Important Mobile Development Trends That App Developers Should Know

mobile development trends for app developers
According to some highly experienced app developers, the pendulum of mobile app development is swinging towards certain trends and all App developers and other app developers should position and align services to the trends. 
This article discusses some of the trends to watch out for. In fact, some smart App developers are already working towards the trends. 
Internet of Things
Appliances have started to communicate with one another and some App developers have already started developing apps to make these communications very easy. For example, people generally want their home appliances to communicate with one another as this gives them so much convenience.
It is not uncommon for kids to leave the TV set on and fall asleep. There should be an app that will shut down the TV once there is nobody watching it. In fact, people want a central controller that switches of every appliance at home (except the refrigerator ) immediately the last person leaves home. 
The app should also switch everything on automatically when at least one person gets home. The app works according to its setting. It should also be able to turn off all the lights immediately the sun is sighted. This will help users save a few dollars on their energy bill. Pet monitoring app is another great application of IoT by App developers. This is how it works. The app comes with a collar that has a chip embedded in it. The collar will be worn by your pet.
Once you install the app on your phone, the chip will begin to communicate with your smartphone. 
According to the default setting, once your pet gets up to 50 meters away from you, the chip will communicate with your phone and you will get an alert that your pet is going too far. As the user of the app, you have the liberty to either increase the distance limit to a figure above 50 meters even though it is not advisable or reduce it.
Have you also heard of smart wallets? Some App developers developed that too. It is also based on IoT technology. The wallet comes with its app too. Although smart wallets have numerous advantages over other regular wallets, the two biggest ones are the ability to send reminders to your phone and the ability to call a phone.
When the distance between your phone and your wallet is up to 50 meters, the wallet will assume that you have forgotten it and it will send a reminder to you on your phone through its app. However, pundits are of the opinion that this concept will not work if you forget both your phone and the wallet together.
Sometimes you may mistakenly drop your phone somewhere in your house and find it difficult to locate it. This wallet can be used to call out your phone and it will ring out. Well, other phones can do this too but the difference is that other phones can only call out a phone that is on and not in silent mode. Whether the phone is on or in silent phone, the smart wallet will make it ring out. 
When people steal phones in a gathering, they will quickly switch it off and hide it somewhere. In that situation, you can use the wallet to call out the phone. App developers have applied the IoT technology to so many areas and it is growing. 
Wearable technology is gaining grounds too
wearable technology
Wearable technology is growing with several smart items that can be worn. There are several glasses meant for virtual and augmented reality and there are smartwatches that can take calls and also receive text messages. The third category is the one for lifestyle apps that monitors heartbeat rates, amount of calories burnt, and many more.
All of them work with different mobile apps and they are really gaining grounds fast. For safety reasons, when you are not in a safe place and you have a call, it is better to receive it with your smartwatch so that you don’t have to bring out your phone. Of course, you can receive calls with Bluetooth earpiece but you won’t know whose call it is before picking it and you may be avoiding a stalker’s call. You cannot also receive text messages with your Bluetooth earpiece. So, that is why the demand for smartwatches has increased tremendously in recent times.
Have you ever had to wear VR glasses in the cinema? This makes movies 5 times more interesting and 10 times more immersive. In fact, if you get used to watching movies with VR glasses, you may never enjoy it without the glasses again. Virtually all the applications of virtual reality require the use of wearable.
Accelerated mobile page (AMP)
This technology helps web pages and mobile apps to load faster. This is necessary as internet users are getting more and more impatient. In addition, their attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Once it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load, visitors to the page will move on. Fast loading increases your lead generation and conversion rate because it retains visitors, increases click-through-rate (CTR), and it also improves search engine ranking. 
So, you must ensure that the AMP technology is integrated into your mobile app to help you boost your conversion rate, to help you retain your customers, and to gain competitive advantage because some of your competitors have already adopted it.
Mobile Pay
mobile pay
A lot of users now prefer to make payment through their smartphones. You must have heard of at least one of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Android Pay. They are the new mobile payment platforms and they offer more convenience than paying with credit cards. 
The fact that the 4 of them emerged about the same time is an indication that the pendulum of financial transaction is swinging towards mobile payment platforms. So, it has become necessary for you to integrate at least 1 of the 4 of them into your mobile app.
Having known the current and future mobile app development trends, you should also look for how to implement them in your mobile app and if you are a mobile app developer, you should include them in your services.

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