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How To Develop An Affordable Graphic Design Platform Like Penji

Web Development

Feb 2021
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how to develop an affordable graphic design platform like penji
Human beings follow their sight. They process the information they see. In fact, the human brain comprehends images 60,000 times quicker than text, and 90% of the info transmitted to the brain is visual. Your site needs an uncluttered space to help you determine what's essential. So, what things must you see when website designing anything for your online business?
A poor website design can be deadly for your brand. About 94% of the time, the user abandons your website due to design-related issues, whereas only 6% was for content-related problems. So despite your content being of superior quality, a bad website design can bring it down.
Graphic design acts as a potent weapon that enables you to make a solid impression on people's minds visiting your website for the 1st time. Graphic designing augments the product quality and is even critical to any company's success. To stand out from the mass, 73% of companies spend on solid graphic design for their digital product.
In today's competitive world, every business, whether small or big, needs to have a clutter-free and appealing website. So the question that erupts is how do you get a graphic design that's user-friendly as well as affordable? If you are looking for some good on-demand graphic design companies that can help you connect with your target audience better, you have landed in the right place. This blog will discuss an on-demand graphic design service to uplift your brand image and make a solid impression in the market and for perspectives.
Let's look at the Penji web platform to give you an idea of developing one such platform for your successful business.
Introduction To Penji
introduction to penji
Penji is a famous on-demand design service platform that renders a great collection of tailored designs at a flat monthly cost. This platform is trusted by over 10,000 marketers, SMBs, and agencies. It has a proven track record of working with 1000s of worldwide brands and companies, including top industries such as Pepboys, Rebook, Express, and 1800-Flowers.
The team holds the top 2 percent of super-skilled designers from around the globe, having phenomenal design skills for the web, graphics, marketing material, website, logos, advertisements to market your brand, services, and products in real-time.
Penji's Story
Founded in 2017, this platform was started by 2 young people Khai Tran & Johnathan Grzybowski, who came up with this idea to make a stunning graphic agency after struggling a lot to find a trustworthy source for designing their website for the 1st time. In the start, they ran a full-time digital marketing company, which didn't work. Henceforth, they decided to move to graphic design once they got a solution. This is how Penji came into being, having grown into a world-class on-demand agency in the graphic designing world.
Penji - The Best On-Demand Graphic Design Platform
Penji is a well-renowned graphic design company that provides a range of tailored services, including graphic design, branding, marketing, and SaaS. Below are some benefits you get while using the Penji graphic design platform.
1. Unlimited Designs
Penji's designers are available all-time to cater to your needs of best images, videos, thumbnails. This acts as the best option for recruiting a full-time or a freelance graphic designer that will cost you much more money. This platform works best for companies like content marketing agencies, bloggers, and graphic design websites that require high-quality graphics daily.
2. Unlimited Revisions
This platform aims at delivering quality products at the most reasonable cost. They won't hesitate to make as many edits until they get what they desire without charging an extra penny.
3. No Hirings
If you have a blogging site, you will need creatives almost every day. Hiring a graphic designer won't be a wise choice. In comparison, Penji offers on-demand graphic designing services by helping the top designers at an affordable rate. All you need to do is tell your needs, and the rest they'll manage.
4. More affordable - No Contracts
Recruiting a full-time designer or freelancer would cost you more, whereas Penji's dynamic pricing models start with $399. In case you plan a subscription, you can cancel it anytime. Penji does not bind you in any contracts; you can quit the plan anytime you want.
5. No Quality Compromise
Prnji is one of the top unlimited graphic design companies that work hard to make inspired and successful work for entrepreneurs, SMBs, startups, and businesses. It provides superior-quality graphic design apps, UI/UX, and illustration.
How Does Penji Work?
how does penji work
1. Create A Project
You have to fill a form mentioning your needs and objectives. Upload your attachments and pick the file type you want.
2. Connect with the Top Designers
Penji will allocate your projects to the best designer for the job automatically.
3. Do Unlimited Editing
You can request unlimited revisions until the end-product is how you like. But you will get the draft back in 24-48 hours.
4. Install the files immediately
If you are completely satisfied with the outcomes, you can install the files immediately.
Pros & Cons
- Unlimited edits
- Quick turnaround
- Human support
- No contract
- Team collaboration
- Files ownership
- Unlimited design products
- Competitively priced
- No phone contact with designers
Final Thoughts
Penji is an excellent platform for businesses and bloggers that require graphic creatives for their projects regularly. Penji takes immense pride in having the topmost designers in the sector. This platform's most-liked factor is its flexible business model - no hidden fees, unlimited edits, no contracts, unlimited designs. Penji is the platform you need if you want some compelling colors at a reasonable price.
Hopefully, this article will help you create your graphic designing platform like Penji with fantastic features and benefits it offers at an affordable rate. You can get in touch with our professional team to make such a website anytime you like.
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