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How To Develop An ECommerce App Like Amazon


Mar 2021
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how to develop an ecommerce app like amazon
Thanks to technology, today, everything is possible sitting at home like magic. Everything gets delivered at our doorstep today, either ordering food, grocery, or booking a taxi. And when it comes to shopping, eCommerce apps like Amazon, Myntra, Flipcart, etc., have done a tremendous job. You can buy home decor, apparel, accessories, shoes, kitchenware, etc., sitting at home.
With people relied upon technology and the world becoming a small village, everything is accessible online. Several vendors sell their products on one platform just like brands sell their products in a vast mall.
In this blog, we will learn all about multi-vendor apps like Amazon. We will dive into details on building apps like Amazon and the essentials and budget requirements.
Approaches to Develop App like Amazon
1. App Idea Generation
You need to ask yourself in which niche you want to release your multi-vendor app, general or specific. Once decided, you need to consider which geographical location you have to focus upon.
2. Cost Identification
Once you know when and where to begin, you should start looking out for resources. Know your current resources that could be useful and verify the funds you are ready to spend to make an app like Amazon. You can also seek advice from top app development companies.
3. Your Unique Value Proposition (USPs)
There is a tad bit difference between ordinary & extraordinary. Learn what will be the USPs of your app, which will give you a competitive edge over others. It could be multiple orders, biometric payment, or fastrack delivery. You should brainstorm and come up with features that will make the app stand out.
4. App Design Process
To create an app like Amazon, you need to follow a design protocol compatible with development coding. You must contact app designers that render attractive & functional wireframes for your app that let users use your app without any hassle.
5. Coding
Coding is not as easy as it looks. Coding is done two-ways, front-end, and back-end. You should ensure that the functionality ran through the code at the back-end is actually working at the front-end as well.
6. Get a Review for the App's Initial Version
Once your app is done, try to test it or request certain people to use your app. Learn from their experience & try to apply changes if required. You can even conduct small surveys for easy feedback & response.
7. App Optimization
app optimization
App optimization is the way of making your content or website rank at the top using some specific keywords. Likewise, when you put your app in the App Store or Play Store, you have to use some keywords and do some calculations & logistics to make your app appear on the top of the search results in your category.
8. Promote & Market the App
Making an app is not adequate. What if people don't know about your app? Therefore, it is as much essential to carry out marketing and advertisements through digital medium and newspapers to spread the word about your app.
9. Launch your App
After you are done with the development, testing, and marketing of the app, it is the right time to launch your app. After launching it, keep a check on the maintenance and feedback of your app as well.
Essential Features to Create a Multi-Vendor App Like Amazon
1. Easy Sign Up
The user should be able to login into the app easily. Even if they are registering for the first time, the process should be extremely smooth. Ask your developers to integrate logging in with the social media platform or mobile number.
2. Ratings & Reviews
The user should feel comfortable & confident while purchasing a product when they see some honest feedback about the product sold. Thus, you need to include rating and review features in your app.
3. Multiple Payment Options
multiple payment options
Since it is an eCommerce app, it is quite apparent we must have transactions online. Try to integrate payment gateways such as Google Pay, PayPal, MasterCard, and others to accept payment globally.
4. Push Notifications
Users demand to receive real-time information. The push notifications keep users notified of the latest happenings of the app. It could be a tailored message regarding your placed order, such as packed, shipped, or delivered. It could be related to some offers & discounts that your app has launched.
5. Social Media Integration
Try to make your app compatible to share the links or selected items on other platforms as well. This motivates better networking, and your app reaches various users without much of an expenditure.
6. Wishlist
Your app should have a facility to store the items and save them for later review as favorites.
7. Synchronization
The admin panel function, vendor panel, and user panel are equally crucial for the app's seamless functioning. Try to make your app good with logistics & management for all 3 panels to work together in sync for a simple understanding of the designated user.
8. A Quick & Easy Checkout Process
People shop online as it is easy & time-saving. Try to apply that essence in your app. Starting from placing the item in the cart to making the payment, the journey should be quick and smooth. Because if the process is slow, it will impact your business as many others give your tough competition.
The Endnote
Creating an app like Amazon is every app developer's dream. The good news is that you have a bigger market to claim & produce revenues. The app development cost for a multi-vendor app could start from USD 20,000 and go up to a whopping amount of USD 80,000 depending on platforms, wireframes, and the app's complexity. It would help to share your app idea with an experienced app development company to get better insights.
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