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Some app developers India have suggested several ways by which you can promote your business with your mobile app. That is probably why a lot of companies now hire app developers in India to develop their apps. Some of the ways you will promote your business with your app has been outlined below.
This article assumes that you already have a business and your app has been loaded by your customers to be able to enjoy your services and products. 
Make proper use of Push Notification
App developers India usually include the function called “Push Notification” in apps. With the app you can send a flash message to all the users of your app. While a lot of companies use it for only marketing messages, app developers India advise that you should send more of informational messages relevant to your niche. 
The first advantage of this is that your customers will keep seeing you as an authority in the field and this will make them trust you and your products more than that of your competitors. Secondly, when you keep sending only advertisements through push notification, some of your customers will stop reading it when it becomes too many since people do not really like advertisements. Instead, they prefer useful information. 
When you mix informational messages with adverts, you will enjoy more readership. You can also send surveys through push notification and you will get a quick response. 
Social media integration
You should integrate popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others into your app for a couple of reasons. First, users will not need to log in with username and password anymore. Once social media has been integrated into your app by app developers India, users will have the option of logging in with their social media account and this is faster and easier. They won’t need to memorize any password anymore.
The second reason is that social media integration will make it easy for users to share any of your posts. By pressing a single button, they can share your posts. This is why you should send more informational posts. Recipients will read it and share it. That way, your popularity will continue to increase and so will your popularity. 
Use of analytics
According to one of the most successful app developers India, it is very important to include analytics in your app. It is virtually the most useful function on any mobile app. It gives you a daily statistics on several issues. For instance, it gives you the number of people that used your app, the number of people that viewed each of your products and the number of orders on each product.
These daily analyses are very important for your business. It helps you monitor the progress of your business and it also alerts you when there is a problem. For instance, if the number of orders on a particular product begins to reduce, it is a sign of a problem. You will have to fix it as soon as possible.
A great category of apps that are now becoming a weapon for businesses is web scraping app or tool. For you to understand the importance of this app, you need to first understand the concept of web scraping.
What is web page scraping? 
Web page scraping services is used for extracting or scraping data from different web pages on the World Wide Web and it also includes saving the extracted data into all in one database for ease of searching, sorting and filtering. You can use this web page scraping services to scrape all the data that you need from all the web pages of source websites. The service also comprises saving the data into a database, spreadsheet, or any other format. 
Whatever your aim is, this data scraping service can handle it. Do you want to monitor competitors’ prices? Do you want to compare deals or do you want to copy product databases? Web page scraping service is all you need. The service can handle it all. You only need to specify the location and the required element. The data won’t only be extracted for you, it will also be converted into your preferred format. 
Examples of situations where a website scraper can be useful

Extraction of small figures
This service can be used to pull or filter out small figures attached to certain products. For instance, there are numerous stock and their quotes and prices keep changing regularly. If you have or are interested in a few stock and want to monitor their prices and quotes, you may need to use this service to pull out the quotes and prices of the few stock you need. As the figures change on the source site, they will be changing on your site too. This will save you the pain of running through the original long list of stock frequently. 
Monitoring of mortgage rates from multiple lending companies
A lot of people usually monitor mortgage rates from different companies. The challenge with this is that they often check several websites. Comparing rates on different tabs can be difficult. They have to be clicking on tab after tab. But this can be a lot easier with web scraping services. They can have it all in one regularly updated page. Comparison and monitoring of mortgage rates is much easier done on a single page. Web scraping service will help you scrape the rates from different websites and save all the data together on one page for you. Remember that as the rates are being updated on the source websites so will your own copy be updated too. 
Extracting the prices and images of different products on a shopping website
For instance, people buy groceries regularly. You can use this service to scrape the prices of groceries from different websites for comparisons. And you will always get up-to-date information. So, whenever you want to go for groceries, you will only view the file and take note of the shop with the best deals. You can decide to buy Cabbage from Shop A, and Green Peas from Shop B… etc. 
Extraction of images from stock photography, exhibitors, or wedding websites
You can also use this service for scraping images from different websites that are filled with numerous images. Some of such sites are stock photography sites, wedding sites, and exhibitors just to mention a few.
Integration into existing application is very easy
The data extracted with this service can be easily integrated into any of your applications. Data can be integrated into spreadsheet, document program, CSV, or other custom built applications. You can also use the service to scrape data from highly secure websites that block non-members. 
Whatever you need the service for, just contact the company for the cost and estimated time of arrival for your web page scraping task. For more information, contact Web Screen Scraping Services Inc. 

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