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Kotlin Vs Java - What Is The Best For Your Android App Development?

App Development

Aug 2020
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kotlin vs java what is the best for your android app development
Mobile apps are built on different programming languages, and that language is chosen based on your device. Are you an Android or iOS user? If Android, well, then your Android app development is based on two essential and well-known frameworks, Kotlin or Java. But which one to choose? This question lands an amateur or a professional in confusion. It is as difficult as choosing one of the two best colleges to enroll in once who got approved in both.
Despite that, you will always make a list of pros and cons for both the options and which one suits you the best. The same goes for the framework of your android mobile app as well. Before landing to a conclusion, it is essential to ascertain which structure works  best for your app and your client. Analyzing and critical thinking is crucial for this purpose.
This article will help you understand what your ideal option is. We’ll deep dive into both the programming languages and their pros and cons and what makes them better than each other.
Introduction to Kotlin
introduction to kotlin
Kotlin came into existence when Android development needed the latest language to add to the qualities of Java and support in mobile development. It is a statistically designed programming language, and that runs on the java virtual machine. This framework targets the JVM, JavaScript, Android, and Native. It is developed by JetBrains and totally compatible and practical with Java. The best part of the Kotlin language is that it is composed of the JavaScript source code. The framework is novel, modern, and has full support from Google. As a programming language, it can get used for any sort of development - website, client-side, or server-side.
Benefits of Kotlin
It draws lots of attention from the Android community, and the best part is that Kotlin can get used in back-end development.
Kotlin is quicker to write and hence, loved by developers. This means there are few chances of bugs and errors due to its conciseness. 
Kotlin offers developers the privilege to use the Anko library, which has above 2000 Kotlin projects on Github.
One of the best parts of using Kotlin is that if you want to switch from Java to Kotlin, the process is simple, smooth, and short. 
The smart extension functions enables the developers to develop clean Kotlin APIs.
Kotlin consists of the null system in it. Android uses null to display the absence of value, and it is a common problem in the apps built by Java. Kotlin makes it simple for the programmers by pulling it directly to the system.
Drawbacks of Kotlin
The learning curve is quite steep with Kotlin. It’s highly succinct syntax, whereas a great advantage, does need some learning upfront.
Kotlin displays a slower composition speed than Java in most cases, despite beating Java in some instances.
The Kotlin community is still new, and the learning resources are narrow; hence, finding solutions to problems can be a little challenging. But, with its increasing popularity, the resources and community will grow with time.
Kotlin being new, it can get challenging to find an expert developer who can act as a guru for your team. Everyone is on the path of discovering and learning.
A few features such as auto-complete and compilation seems to run slower in Kotlin than Java.
Introduction of Java
introduction of java
Java is a deep-rooted, reliable, experienced, and open-source framework with a vast community compared to Kotlin. It is an object-oriented framework created by Sun Microsystems and now owned by Oracle. With the passing time, Java is only thriving, trending, and becoming easier for developers to resolve issues related to mobile app development services. Java does much more than just develop Android apps, hence, providing a lot of job opportunities. All these years, Java has created a massive market for itself and is placed on the second position for the highest active programming language on Github.
Benefits of Java
Java, as a programming language is simple to learn and comprehend.
It works fine for native and cross-platform apps.
Since Android is developed on Java, there are several Java libraries to your aid.
Moreover, Java has a broad open-source eco-system.
Java apps are brighter and dense than Kotlin apps, thus delivering faster app experience.
Java has a quicker development process, too, allowing you to code in less time.
Arranging larger projects is more relaxed with Java because of Gradle.
Drawbacks of Java
Java is a type-heavy framework, meaning you script a lot more code, raising the chances of bugs and errors.
Because of innate restrictions, Java experiences some issues with Android API.
Java needs more memory than other languages, hence tends to be slower.
What Java has that Kotlin Doesn’t!
Static Members:
Java makes one instance of the static members used across all the cases of the class, unlike Kotlin, which has no facilities for static members. The keyword static represents that the specific member with which the keyword has got used belongs to a type itself instead of an instance.
Checked exceptions:
Java has available a feature called checked exceptions for programmers who like to develop a potent code with error recovery. Kotlin doesn’t have any such feature.
Wildcard types have many uses, including the kind of a field, local variable, or parameter. Java lets developers use this system for extended functionality, whereas Kotlin doesn’t offer wildcard types.
What Kotlin has that Java Doesn't!

Kotlin, the new Android language, offers a lot to the developers.
Extension Functions:
The extension functions enable uploading a reference to a View into the activity file, letting work with that view as if a part of the activity. Developing an extension function in Kotlin is as simple as pre-deciding the class's name that requires getting extended to the name of the function being developed.
One of the most prominent problems programmers face with Java is the NullPointerExceptions. Kotlin resolves this problem by creating all types of non-nullable by default.
Lambda Expressions:
Kotlin framework provides first-class functions that can be saved in data structures and variables so that functions can be run in all the viable ways for other non-function values. As a statistically-typed framework, Kotlin uses various features, including specialized language constructs like Lambda expressions.
Smart Casts:
Kotlin allows developers to naturally handle unnecessary casts without having to check them or cast within a statement.
String Template:
Kotlin's string template lets programmers to assign dynamic value directly to their strings and simply prints statements in Kotlin utilizing models.
First-class delegation:
Kotlin genetically supports delegation patterns, needing zero boilerplate code. This provides a successful option for implementation inheritance.
Kotlin definitely has a lot to offer to developers in the future. Many companies are embracing Kotlin as their official Android programming language.
No doubt, there are higher chances of having people on your team with experience in Java. Shifting the entire team to Kotlin at a time can get cumbersome; hence it is essential to do it slowly. Kotlin being the new official framework and having a considerable potential to be adopted by everyone in the future; it is a good idea to start preparing right now. Java will be a trending language at least for some time, so there is no hurry.
In the end, it is your team’s convenience that matters and user experience.
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