Important Features To Consider During Your Android App Development

android app development
As mentioned above, the importance of great user experience is vital to the success of any app and unfortunately, this is where a lot of android app development companies begin to get it wrong. It is quite funny that most of the strategies to boost user experience on apps are quite easier than you think. So, here are some of the ways through which app development companies can increase the user experience on their app.
Begin with a simple user interface
user interface
When it comes to android app development, simplicity is very important. Users have a short attention span and it takes them just 1 or 2 minutes to continue to use your app or drop off. Nothing turns users off more than finding it difficult to navigate through an app. As you design the wireframes of your app, you must keep simplicity in mind. While you can include instructions on how to navigate through, you should also try to make it easy for users to find their way without reading the instructions. 
Try to make it possible for users to be able to use your app with as few clicks as possible. One way to do this is to create shortcuts for the most frequently used functions.
Registration fields should be few
Typing is difficult especially when it is done on a mobile device. So, you should design your app to require short registration form. Longer forms can be a turn off. The most important pieces of information are just name, address, phone number, and email address. You should limit your form to those 4 in your android app development.
Quick response
Nothing is as annoying as slow or unresponsive app. So, during your android app development, you must consider the speed of loading and responsiveness. Your app should not take more than 10 seconds to load. While an app that loads for 15 minutes may still be manageable, any app that loads longer than that is absolutely unacceptable. 
Apart from loading speed, your app should be very responsive. All the buttons and functions should respond as fast as possible.
Think of compactness
The greatest constraint mobile device users face is inadequacy of memory space. You will never have enough space for all the apps you need. This is one of the reasons users are very picky on the kind of apps they download. What makes this worse is the fact that apps don’t work on external memory. So, you will increase the chances of users downloading your app if it is smaller in size. 
When your app is too large, it will not only take massive memory space. It will also take a tremendous amount of mobile data to download it. Another reason users avoid large apps is regular update. You will definitely keep updating the app and each update will make it even bigger. So, it is very important that you reduce the size of your app as much as possible. Remove functions that are not directly related to the purpose of the app.
2-click feedback is great
No matter how great your app is, there will always be room for improvement and it is advisable you let the improvement ideas come from the users whom you built it for. So, it is a must to seek feedback regularly. However, the easier it is to send a feedback, the more feedback you will get. 
On that note, you need to make it as easy as possible to send feedback. The best way to achieve this is to implement a 2-click feedback. When users click the feedback button, it should bring forth a template where they will type their concern and click send.
Multiple languages
multiple languages
If you expect people all over the world to download your app, then you should remember that there are other international languages apart from English. In that case, your app should support several other international languages like French, Spanish, Mandarin, Punjabi, Portuguese, German, and others. That way, a prospective user should be able to select his preferred language at the point of installation. 
You can launch your app with just 2 or 3 languages while other languages will be added as updates. The more languages your app supports, the more the people that will use it.
It should be free
There are too many apps in the market that there are multiple apps for every function. Whatever the purpose of your app is, chances are high that there are other apps rendering the service for free. So, you will be shooting yourself in the leg if you put a price tag on your app. It should be completely free. Find other means to make money from your app.
It should work offline
If it is possible for your app to work offline, let it do. Having to use mobile data for your app all the time will reduce how often users launch your app. It will also reduce the average duration for each use. However, if your app requires internet connection to perform all its function, then you can disregard this feature.
Giving players wonderful experience in a game app is slightly different. So, the qualities that players look for in game apps have been discussed below.
5 qualities that separate successful game apps from others
In this article, the story is about game apps. Right now, app development industry has produced thousands of games and more are still being released. Unfortunately, not all the games hit financial success. After taking a careful look at some of the most successful game apps, the following qualities were found to be common among them.
1. Stunning Graphics
Players are usually attracted to games with stunning and hyper-realistic graphics. The graphics are usually accompanied with fantastic sound effects. It is needless to say great graphics also includes images and characters with near-perfect resolutions.
2. Immersive Game play
Another quality that makes a game highly successful is an immersive gameplay. 
3. Highly responsive one-touch controls
Successful games usually offer highly responsive one-touch controls. Nothing frustrates player like slow or non-responsive controls.
4. Unending Levels
The higher the number of levels in a game, the more interesting the game will be. So, games with hundreds of levels always nail it.
5. Uniqueness 
Game players find uniqueness irresistible. All successful games that have hit the 50 million download mark usually offer unique storyline, unique concept, or both.
In conclusion, in the mobile gaming industry, when it comes to successful game apps, the story is always about the qualities listed above. 

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