How To Improve Your App’s Conversion Rate

app conversion rate
In the bid to find out important strategies for improving mobile app conversion rate, several app developers in India were interviewed and here is what they suggested.
Great screenshots 
One of the app developers India suggested that when the first few screenshots of the app are great, it will improve its conversion rate by about 25 percent. In his explanation, he said you have just three seconds to explain to prospective users the purpose of your app and why he should download it. 
Some users will probably drop off immediately probably because they don’t need the app. Some users will install it not because they are convinced but they feel they should just try it out. The third category of users will want to learn more about it. These users will scroll down the image gallery to read more about it. According to app developers India, it is this category of users that you need to attract with the first few screenshots of your app. If they are not impressed after browsing further, they will definitely drop off.
To corroborate this suggestion, one of the most successful app developers India disclosed that only about 40 percent of prospective users will swipe past the first two images before dropping off. In addition, about 50 percent of users base their decision to either install or drop off on the elements that appear on the first two images.
Avoid repetition in the design of subsequent screenshots
Another tip given by some app developers India is that you should build on the first two screenshots to pull your users in further. This is where you need to be as creative as possible. At this point, a user expects to see even more interesting screenshots without any form of repetition. If they see the similar words of description or similar elements, they are likely to drop off.
While describing the purpose of an app, app developers India usually focus on the solutions it provides and not the features. For instance, saying “this app will remind you of all your daily tasks” is more attractive and interesting to users than saying “this app is easy to install” even though both of them are true about the app. 
It is the first statement that will get them to install your app not the second one. You should apply the Pareto’s 80/20 rule here. Think of the 20 percent of the features of your app that will yield 80 percent results in attracting users. Then focus on the 20 percent of the features.
It is only game apps that users install for fun. They install other apps for certain purpose. Remember that they have limited storage space. So, even if they eventually install your app, they may soon delete it if they are not satisfied with its performance especially when they have to delete an app to create space for an in-coming app. 
Switch your app screenshots
Leaving the same screenshot of your app in all app stores may not be attractive. You will improve your conversion rate by 35 percent if you keep switching the screenshot of your app. However, you must also change the message on each of the different screenshots. This will keep your prospective users engaged. Ensure the strongest messages are placed in the first two screenshots. 
Promote your app on your website
If you have a website, it is necessary to promote your app on your website. You can dedicate a whole web page for the promotion of your app. Ensure you make the message as compelling as possible. If it is possible, you may use a video clip as this passes more messages than text and picture altogether. Besides, people don’t enjoy reading. They prefer to watch a video because it is more entertaining.
According to a recent report, app videos can improve conversion rate by about 23 percent. Users who took the time to watch the video of your app are three times more likely to download and install your app. Even a user that had almost dropped off can be tempted to watch the video and change his mind.
In addition, videos are more attractive and they linger in the mind of viewers much longer than pictures and text. Ensure you pass the most important information first. This is because about 10 percent of viewers drop off every 10 seconds. At the same, it is important to keep the video clip very brief. An ideal video should be less than a minute. Quality videos that have a duration of 30 seconds have 40 – 55 percent completion rate. In other words, the shorter your video is, the more viewers are likely to watch it to the end.
It is also important to include the length of the video beside the title of the video. If a user sees that it is very short, he may be tempted to squeeze out the little time to watch the video.
Your app should be in different international languages
If you want more users of your app, then you need to break the language barrier. Make sure your app is developed in different international languages. At least you should start with English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin (for China). 
The second leg is to localize your app store content. This means that the language of your app store content should be based on the country where the user is viewing it. If the user is viewing it in an English-speaking country, the content should be displayed in English and if the user is viewing it in a French-speaking country, the app should be displayed in French.
Seek regular feedbacks
While it is difficult to get users to download your app, it is even more difficult to get them to continue using it. A lot of users delete apps after a couple of days. Limitation of storage space is another reason users regularly “weed” off apps that they don’t really need. So, you need to keep seeking feedback from the users of your app.
It is also important to continue to release regular updates based on the feedback you received. This is another way to keep improving users’ experience on your app. Once they are enjoying the app, it is not likely that they will delete it.
Although all the tips above are very important, the most important strategy to improve the conversion rate of any app is to bridge a gap that no other app bridges. If your app provides a solution that no other app provides, all the other tips above may not count. People will use the app because they have no other alternative. 

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