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How To Outsource App Development? Exclusive Guide

App Development

Apr 2022
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how to outsource app development
In simple terms, app development is the process of creating a mobile app for use on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. While developing a web-based app or a desktop version of an app is often necessary, the bulk of app development efforts are focused on mobile and tablet devices.

App Development Lifecycle

  • Planning

Conducting a business analysis and developing a mobile strategy are part of the first step. In most cases, a business analyst, marketer, and project manager are engaged.
  • Technical

A technical writer is in charge of explaining all technical information and needs at this stage.
  • Prototyping

The drawing, wireframes, and app skins are all generated during the prototype process. A UI/UX designer is generally in charge of this.
  • Developing

Developers conduct the front-end and back-end coding portions at this phase.
  • Quality

In the quality assurance stage, the app’s technical requirements are checked and the device’s capacity is examined to guarantee that it functions properly.
  • Publishing

The application is then uploaded to the app store. As upgrades, new releases, and new issues become available, maintenance is offered on a continuous basis.

Why Outsource App Development?

While outsourcing app development is a great concept, it does come with its own set of problems and hurdles. Finding the correct app development partner may be a major challenge at times.
And, the best method to choose an appropriate mobile app development outsourcing partner is to search for a business that takes the time to learn about your idea before providing a quotation and timetable and getting started with development.

How To Outsource App Development?

  • Make a Solid Outline for Your App

You must have a clear picture of your app concept. Yes, a reputable app development outsourcing business will assist you in learning the fundamentals of app development.
However, you must conduct the greatest possible research on your own.
Although you may not be familiar with the operational elements, you can certainly conduct research on rivals and similar apps. This will assist you in comprehending the functioning of your app as well as identifying what your rivals lack.
  • Prepare a Budget

With enough investigation, you'll be able to figure out how much money you can put into your software.
This budget estimate will assist you in deciding whether to engage the freelance developers or mobile app development companies.
Companies that provide outsourcing services are not pricey. When you consider the big picture, they're actually rather cost-effective.
  • Research App Developers

You'll need to pick among thousands of app development businesses that meet your set of needs, such as familiarity with the platform you're building for, knowledge of certain technologies you'll need to apply, and so on. Then there's the issue of location and communication.
Onshore, nearshore, and offshore development providers are divided into three categories based on their proximity to you. When looking at how to outsource app development, you'll want to pick a location early on because it will affect how you communicate with developers.
Onshore developers are based in the same nation as you. They're generally the simplest to contact because they're so near to you.
Near shore developers are based in nations that are either next to yours or on the same continent as you.
Offshore developers are located at the furthest reaches of the globe. Working with them might be difficult due to the time difference, which can be as much as 8 to 10 hours.
It's possible that your contractors will wake up when you do, and vice versa. This problem can be handled with effective communication, but both parties may have to make some concessions.

Where To Search For App Developers?

The first place to seek app developers for most people who are new to software development is Google.
However, as the business has progressed, there are now dedicated platforms where freelance developers can find employment and project owners can locate staff.
  • Individual App Developers

Upwork is most likely the first service of its sort. It offers a diverse range of expertise for a variety of business purposes, but it lacks methods for screening and connecting those specialists to the needs of clients.
The second choice that frequently springs to mind is TopTal. It features vetting and matching procedures, which makes it more trustworthy. It is, however, a little pricier.
  • Outsourcing Development Companies

Clutch is the greatest location to look for an app development firm. This site has over 12,000 mobile development businesses listed, including 4,000 if you're looking to outsource iPhone app development.
Clutch offers excellent sorting options (by budget, price, region, company size, and so on), as well as ratings, customer evaluations, and project titles.
Top Software Companies platform share Hyperlink InfoSystem reviews top software solution provider company in software development firms.
  • Interview The Developers

Following your study, you may create a shortlist of developers that you believe are suitable for your project. Then you may interview them one by one.
You may inquire about their relevant experience, app development method, prior projects, client testimonials, and prices by contacting them. This will let you decide whether or not you want to work with them.
Time zone variations, project management tools, communication tools, and other relevant issues that influence outsourced app development may all be discussed.
  • Approach the Final Developers

After speaking with all of the developers on your list, you must choose one to work on your project.
Make a list of all the information you gathered from the internet and during your one-on-one meeting with the developers. This will assist you in comparing and making an educated selection.
Simply approach the developer once you've decided on one. The mobile app development business will also provide you with instructions on how to begin.


Outsourcing app development lowers costs, boosts team efficiency, and ensures that the project is completed on time.
This form of collaboration is appropriate for many types of enterprises, including start-ups, mid-sized firms, and huge corporations.
However, in order to get the full benefits of outsourcing app development, you must carefully pick the team with whom you will collaborate.
As a result, go through our portfolio, technology stack, and customer feedback. Then, choose the engagement and payment plan that is best for you and go on to the exploration phase.
Hire the top 3% of best-in-class developers!

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