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Although mobile app development companies have developed several educational and personal development apps, they may not be useful for you if you don’t apply certain tips. No app can motivate you on its own if you don’t follow the instructions therein. 
So, apart from hiring a mobile app development company to develop a custom app for you or download any of the available mobile apps already developed by mobile app development companies, you can follow the tips outlined below to achieve your goals.
Clarify your vision
Mobile app development companies have developed several apps but you may not be able to choose the most suitable one for yourself if you don’t make your goal and vision very clear. In other words, no mobile app development company can help you when your goals are vague.
It is when your goal is clear and realistic that you can plan how to achieve it and how much time you need to achieve it. For instance, if it is a 5-year goal, you can break the required activities down to what you must achieve each year to make it work out. 
You can also break each year’s goal into monthly plans and then break each month’s plan into either daily plan or weekly plans. It is at this point that you can seek help from a mobile app development company or select any personal development app that suits you.
To illustrate the simplest difference between a clear goal and a vague one, take a weight loss goal for instance. Someone who has a clear vision will decide to shed 100 pounds of her weight within 6 months. On the other hand, someone with a vague vision will plan to shed “as much weight a possible” within “no definite” timeline. How can such a goal be broken into daily, weekly, or monthly plans? So, having vague goals is more of a problem than a solution.
Determine the skills required to achieve your goal
Some self-improvement goals may require the acquisition of certain skills. For instance, if your goal is to be able to fly a plane within a year, there are skills and knowledge you must acquire. Once you establish that, you will now have to choose the means to acquire the skills. 
In this case, you can choose any aviation school around based on your choice and cost. There is virtually no real goal that does not have its required skills. If your goal is to shed a particular amount of weight, then you must acquire certain workout skills.
You must set a standard
Setting a standard means you should be disciplined enough to follow your plans. There is a big difference between making plans and acting on it. Setting a standard is an indication of how serious you are. For instance, some weight loss apps can suggest that you engage in strenuous exercises for at least one or two hours a day. What if you either skip the exercise or you do it for less than an hour? 
The app will not be able to help you. The best personal development app can only be efficient and effective if you follow all the instructions on it religiously. So, you must set a standard by following your plans to the letter. If you plan to jog for a mile every day as the plan to achieve your goal make sure you do just that. Don’t skip it for trivial reasons like the rain.
Prioritize your plans
You should prioritize your smaller goals in order to be able to apply the Pareto’s 80-20 rule. Identify the most important 20 percent of your activities and divert most of your energy towards them to achieve 80 percent of your goals easily. You can only identify these 20 percent if you get your priorities right.
Come up with actions that can help you achieve your goals faster
If your goal is weight loss and you have started the program already, it is important for you to join weight loss communities and forums to learn from people’s experience. You may also seek professional advice from your doctors. 
The same way, if you are learning how to be a pilot, you should join relevant communities and forums. In addition, you should also get access to all relevant resources either online or offline. If you can also make friends with other student pilots, it will be beneficial for you.
Some useful self-development apps
Now, having discussed the important tips for achieving your goal or personal development, it is necessary to outline some apps that may be useful for you. A couple of them have been outlined below.
This app offers you a very simple way to journal. It has become obsolete to write your daily activities in a physical dairy. Diaries are difficult to carry around. Besides, do you know how many diaries you will be having if you journal for 20 years? 
So, this app makes journaling quicker and easy. You can even sync and back up your entries in the cloud so that even if your phone packs up, your entries will be safe. What makes this app unique is that you can add pictures, geo-location, and weather data to your entries. 
When you are working towards a goal, it pays to jot down your progress. This will motivate you to intensify your efforts towards the goals. 
When you are on a weight loss program, nothing will motivate you more than seeing the number of calories you burn each day. This will help you raise your daily calorie-burning target. This app helps you count your burnt calories. 
This app also calculates your daily calorie intake from your meals. At the end of the day, it will subtract your calorie intake from your burnt calories and give you the exact amount of calories that you lost. It also has several other features and functions that make it one of the best apps for keeping fit. It was developed by Under Armour. 
There are other great apps. However, you should remember that no app can really help you if you don’t follow the instructions therein religiously. So, you need to follow the tips above to make the best of your chosen personal development app. 

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