Important Points To Consider When Creating A Mobile Application For iOS

important points to consider when creating a mobile application for ios
The App Store has strict requirements that must be observed when publishing an application. It is important not only to comply with all the style guide in the design development, but also to ensure the confidentiality of the user's personal data, the stability of the application during operation and, most importantly, its usefulness.
One of the reasons for the refusal of publication may be that the reviewer considers the application useless, or insufficiently useful against the background of many similar applications in the App Store. In this case, the application functionality should be reviewed, adding to it, including elements affecting the innovations of the operating system. Such applications are skipped willingly, encouraging app developers to continue to support the latest OS features.
It is worth noting a number of points that are very important for creating an app in iOS:
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1. To place a product on the App Store, you need to register as a developer, pay a fee of $99 per year, and correctly fill in all the data about yourself. If you plan to release the product as a legal entity, the registration procedure will be longer, and you need to lay on this process from a week to a month. Therefore, we recommend creating a developer account as soon as the development has started - this will help, by the time the application is ready to launch, place it in the store without unnecessary delay.
2. It is necessary to prepare materials for the application page: screenshots of a strictly specified format and size (even one extra pixel plays a role and pictures will not be accepted), advertising and general description of the application, keywords, privacy policy (write and place the file so that it is accessible by link). And you also need to provide an easy entry into the application for reviewers, because if necessary, they can't get in and check the application by phone number with SMS confirmation, and they will immediately reject it. Usually, it generates a given phone number and code by which you can enter the application without receiving SMS.
3. The application itself can be checked from one day to a week. In exceptional cases, this period may be longer, but, as a rule, the application is tested within a few days. This is also worth considering when planning a marketing campaign - you should leave a margin between the day of sending for verification and the start of advertising, at least a few days.
Apple's requirements are not limited to, for example, placing the "Download on the App Store." Buttons on your landing page are also regulated by the rules, so you won't be able to paint it in the colors of the product.
Although there are a lot of rules and conditions for accommodation, you should simply act according to a well-defined plan and follow the recommendations, then the risk of encountering problems will be reduced to a minimum.
When developing mobile applications for iOS, it is important to consider the following features:
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1. The fleet of devices is relatively small, and they have the same design - that's good.
2. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure convenient work with the interface on small screens in the compatibility mode with which applications open on tablets.
3. Devices are updated to the latest version of the operating system quickly - that's great.
4. All current devices use a high-resolution Retina display. You can use thin fonts and elements, and not be afraid of their incorrect color or outline display.
5. When designing an interface, you must be guided by the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
6. When publishing the application, you must take into account all the requirements of the App Store Review Guidelines, there are many of them, and they are very diverse.
7. You need to prepare for publication in advance: it may take 3-4 weeks to get the necessary DUNS number, check documents, and the application itself.
The list of requirements is quite extensive. In addition, for each type of application, it expands to its specifics, but following these development principles allow us to create really high-quality products.

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