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How to Develop a Social Media App Like Threads: A Complete Guide

App Development

Jul 2023
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how to develop a social media app like threads
Want to learn how to develop an app like Threads? The newly launched application Threads is similar to Twitter. The application allows users to connect and build and give information about current trends. Meta, Instagram's parent company, is launching Threads, an app that will revolutionize how we communicate in today's fast-paced digital world.
Threads provide a unique venue for publishing text updates, engaging in open conversations, and interacting with others who share your interests. By leveraging the instant messaging revolution, threads can help us connect and interact more effectively online.
In this blog, we will discuss the Threads application and its features, and functionalities. We provide a comprehensive guide on how Threads differs from Twitter and other social platforms. Moreover, we will delve into how much the development cost of Threads is and how the new platform Threads is.
Meta platform Threads was launched on 5 July 2023. According to Statista 2 million users signed up for Threads within two hours of its launch and 30 million people using the new social platform. The platform permits users to share posts of more than 500 characters with many features and functionalities similar to Twitter and verified by users’ Instagram accounts.

Must-Have Features to Develop an Application Like Threads

features to develop an application like threads

Understanding the important features and functionalities that will deliver customers with a seamless and engaging experience and also affect the threads app development cost is essential when creating an app like Instagram Threads. Social media app development processes are an important part of creating fully functional applications.  Let's explore the key functions of creating a profile, following and unfollowing users, and starting a new discussion.
  • Profile Creation

The initial stage for users to create their presence within the app is profile creation. Give users the option to build individual profiles by including necessary details like their username, profile picture, and bio. You may encourage personalization by allowing users to add cover photographs, themes, or stickers to their accounts that express their unique personalities. An attractive profile page creates the ideal environment for individuals to interact and express themselves.
  • The functionality of Follow and Unfollow

It's essential to have a follow/unfollow feature to promote relationships and let users manage their network. To control their feeds and the content they see, people should have the option to follow or unfollow other users. Make sure the user interface is simple to use and offers alternatives for searching for specific persons or exploring suggested accounts based on shared interests.
  • Thread Creation

In Instagram Threads, there is a New Thread option that allows users to start new posts and share them with their followers. These posts may contain text, links, videos, and images. Users can determine who can interact with their postings by controlling the privacy settings. They can decide whether they want only the profiles they follow or only the mentioned profiles to be able to engage. It offers a personalized and regulated approach to communicating with others.
  • Search Option

Users can enter search terms and find any user profiles and posts using the search feature available in the Threads application's menu bar.
  • Reactions(Emojis) of Threads

Use a variety of emojis to respond to particular messages inside a thread. Without disrupting the conversation, let your pals know how you feel about their communications.
  • Thread Mention Feature

Want to catch someone's attention in a crowded thread? Simply alert certain people by using the @mention feature. They will get a notification, guaranteeing they never again miss a crucial message.
  • Share Thread on Third-party Applications

Direct sharing of threads is possible for users on Instagram's leading platform. By effortlessly bridging the gap between the two applications, this functionality enables users to reach a larger audience with their conversations and experiences.
If you want to get highly functional social media applications similar to Threads you should hire app developers from a social media development company that has an expert team of designers and developers who can build social media apps.

Development Process to Build an App Like Threads

development process to build an app like threads

If you are trying to find how to create a social media app similar to Threads and compete for the special features that others are still looking for, you can hire app developers who provide end-to-end development solutions.
Now, we explore the comprehensive process of developing robust and scalable social media applications similar to Threads.

1) Market Research and Analysis

Before you start developing an application similar to Instagram’s Threads, it's important to comprehend the market analysis and note the most critical numbers in terms of volume and value. Try to learn about important elements such as user preferences, market competitiveness, engagement patterns, regulations, hurdles to entry, trends, target audiences, and more.

2) Prototype

Create a blueprint for your text-based app after finishing the research phase, taking into account the visual structure and storyboarding. To design the user experience and interface, specify in detail the app's screen characteristics, navigation, and viability.

3) UI/UX Design

The skilled design team starts by providing an appealing and user-friendly layout and looks to help draw customers after having a thorough understanding of all the primary app components. The usability of the app and integrating the brand's voice to make it visually appealing are two significant design priorities. You can hire a mobile app development company that has a dedicated developers team who are experts to design and build the best applications.

4) Application Development

The project is given to the developers once the design portion has been clarified, and they choose the important tech stack, which includes programming languages and development frameworks. To provide greater usability, scalability, performance, and compatibility, developers design the essential components and integrate APIs, server databases, and other technologies. Many app development companies offer highly scalable applications that meet client-specific requirements.

5) Quality Assurance & Testing

Multiple tests must be run when a new application is launched to the market to manage excellent quality at a reasonable price. Testing is carried out to examine the app's functionality, user interface, performance, bugs, and other faults that may prevent it from providing a seamless user experience. Top mobile app development companies have an expert QA team who test every function of an application that is easily run or not and resolve any other faults.

6) Post Deployment Support & Maintenance

With appropriate app titles, descriptions, categories, and keywords, as well as launch icons and app store pictures, the app is now prepared to launch on a variety of platforms. Following deployment, developers monitor the app's functionality generally across all platforms, user comments, issues, and pertinent updates. Hire dedicated developers from top app development companies who provide after-deployment support and monitor your application.

How Threads is Different From Twitter?

A comparison of Twitter and Threads with a list of key differences:
Twitter Threads
Twitter users have a maximum share post of 280 characters. Moreover, Twitter provides additional features for $8/month. After subscription users increase their characters limit up to 25000. Meta has confirmed that Thbreads will give users a shared post with a more than 500-character count limit. Meta does not offer an option to add more features through a subscription.
Twitter allows users to submit films that are two minutes and twenty seconds long without having the coveted blue badge. Users will be able to publish five-minute-long videos on Threads.
Twitter's homepage provides recommendations and current trends, whereas there is presently no other way to explore Threads but to navigate through the home feed. Unlike Twitter, Threads does not appear to have a post-draft feature at launch.
Twitter first launched as a website 16 years ago. It also acquired popularity in this way. But smartphones' quick adaptation, the app was released on both Android and iOS. Threads is currently only available as a mobile app, which can be downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores. This restricts it to a mobile-only experience. Given the popularity of Instagram as an app, it appears Meta is taking the same path, therefore the Threads website may be unavailable for some time.
Users can sign in to Twitter with a personal email address, or mobile number, or even add a username. There is no other way to access Threads other than through your Instagram account. Even removing threads requires deactivating your personal Instagram account.

Technology Stack for Creating a Social Media App Like Threads

Based on your development requirements, you will choose the technology stack. You can modify the design of your app to suit your unique needs.

Front-end Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React

Back-end Development

  • Node.js
  • Express.js


  • MongoDB
Hire a mobile app development company that can focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions using advanced tools and technologies. Their expert team of app developers will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver feature-rich applications.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Social Media Application Development Like Threads?

Consideration must be given to many different aspects while developing a social media application like Instagram Threads, such as development, design, continuous maintenance, and more. Even if it's difficult to give an exact figure, let us see the major factors that affect the overall costs associated with developing such a compelling platform.

Application Complexity

Depending on their complexity, mobile app development costs are divided into less complex and highly complex categories. Small apps contain little functionality and common user interface elements and are created for a single platform. This category also covers less complex programs that were made for many platforms. The functionality of complex apps is significantly more than that of the other two (for example, third-party integrations, multilingual support, bespoke animations, expert design, etc.). These apps also require a significant amount of backend programming in order to manage and maintain large databases.

Operating Platforms

The operating platform you want to launch your mobile application can affect the cost estimation. For example, choosing native app development for Android or iOS can cost you less compared to cross-platform app development. But on the other hand, the Native app development can limit your user base thus the ROI as well which launching an app on both operating systems through Hybrid app development can enhance more. And if you want your application to be fully compatible with different devices, the cost of development will be high. So, before choosing the operating system for your application make sure you consult experience app developers that can help you minimize your app development cost estimation.

Design and Development Requirements

The cost of developing a social media app may vary depending on whether you work with a well-known mobile app development company, a niche app development company, or an independent developer. The first thing potential customers see when downloading your mobile app is its design. Consequently, it needs to be appealing and pleasurable. In a mobile app, icons, logos, user interfaces, wireframes, and other components must all be properly placed. The size of the app development team directly affects the price to create an app like Threads. The price also varies according to the technological stacks used, including frameworks, databases, and others, as well as the front-end and back-end development.

Application Features and Functionalities

The development cost is significantly influenced by the complexity and range of features. The entire costs are impacted by features like user profiles, multimedia sharing, push notifications, search functionality, privacy settings, and platform integration. Advanced features, such as machine learning methods for automatic status updates, need more money. Hire social media app development company to develop a feature-rich text-based application like Threads at an affordable cost.

Application Security

When you create social media platform keep in mind the security factor is a more crucial thing.  Social media applications will store the user's data including passwords, videos, personal details, posts, and more. So, when you build a mobile application security factors affect app development costs.  If you are unsure of how to choose the best security strategy, you should consult with skilled app developers that can advise you on the best security precautions based on the audience reach and the level of user involvement required.

Application Maintenance Cost

The app's launch is only the beginning. To provide a seamless user experience and maintain competitiveness in the constantly changing social media scene, ongoing maintenance, bug repair, feature updates, and security improvements are essential. These elements affect how much it will ultimately cost to maintain an app.
Several factors influence the estimation of social media application development costs, such as the company's experience and the developer's location. The estimated cost of developing social media applications similar to Threads might range from $50,000 to $150,000. To get an accurate estimate of the costs for social media app development, you can hire a top mobile app development company.

Bottom Line

By providing users with a distinctive platform for engagement and connection, Meta's Threads application has the potential to revolutionize live-streamed conversations. All of Threads' features, benefits, and capabilities are covered in detail in this article. As a top mobile app development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem has dedicated app developers who develop world-class social media apps like Threads that meet business-specific requirements.  You can hire app developers from social media app development companies and leverage the benefit of experts to create top-not app development solutions. If you want to build an application that helps you reach your target audiences you can choose a top app development company like Hyperlink InfoSystem. We deliver cost-effective and highly scalable and user-friendly app development solutions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a top social media app development company, we deliver end-to-end development services. Our app developers are highly experienced in mobile app development they can build robust, high-performance, and top-notch social media applications that meet client’s project-specific requirements.

For text updates and open debates, Instagram has a second app called Threads. You have the option to post updates up to 500 characters long with links, images, and videos that are up to 5 minutes long. The application allows users to share posts, images, GIFs, and more.

Yes, ongoing cost cover hosting, maintenance, upgrades, and any new features or integrations added after launch. Hyperlink InfoSystem has an expert developers team who provide you with ongoing support and maintenance at an affordable cost.

The time needed to create an app like Threads depends on how sophisticated the app is all in all. For instance, constructing a complicated app with a long list of features will take about 9 to 12 months, whereas doing the same for a basic app with a short list of features will take about 3 to 4 months.

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