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All You Need To Know About Android 12 Developer Preview


Mar 2021
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all you need to know about android 12 developer preview
Moving to advanced technology at a fast pace has been immensely helpful to both developers and users. Speaking of which, we would like to spread the good news that the Android 12 developer preview has finally been released. Google has launched it publicly, rendering us access to the 1st development of the OS. This 1st development allows users to download it on compatible devices. This article provides you a glimpse of the confirmed features of this Developer Preview.
Google is improving and launching many aspects in its latest Android iteration. Changes to media handling and notification support, more polished notifications, user interface, and improvements to haptic feedback and privacy all hit the mark. For a thorough understanding of confirmed Android 12 Developer Preview features, you have reached the correct spot. Let’s dive into significant confirmed features of android 12.
1. Easy WiFi Sharing
You can neglect the barcode scanning in android 12. Just click the ‘nearby’ button under the QR code. This will use the nearby share feature of android for transferring the WiFi information to anyone you want. Besides scanning the QR code, this feature enables you to share the connection details with many without needing your mobile to scan for everyone.
2. Lock Screen
The android 12 offers a translucent background layer as the lock screen. Also, the animation for the pattern unlocks looks a bit lively too.
3. Content Insertion
To make content insertion simpler, Google has introduced a new unified API that lets you accept content from each source like drag & drop, clipboard, or keyboard. Whenever you insert content via any system, you can attach a new interface, i.e., OnReceiveContentListener, to user interface elements & receive a callback. This callback becomes a particular place for the code to manage all the content insertion, from plain to styled text, photos, audio files, markup, videos, etc.
4. Multi-Channel Audio
Android 12 comes with several enhancements for audio with organized data. It includes help for MPEG-H playback in pass-through mode and offloads, and the audio mixers, resamplers, & effects are optimized for almost 24 channels.
5. Simple Accessibility Settings
The accessibility settings menu enhances in android 12. Although the significant options are just available on the main page, other less-used options like display size, font size, and color correction are currently classified under categories such as Text & Display.
6. Enhanced Cookie Management
Android 12 is supporting SameSite cookie behaviors to WebView. The SameSite feature allows developers to declare if a cookie is restricted to a specific site. This inclusion must improve the cookie management of Android 12 across different apps and OS.
7. Improved Widgets
Android Widgets are mostly the same. Ever since Google introduced dynamic widgets with iOS 12 the previous year, Google is attempting to do the same with Android 12. The mobile app development company has added what emerges to be a widget stack where users can scroll right/left on the same widgets. Currently, this feature is hidden but must be available soon.
8. Notification Improvements
The android 12’s notification system will be redesigned for improving aesthetics, functionality, & usability. Google is remodeling animations and transitions and changing the controls and drawer. It has even targeted responsiveness. Android 12 will allow developers to avoid trampolines, intermediary broadcast services, or receivers.
Trampolines bounce users from the notification to the app. Google wants notification buttons to take app users directly to the app itself in android 12. The organization is slowing down some foreground service notifications’ display by up to ten seconds. This will render short tasks a comprehensive window for finishing before knocking the app user.
9. Various Options To Mark-up Screenshots
If you catch a screenshot with a Pixel device, you can just markup that shot with paintbrush-like tools. But you can add text, stickers, and emojis to your screenshots using the same tool with android 12. This isn’t a great transformation, but it might hamper people from using a 3rd-party app for doing the same thing.
10. Android Updates via Google Play
Google will be spending more on Google Play system updates for providing apps a more secure, steady environment across devices. In android 12, it has included the ART (Android Runtime) module that enables it to push updates to the basic runtime & libraries on devices that run Android 12.
Google can boost correctness and runtime function, manage the memory more productively and make Kotlin functions faster, all with no need for a full system update. Also, it has maximized the present modules’ functions - for example; Google is providing its compatible media transcoding feature inside an updatable module.
11. Redirect Vibration To Gaming Controllers
Android 12 offers the ability to divert haptic feedback data from the smart gadget to a gamepad or a game controller if you are using one.
12. Permissions Dialog
In Android Q, Google introduced the more signifying permission managing feature. That is really useful if you want to be updated about how apps use your mobile’s sensors and other accesses. Currently, with android 12, the permissions dialog box displays have been altered a bit. For some apps that need accessing the microphone or location, you presently receive a shortcut to enable access in settings.
13. Secret Selfie Cam on Pixel 5
Android Police found that Google is currently providing Pixel 5 users the choice of concealing the punch hole in android 12. When this setting is switched on in the developer menu, a black bar can conceal the selfie cam. Majorly, this bar even displays the status bar.
14. Simpler Debugging & Change Testing
To make it easier for android app developers 2021 to test the opt-in transformations that can affect their apps, Google has made most of them toggleable. Using the toggles, app developers can forcefully allow and disable the changes separately from developer options.
Even though the android 12 developer preview is not suggested for end-users since it may be inconsistent, you can try it if you have a Pixel 5, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4a and Pixel 3a. Just give it a try, and it might work wonders for you!
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