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Metaverse: Trending Technology Of Tomorrow's Digital World


Dec 2021
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metaverse: trending technology of tomorrow's digital world
Metaverse, a brand new technology, came in light with Mark Zuckerberg announcing to change the name of Facebook to Meta, right? Wrong... Metaverse has already existed with us for over a decade. You might be wondering what is Metaverse and how it works? Let's have a look at it.

What Is Metaverse?

The answer to "what is metaverse?" can not be defined in one line. Metaverse is still an idea without actual existence in the real world. And there is no sure shot answer on how it will look or feel whenever it will become a reality.
Putting it in simple words Metaverse is Everything virtually. Whether you want to attend a meeting, build an avatar virtually or want to get in touch with your friends, use a device on your wrist. Or wear a smart glass whenever you go out designed with augmented reality that can record whatever you see and hear.
Metaverse is accessible through every tech gadget available, including phones, computers, wearable tech, headsets or a combination of these. There is no restriction on where you can use it. Metaverse is accessible even when you work or watch movies, play games, and the sky is the limit from there. In other words, It could appear as though a subsequent world layered over the one we live in that is portrayed with the use of AR and VR but in a virtual space.
Everything we do in our regular day can be recited in the virtual space of the Metaverse. You can take the example of Snapchat's Bitmoji or Apple's Animoji.
As mentioned above, Metaverse is still in its developing stage. Whenever Metaverse comes into existence, it will surely be more expanded and advanced than we can ever imagine.

Who Is About To Roll Out Their Metaverse Versions?

Facebook - To Be Precise Meta

Facebook marked 28th October 2021 as a historical day by rebranding itself as Meta platforms Inc. Mark Zuckerberg named it with a thought to capitalize early on what will be the eventual fate of human availability and, maybe, of life itself.
The characterizing nature of the metaverse will be a sensation of existence — like you are right there with someone or somewhere. Feeling really present with someone else is a vivid dream of social technology.
The idea portrayed by Mark Zuckerburg on the metaverse will be a feeling of presence — like you are present there with somebody or somewhere without actually being there. Feeling truly present with another person is an authoritative dream of social innovation.
Mark Zuckerberg represented a world characterized as a step ahead of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In the virtual space of the Metaverse, all that one can do in reality can be simulated.
Metaverse for Facebook combines virtual avatars of individuals playing around, holding conferences, attending workshops, working out, studying and socializing, including a wide range of activities that one can attend or do in the real world. But of course, it will take an immersive amount of effort and time to convert that idea into reality.


Microsoft is another major Big Tech player which is about to enter the world of the metaverse. Microsoft has named it Mesh. One of its most fascinating features is what the organization calls Holoportation". Putting it in simple words, Microsoft users will be able to create and present their holographic selves to different users.
HoloLens devices provide the best experience with Their virtual and augmented realities. HoloLens is an extraordinary device that can make the experience of 'Holoportation' altogether different. In any case, Mesh can be used through VR headsets, cell phones, tablets or PCs.
Its virtual and expanded real factors can be best capable utilizing their HoloLens gadgets - an exceptional gadget that can make the experience of 'Holoportation' through and through various. Regardless, Mesh can be utilized through VR headsets, mobile phones, tablets or PCs.
At first, the projections will be as animated symbols. At last, it will provide a photorealistic projection of the exact circumstances. Yes, just as you have seen in Marvel star wars movies.
Microsoft is about to launch Mesh for Teams in 2022. Unmistakably, Microsoft's sole goal is to make everyday work more immersive in a metaverse.

Other Metaverse Platforms


As mentioned above Metaverse has been with us for over a decade now. Roblox, launched in 2006, is one of the most interesting and widely used Metaverse platforms.
Roblox has become so recognized that more than 50% of American youngsters younger than 16 played it in 2020, yet you can not just define it as just a game.
For the good of examination, visualize a bazaar, where one can visit stores to play various games. Roblox is somewhat like a bazaar in the virtual world where users can make their own games on the platform and adapt them to spread the word to generate actual income by trading virtual money (like cryptocurrency) as Robux that they have earned on the platform.


Fortnite, then again, is perhaps the greatest rival in the metaverse world. It was launched by Epic Games in 2017. In the beginning stage, it was just an online multiplayer game which is now expanded as a bigger social media space providing a virtual space to performers, like Ariana Grande, to hold massive concerts.


The metaverse is gradually turning into a reality. It has advanced into various aspects of our day to day routines, from games and movies to real-world navigation applications. While the metaverse itself can be difficult to define, and it is as yet in the generally beginning phases of development, what we can say for the time being is it is for sure brimming with potential.
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