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How To Develop A Video Editing App?

App Development

Oct 2020
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how to develop a video editing app
With the rise in technological advancements, smartphones and mobile apps have made our lives easier in every sector. This includes taking pictures and doing video editing. There are several apps available for Android and iOS devices to make the video editing more smooth. Hence, there is no need to transfer video files to another device. Previously, video editing was not such an easy task.
Video content plays a vital role in our lives without any doubt. In a prediction, it is said that the video traffic on the web worldwide will be 79% by the end of 2020. This article will discuss the sorts of video recording and editing apps by one of the top app developers in 2020, features to look for in the video editing apps, and what to consider while building the video editing app. And finally, how much does it cost to build a video editing app.
5 Types of Video Editing & Recording Apps
The market is filled with many types of video editing apps, and such apps are divided into 5 types.
Video Editing Apps
Video Recording Apps
Screen recording Apps
Apps for video editing & recording
Apps for screen recording & editing
Following Points To Consider While Developing Video Editing App
Several video editing apps are available in the market and become successful with their phenomenal ideas & features. The app development is a long and critical process that takes time to make decisions. To reduce the risk and deliver an excellent app, the following are the points that you must consider to help you while building a video editing app.
Establish your Idea
During the thought process stage for your app, there are several challenges you will face for verifying your idea and developing your product. The intense research and study will help you to recognize market demands and trends. By conducting a market study, one can get an idea of what should be achievable and what can get accomplished and define the targets within a final tenure.
Determine the Targeted Audience
determine the targeted audience
After verifying your ideas, now is the high time when you must understand what sort of users will use your app and for whom you build it. For this, you must find users who are like using video editing tools. Since it is a video editing tool, we all know the users are mostly vloggers like travel, sports, tours, photographers, etc. You can target your audience on some points like age, interests, location, and income level. Hence, it would help if you determined your TA.
User-friendly Features
While developing an app, you should keep the app interface seamless and easy because no one prefers too many features and makes navigation busy and likewise for the app functionalities. Some instances of the solid features you must sync into your video editing app.
Including several files into videos and photos, or both.
Include audio and track effects
Social media share features
Store video in several formats
Include trimming or frames for features
Edit video during recording using special effects & filters
Monetization Model
This is another step where you must determine the monetization model for your video editing app. Several models are available for monetizing your app but choosing a model is somewhat tricky. We will guide you on a few most famous models for your video editing app to simplify this.
In-App Advertising - Here, your app will be completely free to use, but users will see advertising. 
Paymium - This isn't a much-preferred model; your app is totally paid from installing it to make in-app purchases. 
Freemium Model - Here, your app will be free to install, but users must pay for the app's pro features.
Subscription Model - This is the most commonly used model where your app is free to install and use, but in each video, there will be your watermark, and to get rid of it, users need to pay.
Sync Social Media
sync social media
The option of using social media accounts to access your app is an essential element of the video editing app. When the audience uses your app and loves it, they would absolutely share it across social media platforms. Hence, it is a good idea to sync the social media platform in your video editing app.
Panel & Features in Video Editing App
Admin Panel
Admin Login
Subscriptions & Coupons Management
Manage Users
Manage editing themes & styles
User-friendly dashboard
User Panel
Log in or sign up
Make a movie or video.
Editing styles & theme
Automatic selection of videos or photos
Upload tailored music
Save the video or photo
Cutting-edge features in a video editing app
In-app Payment gateway
Real-time analytics & Reports
Includes sound effects
Edit existing videos
Stickers & filters
Blend fragments into one file
Artificial Intelligence usage
Approximate Cost to Build a Video Editing App
The approximate cost of the video editing app development is based on several factors and will be defined by several things. Below are some considered factors and can have a significant impact on the cost of the app development.
The region or country of the app development team
Labor and the number of hours worked on it
Intricacies and features of the app
The platform used to develop the app
After understanding the factors that impact the development cost, let's take a rough idea of the approximate cost, so developing a video editing app can cost you up around $6000 - $10,000 if you recruit Hyperlink Infosystem.
Final Thoughts
Creating videos and editing them for better and engaging content is becoming a fundamental part of our lives. The formation and editing of videos on devices such as tablets, mobile phones become easy. With the help of some fantastic video editing apps, businesses can also create unique video content for targeting their audience. If you are developing your app, try to check our previous apps to get some idea, and feel free to contact us if you need help.
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