6 Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Applications

artificial intelligence in mobile apps
Artificial intelligence (AI) is used today in a wide variety of industries, from entertainment and advertising to making business decisions, driving unmanned vehicles and modeling complex physical processes. Today we will talk about how “machine intelligence” can be used in the development of mobile applications.
There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store and Google Play app stores, and, oddly enough, most of them could be much more interesting and useful if the capabilities of artificial intelligence are applied to them. After all, in essence, if you don’t dive too deep into the predictions of futurologists, modern AI is nothing more than a well (or poorly) trained recognition and analysis algorithms. And their application to well-known spheres can now make our life much more comfortable. 
There are already real examples of the use of new technologies in apps developed by mobile app development companies.
Example 1: Vivino offers a smart search for wine data by its label. The application finds results within the professional social sommelier's own social network in order to show the user competent feedback on the drink. As a result, by taking one photo, you immediately get a rating, characteristics, opinions of people, reviews and prices.
Example 2: A number of technologies for using artificial intelligence can be implemented in a similar way. For example, a trained computer vision will help you find the same handbag, glasses, dress, or jeans that you just saw on the street. The method is called Street Search - it is enough to take one photo and ready-made offers with prices will be on the screen of your smartphone.
Example 3: “Voice Assistants” has been actively working on Google and Yandex search engines, while Apple and Amazon have been used for many years. Today they can not only recognize the spoken words but also find the song that interests you in their musical archives. The ability to listen to and download music that you liked is very nice. But you can go further: to teach algorithms to recognize the characteristic places by sounds and to recognize people by their voices.
Example 4: A huge reservoir of opportunities opens up with the use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. Social network users love the ability to create filters and masks on photos. Icon8 in the recent past won the recognition of millions of users due to the ability to apply art filters and make a picture out of any photo in a matter of seconds. The popularity of other services, such as the Apple FaceID function with support for animoji — the imposition of a user's mimic on funny characters, also speaks of the great prospects for using artificial intelligence to develop a direction. 
Example 5: New "engine features" will be useful not only for private users. For example, artificial intelligence technologies can help a business with everyday tasks. For example, a seller can simply take a picture or video shelves with goods in a specially designed application, which will immediately send information about the quantity and availability of goods to the warehouse, creating tasks for purchasing the corresponding articles. To do this, it is not necessary to even equip the store with high-resolution cameras - it is enough to use standard smartphones.
using artificial intelligence
Example 6: Using AI together with video surveillance systems will allow you to monitor, for example, traffic through a checkpoint or track customer activity in a supermarket. Supervisors will be able to receive real-time information about how many people are in which department, along with recommendations on how to optimize staff performance. However, staff can also receive automatic commands and notifications to their mobile devices.
Technologies are ready
In fact, there are a lot of machine learning technologies on the market, but most of them are specialized and are created individually for a specific project. This has been a deterrent for a long time - where can an ordinary online store find the means to develop its system of recommendations using AI? But the answer to this question is already there, and it lies in the plane of the blockchain technology. Fortunately, mobile app development company can help you integrate the features of AI and blockchain technology into your business app.
It is the blockchain projects in the field of AI that in the long term are able to provide low-cost access to collectively accumulated information. Even the artificial intelligence of IBM Watson allows you to make requests through the open interface - though only with the appropriate license. But, in addition to the well-known initiatives for the development of AI by Google, Microsoft, and other giants, several startups are already actively working on the market, successfully developing solutions in the field of AI.
For example, scientists from the University of Michigan are working on algorithms for an “artificial criminologist” who will independently take fingerprints at a crime scene and determine which ones have value.
The abundance of startups working on new models of creating affordable AI and integrating it into mobile apps allows us to say that we are on the verge of a new era when artificial intelligence can be received as an additional service. If such projects are actively developed, examples of the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life will become widespread. After all, the main thing for the introduction of new technology is its availability and performance, and modern blockchain technologies, which have already blown up the financial world that we are used to by the emergence of cryptocurrencies. It results in a good potential for transforming the mobile services market.

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