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Important Factors To Consider When Creating A Mobile Application

App Development

Feb 2020
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important factors to consider when creating a mobile application
To ensure the success of your mobile application at launch, here are the points to consider from the planning stage to the development and launching of the app. The launch of a mobile application is always a period of doubt and hesitation, where we do not know if everything has been done to please and attract internet users.
To fight against these uncertainties as much as possible, you will have to be very picky and focus on each point that could create or destroy value for the person who downloaded the application or who would likely do.
Whether it is through understanding the market, the graphics and technical design of the application which developed by app developers, or even the constant changes required by a mobile application, there are many factorsto take into account.
The application must meet a need
The first point to take into account is that the application must meet the needs of targeted mobile users. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a market study to understand:
• the current market for applications and those that will be your competitors;
• user behavior and the profile of those who will be targeted;
• the expectations of this target with regard to new applications.
These are the first elements to formalize the needs of your future users and to understand what value offer you will offer them. It is from this understanding of the market that you can start developing your application on a solid marketing basis.
Subsequently, during development and especially during use, you will notice the areas to improve and user feedback. You can use it to optimize your application directly based on feedback.
User experience must be at the heart of your thinking
user experience
The user experience is made up of all the factors that make up the quality of the experience on the application. We can talk about the fluidity of navigation, for example, the positioning of the buttons and the elements constituting the building blocks of the app and a set of criteria that must be met to ensure the best experience for your users.
A UX/UI design guarantees logical and accessible operation combined with a pleasant design. In the harsh universe of mobile applications, those that do not respect the basic rules in UX / UI are quickly dismissed by mobile users and may prefer an application providing less value, but which is much more comfortable to use or more attractive to see.
Tests are the gateway to getting online
Once the application has been developed, one of the critical steps that should be taken is testing. They are the guarantors of the proper functioning of the application and of a good online publication. Without them, it is impossible to realize certain details that do not work, both graphically, ergonomically, and functionally speaking.
This period is frustrating since it delays the launching of the application and forces you to rework an application that you thought was finished. Patience is essential here, and meticulous work will be rewarded during the outing with a good welcome from the target audience.
These tests can also be carried out in the form of A/B Testing, through specific tools, which will allow you to choose between different colors, information, structures within the application itself. By offering two (or more) different ways to navigate, you allow your testers to compare and be more efficient in their tests.
It will be necessary to be constantly attentive to the market, your users, and to carry out tests to optimize the application regularly.
The description of the application allows you to be quickly identified
The description of the application may seem optional. However, there must be a good reason for the user to download the app.
In this highly competitive sector, the description will allow us to differentiate ourselves and quickly express the app's usefulness. It is in two lines that you will have to "sell" and explain why it is necessary to download it.
You have to be brief, concise, and catchy so that in a few seconds, your target will get an idea of the service offered and the value it will gain. In addition, more than just the description, the entire "page" of the application must be worked on, with a logo, a description, visuals, and technical specifications.
Always pay attention to details
The devil is hidden in the details, it is well known, and it is even more true for a mobile application. It is important to know that some of these details can make your application success as well as a failure.
• The icon
It immediately identifies the brand. Like a logo, it is one of the essential graphics to communicate well and be seen by future users.
• Loading speed
loading speed
Fast loading is essential for an application. Take much time, and 50% of the users you duly won will go away. On the Internet and even more on mobile, people don't have time to wait. Failure to provide them with what they want quickly is the best way to frustrate them and have your application judged obsolete, broken, or non-performing.
• Data consumption
Data is important on mobile. Some apps are restricted to what they can do without internet data.  Even if the OS allows you to use as much data as possible, ensure that your application is not too energy-consuming (for the battery) and for the data so that it can be used over time by your Internet users. Otherwise, it will be used the first time, and it will be uninstalled afterward.
• The application pricing model
It can be a real barrier to the app development services. This is why many mobile app developers choose to opt for free with paid bonuses.
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