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Meme-Making Apps Are Transforming The Social Media Industry


Feb 2021
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meme making apps are transforming the social media industry
With any new events taking place, you have tons of memes made on the same in minutes. Memes have been here for a super long time. We receive numerous memes every day, passed on from one person to another in the community. They are pretty relatable with the present scenario and make us laugh. They have been around for over 40 years but have gained much fame recently. Richard Dawkins first launched this concept in The Selfish Game book. Memes are a behavior, idea, or theme that displays the current cultural system and are passed on from one person to another. You might have laughed often when an image or video is related to the present scenario and events taking place worldwide.
According to some reports, such popularity of memes has replaced the most searched word on the internet. With the rising fame of social media & the internet, meme-making has taken over. Our news feed is filled with tons of memes when we open Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram each morning. There is something to make you laugh almost every morning. Memes have become famous not just with Gen Z but most millennials. Even though memes are meant to lighten the mood, they have become a great marketing tool for marketers because of their funny and pragmatic approach.
Marketers & Brands to Use Memes as a Marketing Tool
Brands usually have 2 options when they enter the world of meme marketing. First is to use the current meme or create a new meme from the start.
Using the current memes: Some memes get viral quickly & stay there for months and become trending. These trending memes can be utilized and applied to a product or brand to grow its popularity. These memes will connect with people quickly. But the brands need to be cautious with their selection of the meme as their message could get obsolete and might not communicate the desired message.
Making a new meme: To provide it a more original & personalized look, some brands create new memes. This needs creativity and unique thinking. Once the meme is made, it can do wonders if it resonates with the audience.
Meme Marketing Guidelines
meme marketing guidelines
For using the memes effectively, the brands & influencers must follow some tips & guidelines that must be complied. Let’s find out some.
- Try recruiting people having good knowledge of meme-making & social media. Ones who are famous on social media with vast followings and know how to relate with the audience. It must be natural & cool, not compelled.
- Memes are usually funny & humorous. Thus, the brands should not shy away from displaying their funny side & infuse memes with a solid message and fun element.
- The memes are made to target a particular audience segment. So, if they can understand & relate to the meme, then that’s enough. Don’t worry if everyone understands or not. There might be a set of audience who won’t connect with the idea, so the brands have to be comfortable.
- To boost your prospective audience and reach, give relevant hashtags, keep the audience engaged with different activities, keep giveaways, and ask them to follow those accounts and tag other people.
- The next thing is to be fast about the meme changing culture. The brand must always keep themselves updated & informed about the latest happenings.
Meme-Making Apps
meme making apps
You must now be thinking about how people are so creative & bring tons of memes every other day. These people indeed are creative but what helps them is the meme-making apps. The meme-making apps by one of the top app developers in 2021 have crowded the market, and to stand out, the meme must be engaging & unique. For this, one must make a meticulous selection of the meme-making app that has the engaging audience feature.
- 9GAG: 9GAG is a video meme creation app, convenient to use & loads super fast. Users can create & share memes on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It is available on android and iOS. If 9GAG picks the meme, the user can get instant fame.
- Memedroid: This is one of the oldest meme apps, including all the viral & old memes. It has a library that is full of old & new memes. Creators can use their pictures to create memes in their languages. It is the biggest community of GIFs and meme lovers.
- Meme Creator: It’s one of the most famous memes apps with a 5 million user base. Users have various options to choose from different backgrounds for creating memes. They can even see the already made memes and share them too.
Whale: It is a new meme app introduced recently by Facebook. The users have the option of using current pictures and creating image memes. They can also include text, emoji, filters, and effects to make the meme more attractive. The best part is that it is free to use with in-app purchases & subscriptions.
- Mematic: This is for iPhone users, particularly with a vast library of templates that the creators can use. They can pick from various templates or create their image memes.
Tik-Tik - Now banned in India, but this was an excellent tool for creating videos that helped people make memes easily.
The Bottom Line
Meme marketing has become super popular in recent years. It has become a topical way of harnessing social media power. Since memes are no more for fun only or entertainment, they have even become a great marketing tool. Using a cultural approach to the market is the right idea. In meme-making, it must be kept in mind to market and promote the product and overpower the product and abandon the meme aspect, leading to the product failure. The meme’s purpose is to keep the audience entertained & engaged. If not used correctly, it would defeat the objective. So memes should be made to satisfy their goal & become a beneficial tool for marketers.
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