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How To Develop An App Like OurPact To Manage Your Kid's Online Safety

App Development

Jan 2021
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how to develop an app like ourpact to manage your kids online safety
Today's kids are exposed to online platforms and fast-paced internet with several smart devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Many kids invest hours on these digital devices using the internet. Although it might seem fascinating to them, this has become troublesome for the parents. Everyone already knows how badly this affects kid's health and psychology, considering a lack of physical activity, visual problems, child abuse, etc. Therefore, parents need to control & track their usage in terms of quality & quantity. OurPact is a fantastic parental control app to help them manage their kids' online habits from anywhere, anytime.
A Complete Parenting App
These days, kids are affixed to screens all the time & this intensely influences their thought process and demeanor. This is a growing yet disturbing trend. OurPact was created by Eturi Corp., a California-based software company founded by Amir Moussavian.
The internet is flooded with apps that entice teenagers & kids. Social media, gaming apps, etc., waste kids' time and make them prone to online threats like unofficial and illegal content, etc. As a parent, you cannot totally stop them from accessing these devices as it would make them lose out even on the good part of the digital world, besides making them look like a noob. OurPact is an excellent free-to-use parental control app for Android and iOS that allows the parent to supervise kids' online activities and restricts them from visiting specific apps that may be inappropriate according to their age.
Kids are usually in & out of their homes, playing, meeting familiar and strange people around them. This app allows parents to keep a check on their kids' locations at all times, giving them mental peace and kids' safety. This parental control app also notifies parents when kids enter or leave pre-assigned areas to help parents keep tabs on kids' whereabouts even when they might be away for work or personal commitments.
The essential aspect of OurPact for iOS and Android is that this app can help families retrieve balance within their interpersonal relationships by monitoring their kids' screen time & improving the time spent with family and other beneficial life activities. It helps kids to disconnect with devices to connect back to family & life beyond gadgets. OurPact app organizer helps parents ensure screen-less leisure time, playtime, dinner time, family time, etc., for kids.
In a nutshell, it is a much-needed free parental control app to make sure that kids can enjoy their childhood & explore the good things in 
life, without getting influenced by negativity.
Essential Features To Create The Best Parental Control App
OurPact is a technical version of screen time pacts needed between parents & kids that must be wisely followed. And this app ensures that they get followed. Let's look at the features that make this excellent free parental control app for iOS and Android a parent essential.
View Activity Usage
view activity usage
This app enables parents to use on-demand, automated periodic, or gallery views to get a clear picture of their kids' online activity, all encoded for safety.
App Blocker
OurPact enables parents to supervise & block the internet, messages, sites, and apps that might seem inappropriate to parents according to their kids' age & usage time.
Block Texting As & When Needed
Family time is too valuable, and kids need to understand this value in time & experience. The OurPact app allows parents to block access or fix rules for texting apps.
New App Alerts
This app keeps parents in the loop at all times by notifying them when new apps are downloaded on their kids' devices.
Block Internet View as per Specific Schedules
OurPact allows parents to automate & regulate their family's daily schedule by blocking screen time for kids with fair reasonings during playtime, dinnertime, etc.
Screen Time Allowance as Gifts & Grants
OurPact app allows parents to set & assign daily screen limits for their kids easily. The best parental control app allows parents to grant additional screen time to kids as awards or rewards for good demeanor.
Geofencing at pre-designated location & access to location
This app allows its parent users to build GPS geofences around particular locations & receive real-time notifications when kids enter & leave at these tagged locations that may include home, tuition, school, relative's place, or any other set zone.
Helps to Search Lost or Stolen iPhone & iPad
This app includes a Family Locator option in the OurPact app for iPhone version that helps parents search the location of all individual gadgets paired to their parent account in case of stolen or lost items.
What's in the Premium Version
Besides the free version, OurPact is even available in Premium+ version, which includes:
- With the OurPact premium version, parents can track & filter screenshots from a kids' device for particular categories like Profanity, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, Violence, making online access secure for the kids, etc.
- This app lets the parent add their keywords to a list of custom categories to track any topic important to the family.
- OurPact app allows parents to personalize as to how often they would receive screenshots from the child's device.
OurPact premium services costs are valued at $9.99/month and $99.99/year.
This app is available on both the mobile platforms iOS and Android version and ensures that the parents can easily control kids' devices and can effectively secure them from this everyday menace of excessive screen time.
Pros & Cons
- Track online activity & location.
- Control screen time
- Block Apps
- Location notifications
- Geofencing 
- Block websites
- Tethering is needed.
- Premium services are a bit costly.
The Bottom Line
OurPact Parental Control app is a complete solution for parents to supervise & track their kids' online activities & locations to ensure a completely safe environment. OurPact app involves a user-friendly & interactive interface with various functions. The dashboard provided in the app is clear, and the processes run smoothly. The app is a clear winner for efficiency and its skills to permit parents to complete peace of mind. As the app developers or business owners, you should absolutely consider mobile application development like this incorporating the features mentioned above to ensure success.
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