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How Translation Apps Are Helping Businesses Worldwide & Removing Communication Barriers

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Sep 2020
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how translation apps are helping businesses worldwide and removing communication barriers
The rapid transformation of the online market and highly advanced technology has made the world a small place. Serving a client overseas has become a lot easier, and there are no more restrictions concerning language. A rising number of foreign companies in Indian markets and their presence across the globe have compelled the mobile app development companies in India to develop such apps to ease the operations of working and the requirement to overcome language barriers more than ever.
We all know that English is a global language, yet many people don’t know it. Many people speak their native language and are fluent in it only. Hence, this has created a need to build such apps. Businesses across the globe normally rely on such apps to conduct their operations and connect with the natives for those countries.
However, it becomes essential for business meetings to have a professional translator to make sure the communication is clear from both ends. But otherwise, a machine translation such as mobile apps can do a fine job.
Several things need translation to make sense to your new market, from website and marketing content to product manuals and training docs. This is where you need a lucid, accurate, and successful translation service.
Choosing the most suitable translation service is essential because several things can be misplaced or lost. Wrong communication can be detrimental for your business in more ways than you can think of. Apart from financial loss, it can also damage your goodwill and make you look weak before your competitors.
Hence, companies spend a massive amount on translation services to ensure precise interactions within their network of clientele, agents, business partners, and govt. Agencies. As per a survey, the amount of money businesses spend on translation services each year is anticipated to reach $45 billion by the end of 2020.
Why Are Translation Apps So Popular?
The increase in globalization has led to the growth of AI to prevent the cost of translation. At present, we have AI-powered translation apps, such as Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Amazon Translate, which have significantly evolved lately to deliver precise translation.
The new developments in the NMT - Neural Machine Translation algorithms have made apps more precise and successful, and this has developed the need for businesses to outsource a fantastic app development company that can direct you towards a useful translation app.
why are translation apps so popular
For those who require to translate a website or product description for casual surfing, the outcomes rendered by translation apps are adequate. Their services are free and assisted by ads. But when it comes to building a user manual in a foreign language, transcribing a tax document, or creating a user interface in the latest language, businesses need an error-free translation. They can still utilize apps for initial translation and then get it revamped by a human translator.
The recent advancements and upgrades have called for several languages to get translated with the translation apps. This prevents the cost of translating prioritized languages in the retail and service industries.
How Do These Apps Help Industries & Makes Lives Simpler?
The translation apps have got better drastically over the past few years. A new development in apps involves voice-recognition software that allows them to decipher words and phrases as you speak into written words or audio format. They can interpret the text and sound better by utilizing them more.
Translation apps differ widely in terms of the user interface, cost, features, and functionality. Their exactness mainly depends on your language, the words you use, and the surrounding. A few apps may be better at translating French, but lousy at translating Japanese, while others may work awesomely with jargon but perform poorly when you use culinary words.
To receive better outcomes from voice-recognition apps, ensure you speak slowly and form short sentences. The apps that stand out because of its user-friendliness and trustworthiness are Jibbigo, I translate, Google Translate, and Vocre.
Translation apps have supported businesses in the retail sector, and the service industry reaches out to more significant markets and serves people from various countries. Startups find it easier to deliver products or services worldwide and need not worry about high translation expenses.
apps help industries and makes lives simpler
Simple to use a translator mobile app has made the world a small place. Travelers can now move across the globe confidently and not worry about language barriers while interacting.
Visual translation features in apps have taken things to a completely different level. You can point your mobile camera at specific signs in a foreign language to receive an instant translation. The apps might showcase some funny results, indeed, but they are precise in most cases.
Best examples of Translation Apps
Google Translate
One of the highly advanced translation apps available has been around for above ten years. This app is free to use and has beyond 5.6 million reviews in the Google Play Store. It is now leveraging AI to help boost its translation engine. The Google Translate App uses NMT to encourage its preciseness. This AI tech also facilitates smartphone users to use the app even when they cannot connect to WIFI or smartphones.
Microsoft Translator
This app works on both platforms, Android as well as Apple. This is free to use and includes over 60 languages. It can handle the translation of voice, text, and conversations. Pronunciation guides and phrasebook are available, and the app supports online and offline translation.
This is a popular tool for foreign business travelers. This app has over 300,000 users globally. It offers a phrasebook, a voice translator, and learning tools. The phrasebook has fundamentals like greetings and 2000 most used business phrases. TripLingo’s phrase option consists of casual, formal, crazy, and slang. It has a free version and a premium version as well.
Future of Translation Apps
Adding a translation feature to companies like Twitter, WeChat, Skype, and eBay, can increase their usability across the globe.
After visual translation, companies like HP are working on SpeechTrans to deliver a real-time translation of conference calls and business meets while still in progress.
AI tools may not totally supplant human translation, but they will help meetings, requirements of highly specialized translation in healthcare, law, IT industry, and more.
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