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App developers from a mobile app development company often use several means to promote their app. They adopt search engine optimization and app store optimization. They create blogs to promote their app and they even promote their app on their websites but app developers often pay less attention to their reputation on social media. 
Unfortunately, if people do not like your brand, they won’t even try out your app. So you need to warm your brand into people’s hearts. One of the ways by which app developers lose potential customers is by ignoring a negative feedback or by reacting badly to it. App developers often forget that apart from the person who posted the negative feedback, many potential users of their app will get to see the post and they will be hoping to see the response. 
Non-response or late response to a negative feedback will be seen as a sign of guilt or nonchalance. So, it is highly important to respond to a negative feedback as quickly as possible. Remember, some feedback will come in the form of outright insult. You will be making a big mistake to respond with another insult. Instead, look beyond the insult and address the issue. It is a grievance that makes people post negative feedback. So, you should treat all of them as an opportunity to educate potential users on the features of your app. In fact, being able to respond to insults with calm and soothing words will attract more people to your brand.
Another major challenge is that there are so many review platforms that it is very difficult for developers to keep track of every platform. This is why you need to hire an experienced online reputation manager that will be managing the online reputation of your app and your brand. However, before you hire an online manager for your app, there are certain important questions to ask him. These questions will help you decide whether you should hire him or not. The questions have been outlined below.
Here are ten important questions for your online reputation manager
This is an information age and people rely so much on online reviews. One negative review can hurt your brand badly. This is why you need to constantly maintain a good online reputation. Here are some important questions to ask your online web scrubber or online reputation manager.
Ask him where to start from
It is no longer enough just to get in the game, you also need to be a part of the game now. You can reinforce your brand by claiming your digital properties and building profiles on several digital platforms like social media. You also need to post regular content and respond to queries as quickly as possible. In fact, you should be a part of several online forums. That should be your starting point.
What should you respond to?
To be socially engaged, you should respond to virtually every review, post and tweet. While it is good to respond to good posts, it is also important to respond to bad ones as they give you opportunities to correct a wrong impression about your company.
With so many platforms available, how can you keep track of everything?
There are numerous news sites and blogs that require your presence and more of them will still emerge. In addition, you also have to be present on Pinterest, Tumblr, Yelp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. It becomes a daunting task to track your presence in all of them. You need to develop a bot or program to help you create and manage your account as new platforms emerge. In addition, you can hire monitoring firms and reputation managers to work on the search engine results of your company. 
Is your company venture-backed and is your technology patented?
Get your company venture-funded to have access to a lot of technology. This helps to tackle numerous web scrubbing problems. You also require patented technology.
Is it possible to make some bad reviews, comments and posts disappear?
Of course, when you come across a negative or scathing post about your company, you will feel the urge to make it disappear immediately. Unfortunately, you can’t! It is only the owner of the website on which it is posted that can make it disappear. Apart from that, it will be too late by then. It is better to address the post or comment as quickly as you can. In a nutshell, you can’t erase negative posts. Don’t be deceived by companies that claim otherwise.
If you can’t delete the negative posts, what can you do to address the situation?
Your best bet is to engage in promotion and suppression. You should promote your brand by selecting what you want on the first few search engine result pages. Look for certain techniques that can boost your rankings. Suppression is the process of trying to push negative content further down.
What do you advise people to look out for apart from references to their company online?
While it is important to look out for online platforms where your company is mentioned, you also need to study what is being said about your competitors because it offers new opportunities to promote your brand. 
What is your relationship with the platform on which you want to promote our brand?
If anybody claims that he can promote your business on a particular site, you need to be sure that he has a formal relationship with that site. You need to ask for their relationship with the site. You should be sure that he is not planning to “hit below the belt”.
How fast can you help with an online crisis? 
The time required for an online problem to be solved varies widely. It could take a couple of weeks to solve some problems while it may take months to solve others. Being proactive is what matters most. It is better to have procedures, people and strategies in place before any crisis occurs. 
After helping to launder online image, is that the end?
Reversing a bad online reputation does not mark the end of the service. Maintenance of online reputation should be continuous. Engaging and managing your online community should be a continuum. It should continue as long as you are in business because whatever is online now can change anytime. 

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