How To Offer Great User Experience On Your Mobile App

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In iPhone app development, what matters most is user experience. As long as users are enjoying your app, they will continue to use it. This is why you need to understand that every mobile app is work in progress. So, you must continue to improve user experience on your app until you decide to retire it.
There are several ways to make users happy with your iPhone app development ideas. Here are some iPhone app development tips that can help you.
Great user experience starts at the design stage
Creating a wonderful user experience starts at the design stage of iPhone app development. During that stage, you need to take two important steps. The first one is to engage users by carrying out a survey on the app design. The second important step in iPhone app development is to study a few successful apps to find out the common features among them. This should be done at the design stage. All you have to do is to take note of the common features and jot them down. Replicate those features in your own iPhone app development process.
Make your app simple
make your app simple
Nothing frustrates users more than a hard to understand app. In fact, how can you spend three minutes still trying to understand how to use an app? Such app is a failure. In fact, once an average user spends about two minutes on your app and he still does not understand it, he will just delete it. 
This is why you should make your app as simple as possible. It should also be intuitive. Don’t think you can impress users by including several other functions that are not related to the purpose of the app. It may have impressed users in the past. It no longer does. Rather, it turns them off now. 
So, just keep it simple by cutting off unnecessary functions. It is also important to ensure that your app does not only respond to requests, it should also show indications that it is responding. Consider this scenario, if a user clicks a button and the app is already on the request, there should be a sign that will show the user that his request is already being worked on. If not, he will continue to re-issue the request and this could lead to the hanging of the app.
So, when a button is clicked and the response will take a while, a message should pop up to show the user that his command is being worked on. A message like “Please wait” is okay. If the request is made by clicking a button, the button should remain pressed while the request is being worked on.
All these add to the user experience on your app. If for any reason a particular app page is being worked on, it is better to remove the page and all the links and buttons that can take users to the place. Instead of letting a user waste his time by going there only to receive an error message that the page is temporarily unavailable, everything about the page should be removed temporarily from your app.
Less typing is better
The only time it is fun to type on a mobile device is when chatting or when posting a message on social media. Apart from those situations, users don’t like typing. In fact, typing is work. This is why you should design your app in such a way that users will type less. 
The first step towards this is to reduce the length of your registration form. Cut off unnecessary fields in the form. Middle name and age are really not necessary. The shorter your registration form the better for users of your app. 
Consider multiple languages
If your app has only an English version, it means only people who speak English can use it but if you develop it in multiple versions of different languages, it will attract more people. If you can’t develop it in numerous languages, just consider French, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin. Your app should break the language barrier.
It should be location specific
A good app considers the location of its user in its display. For instance, if there are in-app items for sale, their prices should be displayed in the currency relevant to the present location of the user. For instance, the prices should be displayed in British Pounds when the app is used in the UK while the prices should be displayed in US dollars when the app is being used by someone in the United States. 
Low crash rate
low crash rate
You should ensure that your app has the low crash rate. It should be very responsive. Remember that each time your app crashes could be some users’ first time. The first impression lasts much longer. Secondly, most users will delete your app after the third crash. 
So, you need to partner with or seek the services of a highly reputable server company that can offer you a very higher server redundancy rate. This will ensure that your app hardly crashes. 
Low power consumption
Each time you charge your phone, you consume power. So people prefer to charge their phone fewer times. This is why you need to ensure that your app does not consume the battery power of users’ phones. If not, users will delete your app once they find out that its power consumption rate is very high.
If your app can work offline and still achieve its purpose, make it so. People do not really like apps that consume mobile data each time they are used. In fact, recent statistics showed that apps that work offline are downloaded faster. However, if your app cannot work offline and still achieve its purpose, you can disregard this point.
Low requirement
Design your app in such a way that iPhones with low iOS can still download and enjoy it. The most successful games apps are the ones with low requirements. In fact, it is better to see it this way, the higher the requirements of your app the more you cut some people off. 
Make it free
Right now, there are too many apps competing for users’ attention, so why will anyone pay to download your app? Attaching a price tag for the download of your app is like shooting yourself in the leg. It is better to find another way to make money. You can either make money from the sale of optional in-app items or make money from adverts. 

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