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How To Create Smarter HomeWork Mobile App Like Brainly

App Development

Aug 2021
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how to create smarter homework mobile app like brainly
The education sector has transformed into digital. After the COVID-19 pandemic, people realized that studies could perform with the efficiency, ease, and help of the internet. With the increasing technology, there are top app development companies that have created several apps for education.
One of the tremendous apps is Brainly. The app is a homework app, which helps students to learn faster and better. The e-learning app is all about an AI-based approach and machine learning for brighter learning. Lately, Brainly has become a vital mobile app for students. They have an in-built software feature where they can solve student's problems within a minute. The purpose of this app is to solve every query students have while doing their homework. 
There are several mobile apps in the industry, who share similar factors to the Brainly app. With the adoption of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, the game of studying has changed. The industry is becoming more intelligent; students are learning more and access comprehensive sources.
The mobile app provides subjects like Science, Maths, English, bilingual languages, History, Business, Arts, and many more. More than 95 million students in this community and over 60 million study partners to help students solve questions. Students from any field - whether they are from school, university, or preparing for a competitive exam, anyone can use this app for the solution.
The Brainly app is available on Google Play Store and Apple store, free of cost. In this mobile application, you can ask any question, unlimited times as you want; search for an answer, in-depth research, everything is available on Brainly.
If this sounds fantastic to you and knows more about such apps, you are at the right place. We will tell you what to consider while developing a homework app like Brainly:
tips to develop an app like brainly

Provide All-in-one Features

There are plenty of mobile applications in the education sector. Of course, every app provides some specialization and is different from others. But it has been proven that students prefer apps to find all materials and solutions in one place. Hence, if you are planning to create a homework app, ensure that you provide all-in-one features.
For instance, if a 7 class student is using the app - that student is looking to study maths, science, history, and English. Try to add all possible subjects: so they do not have to switch apps to learn. The app developer should add different languages; therefore, students can study in whichever language they are more comfortable with the most.

Make It Interactive

Students always have fun when the lecture or the communication is interactive. The app should have different factors to communicate with each other, professors, student buddies, and many more. By this, they cannot just only learn what they are supposed to, but they will learn something different and out-of-box. Some features like quizzes; the discussion always draws students to participate.
By this, they will keep learning something new and be engaged with the mobile app. The homework app should have all answers to the query. If you do not offer such, they will leave your app and never come back.

Prompt Answers To The Questions

It might look like repetition, but Brainly excels when it comes to answering homework questions immediately. The app should not just be for students; even teachers/ professors can contribute valuable knowledge to the homework. They also like to see students doing their homework with excellence. Ensure the answer to the question is relevant and 100% true; otherwise, you will misguide the students by sharing wrong information.
By providing wrong information, students and teachers will lose their trust in your homework app. So, it is essential to post informative and applicable information. Like Brainly, you can add this feature while deciding the UI/UX stage.

In-depth Informative Learning

There's no point in creating a homework mobile app; if you cannot provide valuable information that gives them in-depth knowledge. The feature can be pretty helpful for the students who want to decide their specialization. They can know which language or subject; interest them the most and want to deep dive into that.
Brainly offers solutions without any word limit; the student can answer or ask the question without being confused. You can also add a feature to upload a picture and ask their doubts or an image that justifies the answer. It has been proven that people learn more when they see visuals or by audio. So, make sure not to forget that. Then, let the students have a video chat with the mentor to solve questions.
Give grades to the students to know about performance and acknowledge how much effort they need to put in to excel. Then, rectify their mistakes, suggest the correction, and many more factors need to be added.

Alternate Homework Apps Like Brainly:

- Backup
- Fxsolver
- HumBot
- Socratic
- School planner
- Grade Hound
- Cymath
- PowerSchool Mobile
- EasyJoin
- Teacher kit

How Much Cost Does It Take to Develop a Homework App Like Brainly?

Every mobile app functions differently, depends on the new factors, unique features, and advanced technology. Developing a homework app might not be budget-friendly, but it is an investment that promises profit. However, the estimated cost of developing a homework app like Brainly will need around $30k to $50k. From this budget, you can easily build an app with at least minimum features.

Final Words

Homework apps are the future in the education sector, as with the increasing digitalization in the educational field. As people started preferring apps over everything, the day is no sooner that mobile apps will be mandatory for doing homework. Hence, to get into apps like homework apps and build a mobile app like Brainly is an ideal decision. If you are looking to develop an education app like Brainly, then contact top education app development company.
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