Main Characteristics Of The Types Of Mobile Applications

main characteristics of the types of mobile applications
The applications business is on the rise. Many more entrepreneurs and companies are firmly committed to this technological product since it is a product whose demand does not stop growing.
This is the reason why they do not want to miss the opportunity to create an application that offers solutions to the demands of a target audience.
However, many of the people who want to create their app do not know the types of mobile applications that exist. As a result, they do not know which is the best for them and for the audience to which they are intended.
Next, we will discuss the types of mobile applications, defining their main characteristics, so that you can have the necessary information and the criteria to define yourself by one or other options when you are going to create your app. Top app development companies can help you develop any of the different types of mobile app.
Differences between the main types of mobile applications

Web App
web app
A Web App is one of the types of mobile applications developed with languages ??well known to programmers, such as CSS, Javascript, or HTML.
The Web App can be programmed independently of the operating system in which the application is to be used, so applications can run on different devices, without the need to create multiple applications. These applications run within the device's own web browser using a URL.
Advantages of the Web App
- Unlike the native ones, they do not need external approval to start.
- Development process is quite easy and economical.
- The user always has the option of accessing the latest version.
- The base code is reusable on different platforms.
- Responsive sites already designed can be reused.
Disadvantages of the Web App
- Limited access to device hardware elements.
- User experience is worse than the native app option.
- Internet connection required.
- A greater effort is needed for its promotion.
Native App
native app
A native application is one that is created specifically for a given operating system. You have to be aware that each of the platforms, whether iOS or Android have a different system. So if your intention is to make your app available on all platforms, you need to create several apps with the language of the operating system selected.
The main advantage of this type of applications is that they do not need an Internet connection to function. The installation and download of the native applications are done through the application stores. This makes your promotion process easier.
Advantages of native applications
- Sending notices or notifications to users.
- It provides full access to the device.
- It has visibility in the App Store.
- Great user experience
- Constant updates of the app.
Disadvantages of native applications
- Tendency to be more expensive than other options during the development phase.
- Different tools, skills, and languages ??for every target platform
- The client code cannot be reused between the different platforms.
Hybrid App
hybrid app
The types of mobile applications combine both native and web apps. The Hybrid App brings together the best of the Native App and the Web App and is developed with web app languages, that is, with Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
With the Hybrid App, it is possible to group the codes and distribute it in the app store.
Advantages of the Hybrid App
- The installation is native, but the development is done with the CSS, Javascript, and HTML programming languages.
- Part of the device hardware can be accessed.
- Use the same base code for different platforms.
- You have the possibility to distribute it in the stores of Android and iOS.
Disadvantages of the Hybrid App
- Virtual design is not always related to the operating system in which it will be displayed.
- The user experience is closer to the web application than the native app.
But the most important thing about launching an application in app stores is knowing what should be done to get people to start downloading your mobile application. Here are some tips to achieve this purpose:
* Show the functionalities of your application very clearly. The reason for this is that users tend to look for the name of the app, based on functionality. To help in this regard, it is also important to choose the right name.
* Finding out who are the first people to download your app is something that must be done. So once you have them located, try to communicate with them so they can post a positive review about the app. You have to be aware that word of mouth also works surprisingly well, so you have to encourage it.
* Use the indexing of your application to capture more users. The app store is not the only place where users search for applications.
* Add screenshots in the app description to clarify how the application works.
* If you are marketing your app, you can first provide a free trial version. This way, users have the possibility to try it, so they will be more willing to buy.

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