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A new jailbreak tweak Zentrum gives an Interface: Music controls, Multitasking, system toggles and shortcuts


Feb 2016
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jailbreak tweak zentrum gives an interface

A new jailbreak tweak called Zentrum is now an available interface for multitasking, viewing music controls, and OS toggles and shortcuts, but it even fires into the combine an instant app launcher, which you can construct to your liking.


The Thought behind Zentrum

Zentrum is really connecting two features of iOS that are usually distributed, creating it simple for users to obtain the features and settings they require to get on. It does not renew the App Switcher or Control Center completely as you can select an Activator gesture to the pinch if you want to, but by default, it is prepared by double-pressing the Home button just as you would if you were starting the basic App Switcher.


How Zentrum Works

The central interface of Zentrum you will see after installing it and trying to start the App Switcher is Zentrum’s App Switcher interface connected with the app launcher and the search bar. It is already an exciting new user interface.


The application at the top are shortcuts to all the apps on your device. You can page by all of them, but you can also select what position these apps are designed in so your favorites are shown first. It is really like having a little Home screen in your App Switcher.


The apps you view at the bottom are the apps you have used newly, and these are basically the equal apps you’d view if you started your App Switcher.


You can swipe upward or down on any of these app research cards to eliminate them from the App Switcher when an app is doing unusual and you want to restart it.

At the much head of the interface is the search bar, and with this, you can search by your different installed apps. What is nice about this feature is the nice, running animation you see as you type for apps to search for.

Whenever you scroll over to the left of the App Switcher interface, you will view your music controls. This interface views the album of whatever music you have the play and adds the volume slider and play, stop, ahead, back, shuffle, and return buttons for operating your music.


If you slide one extra page to the left, you will find your Control Center toggles and shortcuts also the display brightness slider.


Configuring Zentrum to your desiring


Zentrum adds a choices glass to the Settings app where you can change the look and performance of the pinch so it does what you require it to do. I will take you by, all of those settings here and explain what every setting does.

Here, you can allow or disable Zentrum on request with the off switch, and you can respiring your device to store any of the choices that you make modifications to. There are too other settings open to you.


Activation Methods:


This option can be constructed so that you use an Activator action of your selection to request Zentrum preferably than double-pressing the Home button as the pinch is configured to listen for through default. You can operate any Activator action you like, which may be a useful solution.


App Panel Arrangement:


This choice lets you configure the display and order of the application in your app launcher. You can move apps into any form that you want through using the grabber at the right of the app names- the three dark gray lines and then moving them in any order in the menu.


Animation Duration:

This slider lets you customize the speed of the animations you view when using the search option and when closing out of apps in the App Switcher.


Control Toggles Enabled:


This setting lets you permit or disable the Control Center-style toggles and shortcuts side in the Zentrum interface but drops the music controls and App Switcher where they are.


Swap Order Enabled:


This setting lets you exchange the order of the Control Center-style toggles and shortcuts side and the music controls side so that swiping left from the App Switcher shows the toggles and shortcuts side preferable than the music controls page.


The thought of joining the App Switcher and Control Center may not be a fresh one, but Zentrum does a fabulous job of it and even adds other useful features, such as the app launcher, which is an awesome way to get to your popular apps immediately with the use of your Home button or Activator action.


It has a really clean interface with powerful features and performance and makes an excellent addition to jailbroken iOS 8 or iOS 9 devices.


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