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According to a reliable report, about 60 percent of E-Commerce transactions are via mobile devices so every serious company must hire some app development companies to get their E-Commerce app as quickly as possible. However, you need to ensure that your app has certain features as they will boost the user experience of your customers. Besides, your app needs to stand out from the rest so that you can retain your customers. 
Here are the necessary features that experienced mobile app development companies include in their E-Commerce apps.
Simple and short registration process
Some mobile app development companies design a long registration form in the apps of their clients but while they think they are promoting the clients’ businesses, they are actually killing it. Nothing discourages a prospective customer like a long registration form. These people actually want to patronize you for crying out loud. Why would you put them through an examination session? A short 5-field registration form is okay. 
It is very difficult to type on a mobile device so design your app in such a way that your customers will type less. Another reason to keep it short is that some customers are reluctant to give out too much information about themselves. So, if the registration form in your app is too long, you will be turning a lot of prospective customers back without knowing it.
Multiple payment options
multiple payment option
Customers prefer apps with several payment options so that they can check out easily. Having just one or two modes of payment is being rigid. Since there is virtually no single payment option that is convenient for everyone, you need to understand that the more your payment options, the more people you will satisfy. 
It is also important to get your payment gateway from a provider that is accessible and available 24/7. Something could go wrong during checkout. Your payment gateway provider should be on ground for quick resolution. Imagine this scenario. A customer who has just $100 on his card decides to make $50 purchase from you through your app on Friday evening after official hours and he erroneously got debited twice. When he launched a complaint, he was told to wait till Monday morning for refund because customer support has closed and they do not work at weekends. How will you feel if you were the customer? It is not likely that such a customer will ever patronize you again. So, 24/7 customer support is important too.
Easy navigation
Experienced mobile app development companies are already aware that customers like easy navigation so you must design a simple and uncluttered layout. You must also arrange your products into separate categories so that your customers can easily spot what they are looking for. You may also include a search function that will take your customers straight to the product they are searching for. 
While designing your interface, you need to bear in mind that the screen size of most smartphones is about 5 to 6 inches and this is relatively small compared to the screen of a PC. So, you must be able to maximize the screen size without choking up the screen.
Some mobile app development companies allow their customers to up-sell during checkout. This is a very wrong time to up-sell. Once a customer has clicked the checkout button, he only wants to see payment related information. Any other information that is not relevant to payment at this time is nothing but garbage. He could just abandon the cart like that because of the wrongly timed up-sell attempt.
This function is one of the most important functions in an E-Commerce app because it gives daily report on the activities on your app. These reports help you track and understand users behavior and buying pattern. For instance, it gives the number of orders on every product and if the number of order on a particular product begins to drop, then you will launch investigation to find out the cause. Without the reports from analytics, you may not be aware of the drop in sales until it becomes too late. Like they say, a problem identified is a problem half-solved. 
Feedback channel
Since feedback gives you improvement ideas, it is important to seek feedback from your customers regularly. So, you should include a feedback system that is easy to use in your app.
Push notification function
push notification function
In case you have new products or new promotional offers, you will definitely want to alert your customers. The best way to do that is through push notification. All of them will receive it in minutes. So, this function is also a must in all E-Commerce apps.
Most transactions on app are done with credit cards. However, the high rate of fraud and identity theft has made this convenient mode of payment a challenge. So, here are a few tips on how to use your credit card safely.
Using Your Credit Card Safely
Since the use of credit card comes with so much convenience in payment for products and services, it has become an indispensable part of human life. Unfortunately, the increase in the cases of credit card fraud and identity theft makes the use of credit card a little challenging. While you may not be able to do anything to mitigate the trend personally, you can reduce the chances of being a victim with the following safety tips.
Memorize your pin
It is important to memorize your pin and never write it anywhere. When you write it out, you increase the chances of someone running into it.
Change your password regularly
You should learn to change your pin and password regularly as this will make it almost impossible for anyone to guess them right. 
Sign the back of a new card immediately
When you receive a new card, it is important to sign the back immediately. If it gets lost, it will be difficult for anyone to claim ownership of it.
Don’t leave your card permanently in your wallet
It is not advisable to leave your card permanently in your wallet as you could lose your wallet. 
Sign up for alerts
You should sign up for alerts on activities done on your account. This way, when someone succeeds in making an order with your card, you will be notified immediately
Conclusively, there are several other safety measures but the few ones listed above should protect you from theft considerably.

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