. They utilize mobile phones and tablets all the time, so you must always keep them in your head while developing your app. Given that they are the first generation to encounter the web and advanced tech, you must be able to ascertain their needs and do as much as possible to go beyond their expectations.
Ask all these questions before moving ahead: Will your app engage the users? Does it offer immediate satisfaction? Is it fun-loving? Does it have a streamlined and appealing design? If your answer is no to any of them, you must think 10x before launching your app.
Hope this article will help you make the right decisions while getting mobile app development services for your apps. By now, you know how important it is to keep our millennials happy, because they cover the majority of the crowd.
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