How To Increase Your Chances Of Success In App Development

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It is no longer news that less than 1 percent of mobile apps hit financial success and those that attain this feat didn’t do it in days or weeks. Rather, it took months of hard work, failure, and perseverance to make apps financially successful. In addition, some apps are just one-season wonder. They attain millions of downloads just to encounter mass exodus (mass delete) a few months later. 
The fact that more mobile apps are still being developed by Indian app developers means that the 1 percent success rate will most likely drop further. This is not to say you can’t be successful in app development. In fact, some Indian app developers can boast of the fact that all their mobile apps have been successful. 
According to some of these highly successful Indian app developers, here are some of the ways by which you can make your apps highly successful. You need to ensure that users have a good experience but doing so involves a whole lot of activities that have been described right below.
Choose the right niche
According to some Indian app developers, there are 6 main types of apps which are:
- Lifestyle apps – Examples are fitness apps, music apps, travel apps, and food/recipe apps
- Social media apps – Examples are Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… etc
- Utility apps – Examples are Playstore, Calculator, Flashlight, Keyboard apps… etc
- Productivity apps – Examples are Google Drive, Docs, Sheets… etc
- Game/Entertainment apps – Examples are video games and video streaming apps
- News apps - Examples are – Reddit, Yahoo News Digest, Feedly, Google News & Weather… etc
Out of these 6 categories, you will definitely love one more than the others. So, successful Indian app developers usually choose the category they love most. In app development, you will encounter rough edges and sharp corners but if you are working on what you really love, it will be fun to you. 
In addition, you will be more equipped for a category more than the other. So, you are better off with a category that you are best equipped for. Choosing a wrong category is a step towards the failure of your app.
Choose the right strategy
app promotion strategy
There are 2 basic ways Indian app developers play in the industry. They either develop their own mobile apps and monetize them or they get hired by companies to develop different kinds of app. In fact, some mobile app development companies play in both ways in the industry. Both of them have their pros and cons.
If you develop your app, it will take a long time before you begin to real money on it. And if the app is successful, you will make real money on it. However, making money is NOT guaranteed. Remember, less than 1 percent of mobile apps are financially successful.
If you get hired by companies, you will receive advance payment before you even embark on the job and if you complete you the app, you will get your balance. In addition, you will make some money from updates on the app. However, you can never make as much money as when the app belongs to you. Secondly, getting customers regularly is not guaranteed. This is why some mobile app development companies decided to choose both strategies.
Test your app thoroughly before you launch
Sometimes, you may be running behind schedule in the development of your app. Some app developers find it difficult to test their app in this situation. The truth is, nothing justifies not testing your app thoroughly before launching it. It is like ignoring the red light because you are running late for a meeting. Is it acceptable? So, no matter what, you must test your app thoroughly before launching it. There is no how you can discover all the bugs alone.
There are different brands and models of smartphones with different screen sizes and operating systems. Your app may behave differently in all of them. So, you need to test it on a wide variety of apps. It is not possible for you to test it on all available devices but you should try to test it on as many devices as you can lay your hands on.
What you should understand is that each time a user discovers a bug, it is a competence issue for you and not only about bugs. It is just like no boss likes to hire an employee whose works have to be vetted all the time. Besides, some users usually delete an app because of bugs and they never go back to it.
Regular update
Even if your app does not have any bug, there will always be room for improvement. So, you need to continue to engage the users of your app on ways to improve on the app. Facebook app is the most successful app yet it is still being upgraded regularly. So, you should continue to update your app. This is the best way to retain users.
Some apps that have been downloaded more than 10 million times do not have up to 1 million active users now. The main reason for this is that they didn’t update the app regularly. So, other competitors came up with better apps. Do you realize that regular update makes it difficult for a new player to defeat you in the niche? So, regular update is vital.
app promotion
Until every single individual on this planet downloads and installs your app, promotion of the app should not stop. If Coca-Cola, Apple, and Microsoft still promote their new and existing products, why should you stop promoting your app? You only stop promoting an app when you are planning to retire it.
Simplicity attracts more
Simply keep your app simple. People want apps that are very easy to use. Users spend less than 10 seconds on apps before they decide to drop off or dig deeper. How will they dig deeper when they can’t even navigate through your app easily? So, your app should be very easy to use.
With these few tips, you should be able to boost the chances of success of your app tremendously.

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