Messenger Marketing - What It Is And The Opportunities It Offers

messenger marketing
Facebook Messenger is starting to take off internationally as a very powerful marketing tool. Thanks to the use of chatbots, it allows a more personalized service by a company and an innovative result for customers.
The messenger marketing is gradually becoming a trend. Several companies around the world are already beginning to employ their services as a marketing tool. It is a concept that has yet to be discovered, but the most innovative businesses have already found a way to enhance it. An app development company can help you develop a chatbot that is adapted to your business goal.
Messenger growth
The Facebook messenger has been growing steadily since 2014 when Facebook decided to create a different app for people who use this social network from mobile devices to download the Messenger to enjoy the option of instant messaging. Thanks to this idea, Facebook Messenger became the second most used messaging application in 2018, just behind WhatsApp.
What is a chatbot?
It is necessary to know about chatbot to understand the concept of Messenger Marketing. It is a software usually designed by an app development company through which you can have an active conversation and the answers it provides can be in the form of text, images or videos. It is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chatbots use artificial intelligence. The advantage of this is that its answers and knowledge may improve over time. To get it, you have to meet with an app development company and continue to train it until it can answer questions independently.
It can be used as technical support, to hold contests, to make reservations (for example, hotels or medical consultations, without having to rely on a form or automatic voicemail), and for the promotion of events, products, and services. There are even applications where the chatbot becomes your psychologist. An app development company can help you develop a chatbot that is adapted to your business goal.
What is Messenger Marketing?
Messenger Marketing is starting to be a trend, although for now, it is a fairly unexplored path. There are very few who have discovered all the opportunities it offers.
what is messenger marketing
Messenger Marketing is a new way of advertising and digital marketing through a chatbot, which currently only has advantages:
• Are you accustomed to receiving emails as promotions? Messenger Marketing is a great evolution. The possibility of advertising in a conversational manner is presented, where both the advertiser and the buyer have the option of interacting to get more personalized service.
• In the case of promotional emails, the user is offered a lot of information in very little space. Most of the times, the client ends up saturated and without providing any benefit to the company. In Messenger Marketing, the information is coming little by little through the chatbot.
• When you get a subscriber through Messenger Marketing, you already have him forever. This does not happen with the rest of chatbots where you only have the client in "your hands" while he remains on your page. Once he leaves (unless you have gotten his email), you cannot offer anything else. With Messenger, you have the possibility to communicate with the user once the interaction is finished and you can do it again when you want.
Why use Messenger as a marketing tool?
The reason why Messenger is starting to take off as an effective marketing tool is very simple: we have all the tools that Facebook offers at our disposal to use them with clients that we have captured. In addition, the mobile App has the ability to send notifications and clients will receive them instantly, something very useful considering that we spend most of the day with the phone in hand. This can easily be integrated into business activities by meeting with an app development company.
Companies, when communicating with customers via Facebook Messenger guarantee customer loyalty. We all know this application, it is very popular today and it does not imply any effort to consult it frequently.
All this is a breakthrough for companies. It offers the possibility of announcing your products or services in a personalized way with the possibility of categorizing the client and guiding him in one way or another until he decides to make a purchase.
There are also advantages for clients. They will receive offers directly and much more specialized in their tastes or needs reducing the task of looking for what they need to a minimum.
Therefore, the client will be happy because he will find what he wants much more easily and with little effort and the company will also have loyal customers.
How can you change your Messenger Marketing business?
If you have a business and you are thinking about how you can promote it, Messenger Marketing may be the strategy for you. Here, we propose some examples so you can see how you can contribute to your business.
Think that Messenger Marketing is a free tool with the huge potential to sell. With it, you can create timely offers, a channel of customer service where you can solve issues (this provides a lot of security to the buyer, especially if your business is online). You can also use it to get users who are standing in stages of the sales funnel and finally push them to decide to buy.
We propose an example that can serve as inspiration:
A company has a website where it sells home decoration items. Take the initiative to include the Facebook Messenger icon on its e-commerce so that the user can contact the company via chat at any time. This, in addition to providing security to the consumer, can help you at the time of purchase, payment, shipping.
A good strategy to get subscribers via Messenger is to offer a discount. For example, you can offer a 30% discount just for entering Facebook data and subscribing. In this way, the company would already have the data of that buyer and could impact him with offers or promotions.
There are many advantages that businesses stand to gain when they a sound Messenger Marketing strategy. Consulting an app development company when implementing this strategy is vital. The developer can help your business with marketing tools that are well suited to your needs.

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