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The apps that iPhone app development companies and entrepreneurs create fail for so many reasons. The reasons can include poor build, poor marketing, incompetent app development among others. However, one prevalent reason is that is that it was unable to attract enough users to begin with. For some developers, their “Build first” approach will never be enough to get it off the ground. Apps that don’t sufficiently invest in its marketing campaign to its target audience and more will spend more than necessary, and for the wrong reasons through the bad channels because the apps will not be discovered.
There will always be cheaper ways for iPhone developer to promote and advertise their apps, like using social media marketing. Another cheap way of promoting the app will be through word of mouth. There are elements you can make use of when designing for any target audience. The powerful features of install ads have their targeting abilities. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow you to target users based on demographics (such as gender, age, location, and more), behavior, interests, and device types. You can narrow down your target audience and always put them into consideration when designing your ads. Placing your ads before the right people is equally as important as creating a compelling ad in the first place. Without adequate targeting, your efforts will be wasted, and without a compelling ad, the bad result will stay the same.
If you are designing your ads for social media, remember that the attention of internet users should be the first thing you want to get, and when you do get it, the next thing to work on is to capture their interest. Let what they see in your ad be robust enough to pique their curiosity and make them desire to learn more about what they see. And when they do find out more, you can then prompt them to make a move to install your app. Here are three things that can help you achieve these things and you can optimize their use.
Images are probably the only things that can seize the attention of online users, if only for a brief period. Users on social media are very visual. When scrolling past so many lines of texts about one thing or another, one image that comes into sight will most likely draw and keep their attention. And in addition to this, posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will more likely be shared if it has an image attached to it than a post without a picture. As an iPhone app development company or if you are wan to hire an iPhone app developer, here are some of the ways you can optimize the way your app ads appear on social platforms.
Target different platforms. Each time you begin a marketing campaign, you can choose the devices you want to target your ad. It is good to use up to two different photos to focus for iPhone and Android users. Optimize the image for various screen sizes. It should be able to maintain its integrity on any device width. Use images that have minimalistic design and cohesive design. It should be simple enough with few graphic components that are not harsh on the eyes.
iPhone app development companies can showcase what they have in store for the users. You can do this by using screenshots if your product is not a tangible item. Don’t use stock images to advertise. They are high-quality images, but they don’t come across as genuine. Understand the value and interests of your target audience. If you are looking to attract different genders to your app, you can use two different photos to reach out to those different genders.
It may look easy but being a copywriter is not easy, rather, it is incredibly challenging. The critical part is balancing a sense of urgency with a natural tone, all without making it sound too sales pitchy. Here are some of the differences between Twitter and Facebook you should have in mind when copywriting.
When using Facebook ads, you can customize two major area of text: the headline and the body. The star rating for your app will be displayed right under the headline (which is more incentive to encourage positive ratings). The body carries room for 90 characters. The headline and the image are what pulls the most attention. The space provided for the headline gives enough to convey the benefits of the app. It should be used to convince the readers that your app is worth installing. Make use of hard-hitting statements to make your point to get them to click your call to action. The headline allows only 25 characters. Don’t waste the headline potential by repeating the name of the app. The spaces you get for ads are too precious to waste with repetition. Do your best to summarize what good your app can do for your users.
For Twitter install ads, you have only 116 characters to utilize. Unlike Facebook, Twitter offers you the option to hide your star rating. With it, you can minimize your star rating. You can make the text cleaner by avoiding the use of unnecessary symbols like @ and # which can be a distraction.
When crafting your text for the ads on social media, identify the problem, solution, and use it. This is one of the few things that a reader can identify with when looking at your ad. It gives them an understanding of what they can get out of your app. Use third-party credibility to your advantage. Some things you can include can include ratings, reviews, download rate, etc.
Call to action
When finishing, always end by telling the reader what action they should take. A beautiful image and picture description of your app will have no overall value if the readers can do nothing with it.
Twitter has up to seven Call To Actions to choose from:
  • Book
  • Connect
  • Install
  • Open
  • Order
  • Play
  • Shop


Facebook has up to 11 Call To Action buttons:
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Book Now
  • Download
  • Install Now
  • Learn More
  • Listen Now
  • Sign Up
  • Use App
  • Watch More
  • Watch Video
Choose the best one that best fits the app you are trying to advertise. for example, you can use “Shop Now” to link to an e-commerce mobile app. The idea is to craft the call to action button as a way of informing the users of what they’d be in for if they click the button. And this goes way beyond telling them about the installation itself, but what kind of app will be installed directly on their phones. As an iPhone app development company or if you want to hire iPhone app developer to create app for you, this is a good recommendation to consider in your marketing strategy. 

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