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Mobile App Development Experience Using Python Tools

App Development

Mar 2021
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mobile app development experience using python tools
Mobile app development companies 2021 develop several apps for businesses and startups. However, even they sometimes question which programming language to choose to make the apps run smoother. As a developer, even you must have tried browsing across the web to find such a programming language. And after going surfing, you might have come across Python at least once since it is the most searched programming language in the period of Feb 2020-21.
Python is the top programming language among app developers globally. Considered as an emerging programming language, it is quite evident in these statistics. In this blog, we will talk to you about Python for mobile app development to learn about it. So, let's begin!
Why & When Build Apps With Python?
why and when build apps with python
Being non-technical, if you do not have any idea how to create an app with Python, then don't worry. Here, we have explained why & when it is crucial to building an app with Python. It is a high-level & general-purpose programming language that supports structured & object-oriented programming. Therefore, it becomes easy to develop mobile apps and web apps using this language. Being robust & diverse, it is a great choice to go for Python app development. It also lets you think from a programmer viewpoint and doesn't confuse intricate syntaxes.
These are the reasons you should use Python:
- Readable & maintainable Python code
- Supports many programming paradigms
- Compatible with significant platforms & systems
- The massive & powerful Python standard library
- The standard library supports several internet protocols like XML & HTML
- Permit using GUI toolkits, such as PyGUI, PyJs, PyQT, WxPython, Kivy, and PyGTK
A million developers use Python to develop mobile and web apps, generate reports, do research, automate tests, write data crunching pipelines, & many other tasks. Developers admire it for being an "adjustable desk" programming language.
Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Python for App Development
- It is a user-friendly programming language.
- It's great for visualizing data & reports.
- It is super flexible to integrate with other languages.
- The straightforward syntax guarantees the lowest learning curve.
- It supports & maintains asynchronous code.
- It's simple syntax makes it easy to read the language.
- A bit slower than other programming languages
- It lacks true multiprocessor support.
- It is tough to switch to languages with intricate syntax.
- Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) executes only 1 thread at a time.
Which Apps Can Be Developed Using Python?
1. Machine Learning Apps
Machine learning is another tech trend booming in the past few years. It is algorithm technology that adds data to the operating systems and allows the operating system to make smart decisions. Besides this, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is also a part of machine learning. It helps the system to assess, manipulate, & understand human language to make an algorithm work.
This technology may sound a bit complex for the developers. But, Python has worked in favor of building machine learning apps. Python's benefit is that it has multiple libraries such as Scikit and Pandas, especially for machine learning (ML). You can get these tools for free and use them under a GNU license.
2. Blockchain Apps
Undoubtedly, blockchain is one of the hottest trends for developing mobile apps. But it was not simple to build blockchain apps until Python came into the picture. Python has made blockchain app development much more straightforward for mobile app developers. The reason is that Python is an understandable language, making the mobile app development process much more facilitated.
Flask is a web app framework to help employ Python in developing blockchain apps. It will even make sure that a Python developer uses HTTP requests. This will help them interact with blockchain over the internet and even make endpoints for multiple blockchain functions.
3. Social Networking Apps
Many of us use social media to connect with our friends, but it is not easy to manage millions of users on these apps. However, thanks to Python, it has a heavier footprint regarding the processor, disk usage, and memory. On Instagram, it serves over 800 million users each day. It even uses Django, a Python tool for handling its users.
4. Business Apps
Python is super agile, and thus it can build various mobile apps. Python is the right choice to develop business apps as it helps build mobile apps that automate intricate business operations and processes. Python is a fantastic choice for developing apps to boost your businesses' efficiency.
Besides, building E-commerce and ERP solutions becomes easier as you can use Odoo for Python app development. It's an all-in-one management software written in Python.
5. Game Apps
Several businesses chose to develop gaming apps. Thus, they look for a robust programming language, and nothing could be better than Python. It has really helped gaming lovers to make apps like Battlefield 2 and EVE Online. The primary purpose of using it is for its add-ons and functionalities.
Top Python Tools for Mobile App Development
top python tools for mobile app development
1. Django
- Enables building mobile & web apps with less code
- Renders the best documentation than other tools
- Safe & secure
2. Kivy
- Ease of creating syntaxes.
- It comes with a custom-built UI toolkit
- It provides multi-touch user controls.
- Open-source Python library & GUI framework
3. BeeWare
- BeeWare renders specialized tools like Toga & Briefcase
- Uses the native user interface
- A single codebase for various platforms
4. Bottle
- Simple to learn and deploy
- Perfect for small web app
- Quicker than more powerful frameworks
5. Flask
- Integrated support for unit testing
- In-built development server & quick debugger
- Modular & lightweight design enables a flexible web framework.
The Endnote
Hopefully, this information on Python will take you a step closer to a mobile app development project. Select the programming language wisely after considering all the factors like benefits, drawbacks, reviews, and features. If you face any challenge during Python mobile app development, you can contact our expert team to help you out. Our adept android app agency has great experience in building Python-based apps for web platforms, iOS, and Android.
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