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How Top App Development Companies Manage iPhone App Development Projects

App Development

Sep 2017
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how top app development companies manage iphone app development projects
Due to the advent of mobile strategy for business, the usage of desktop and laptop has been on the decline. This has also gone further to increase the demand of mobile app development companies. The growing craze of mobility is no doubt, transforming the way people communicate and do business. 
Without having to face the problem of communication, access, and place, members of an organization are now able to work effectively with utmost convenience. Thanks to the concept of enterprise mobility. But despite the availability of many mobile app development firms in the market, only very few are reputed for developing and delivering successful apps. 
Basically, this can be attributed to the inability of these companies to effectively streamline business operations. In this post, discussions will be centered on how most top app development companies manage their client’s project from start to finish. 
Formulating a detailed report of client’s requirement is always the first step in any iPhone app development process. Most app development companies do not play with this document. In fact, they see it as something very important that is fundamental to the development of those features and functionalities which are expected by the client. 
While preparing the client requirement report, they often seek to keep their clients in the communication loop. One of the best options to ensuring good communication is by giving clients the opportunity to visit in person. Here are some more essential tips you need to know about managing clients’ iPhone app development projects. 
1. Working with client’s perceptions in view:
Most clients often seek to hire iPhone developer with meaningful ideas of the apps they want to develop even when they themselves lack prior app development experience. These clients expect their mobile applications to perform like the best apps on the market with only just a small amount of development effort. They think that apps take a little time and effort to build due to the seeming ease with which they are created and the overwhelming ubiquity of apps. 
In other to ensure that a suitable product can be built within a timeframe that meets the high expectations of their clients, most top app development companies will take the time to carefully explain the necessary steps required to plan, create, and test an app. Obviously, a quality app takes lots of time and effort to develop. 
2. Follow good project management processes:
There is no excuse for refusing good project management processes even with the limited scope of the mobile app development project. When clients hire iPhone developer, it is expected that the work should be commenced right in time. By so doing the app developer can carefully define the scope of the project, meaningfully elaborate on a workable schedule, and establish a standard needed for the success of the project. This helps to provide the team with a clear set of feasible objectives and timelines to work with. 
3. Documentation:
When depicting the functionality of an app, the role of creative comps and wireframes cannot be overemphasized as they are needed for its visual representation. However, there will always be a need for written down functionality. These companies try to effectively eliminate customer confusion by creating a thorough requirement specification designed to help them know about the future performance of their app. This also helps to provide a meaningful environment for testing cases. 
4. Review Apple’s Submission Guidelines:
Apple is notorious for rejecting apps that fail to meet their submission guidelines. Initially, iPhone app developers had little knowledge as to what would and would not be acceptable by Apple. However, it’s no longer the case today, as this was only before their submission guidelines were published. However, there are still certain unexpected reasons why Apple may reject an app. 
For instance, apps that fail to display the terms and conditions of the contests they mentioned on the same page will be rejected. In order not be caught off guard, it is highly recommended to review recent submission guidelines before even engaging in a requirement discussion. 
5. Ensure to formal sign-off before commencing development:
Evidently, this is something that should not be relegated. As part of their requirements, top iPhone app development companies always ensure that they get formal sign-off from their clients even before starting any development work. With this, there will be no room for any unstipulated changes or alteration after the app has been developed. So, app developers will not be forced to make changes on the app before submission. 
6. Keep clients busy:
Mobile app development companies are already accustomed to moving at light speed. This is highly essential if they must remain in the mobile app business. However, there are times when clients tend to move slowly. When the app they are developing requires to interface with their backend systems of their clients, the app development process can transcend into a two-way street. 
This is when developers prepare to set clear timelines and requirements for client deliverables. They do not hesitate to thoroughly test client’s web services delivered to interface with their apps. This will help them identify any inconsistencies and be free from any harassment. 
 7. Clients write their own test cases:
When it comes to iPhone app development, clients tend to obtain added security when they are asked to write the test cases. This helps them to know that their apps will be tested to their specifications. Developers on their own part will be forced to consider all the ways clients will use their apps. This may make them realize that the app requires some modification. Later on, if there is a need for a significant change to the app due to the presence of a bug, then reference can be made back to the test case authored by the client. 
8. Ease clients’ anxiety by shipping interim builds to them:
Developers don’t wait until after the iPhone app development process has been completed before providing clients with insights into the project. Rather, they tend to ease clients’ minds by assuring them that the whole development schedule is on track. They do this by regularly shipping them interim builds. During this period, they also try to set expectations about the features that will be added.
9. Understand the platform:
It’s fairly straightforward to develop apps for different versions of the iPhone particularly if you are creating apps that employ location-based services, the processing capabilities of the phone or video. Nevertheless, it’s best to hire iPhone developer that has the appropriate devices at the start of testing. 
10. Support the most recent mobile OS version:
With every major OS release, Apple often includes several new and improved function calls in its SDK. Additional days or even weeks of development can be significantly eliminated when iOS apps are developed for the latest mobile OS. 
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