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How To Enhance User Experience With Better App Performance?


Jul 2020
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how to enhance user experience with better app performance
Mobile app users find it quite challenging when it comes to discovering the best of all apps. There are plenty of apps out there, and it can be overwhelming. It can be difficult for app developers and designers to involve and retain their app users. However, this all also depends on the usability of the app.
You should also know that with regards to mobile apps, the user’s understanding level is half on a smartphone. From content to map reading to design attributes, every aspect should be engaging, and a dreamlike user experience is inevitable.
People have begun to examine the User experience (UX) of any mobile app, comparing prices, viewing products, purchasing, reviewing, etc. As per research, annual mobile apps installs are speculated to reach 258 billion by 2022. It’s a 45% jump from 178 billion installs in 2017. Therefore, if you want your audience to spend quality time on your app, you got to make it more fascinating and user-friendly.
There are many reasons users delete your app, such as phone storage, too much battery consumption, or buggy app. Some apps also lose their importance due to unnecessary features.
Therefore, it is necessary to understand how mobile app performance can optimize the user experience.
Effective Onboarding
This is an essential step for all apps as it determines how easily a person can get accustomed to a new app. Within the first few minutes, your audience decides whether or not to continue using the app. If the onboarding is not streamlined, there are higher chances for the user to switch to a competitor app.
Every app requires specific onboarding steps as per its needs, no matter what. If an app has intricate functioning or a few unusual workflow patterns, a full tutorial on how to use it could simplify the onboarding process.
The next thing to consider is to lessen the number of steps needed to create an account with the app. A simple and trendy approach is to include various account sign in options through social media accounts such as Google or Facebook.
An app with an effective onboarding almost does all the things necessary in the beginning like--- introduce itself, educate the user about the working, and offer a sense of gratification on the use of the app. This would make sure a higher retention rate and user lifetime value.
User Satisfaction
user satisfaction
Apdex score is a tool to measure user’s satisfaction for the web apps and services. It operates with a particular goal for how long a specific web request or transaction gets finished. It helps comprehend the user experience that can get understood on a scale ranging from outstanding to unacceptable. This tool is typically used to rate everything from app response time to time needed to fix any process.
Average Response Time
It refers to the time the app server takes to return the outcome of a request to the app user. Average response time is yet one of the preferred approaches to track the general performance of the app. Besides the Apdex score, you have to look at the response time too.
Error Rates
Any glitch can be horrific. It can sabotage the app’s credibility, and the last thing any mobile app development company wants. So, it is crucial to continually supervise the error rate for mobile apps or web apps.
If you have a habit of tracking all the errors from the beginning of your development cycle, it will save you a lot of time and energy. It is for front-end & back-end glitch tracking. You can get help from automated testing tools or a manual testing team.
App Instances
It is essential to know the number of server instances running when your app scales upside down in the cloud. Auto-scale frequently makes sure your app scale matches your demand on a busy day and spares the cost. It would help if you kept a watch during the heavy times, to save your hosting bill.
Request Rate
Highs or lows in traffic determines app performance level. Hence, the request rate can be included with other app performance metrics to assess the significance of your app scales.
Examining the request rate will enable you to know the movement of the traffic. For instance, a busy API, out of nowhere, ceases to receive traffic is a red signal.
Server CPU Usage
One of the critical things is to check the CPU usage of your server and apps. In case the CPU usage is too high, it can have app performance issues. All server & app examining tools can track CPU usage and provide monitoring alerts. Your app needs to track per server wise and aggregate among all independently employed instances.
App Accessibility
app accessibility
Monitoring and measuring the digital availability of your app is one of the essential things. Most businesses use this to calculate the operation for service level contracts. You can easily monitor your app-accessibility by programming an HTTP check. Some tools can help you to examine response time and other related things.
Thrash Collection
When your app is programmed in .NET, C#, or other programming languages, it uses thrash collection. At this time, processes get suspended, and it can utilize a lot of CPU. Although it is not the most important thing to check, you must know its hidden performance issues. Moreover, there are tools to help you keep a watch over it.
Mobile app agency is entitled to ensure that the apps are updated continuously and bug-free to render a flawless service to their users. User experience improvement is essential to keep the users involved and fascinated. It also keeps up the retention rate.
The app users are continually evolving, and thus demanding the same from the apps to make their lives easier. With this continuously rising user demand, it is becoming more and more obvious that mobile apps must have an end-to-end supervision system to ensure better quality. The audience who always feels happy at every click of your app, will undoubtedly remain loyal to your app and recommend the same to others as well.
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