Mobile App Development: How Top App Development Companies Are Transforming Modernity With Android

mobile app development
Since the introduction of mobile app development, the digital world has never remained the same. No doubt, mobility can now be said to be the backbone of today’s tech. Android is one OS that has been contributing immensely to the positive change that is currently been experienced in the modern mobile app industry. 
It is no more news that Android, as a game changer, is transforming the entire application development landscape. Currently, this open-source mobile operating system has effectively taken over the global application market with about 3 million apps that can seamlessly run on virtually all devices. Thanks to its ability to conveniently adapt to disruptive tech trends, the ever-evolving mobile OS has risen to become a solid global platform to reckon with. 
Every now and then, Android applications constantly evolve in terms of compatibility, design, and features just to meet the increasing demands of mobile users (consumers) in every sector. To this end, many app development companies are working assiduously just to ensure that they remain open to the latest market trends and technological advancements so as not to become obsolete. 
As part of efforts to flow effectively with the transforming tide of development brought along with the technology, top app development companies have succeeded to utterly transform the way and manner many businesses operate around the globe. Today, it is visibly clear that Android is taking over the mobile landscape as virtually every sphere is being dominated by its apps. 
The current state of digital transformation is bewildering as it can be felt just everywhere – from entertainment and lifestyle to manufacturing and banking. At this point, it is simply not wrong to say that industries are becoming heavily reliant on Android app development. 
In case you are not aware of the current state of things in the mobile app development world, this post presents a comprehensive detail as to how top app development companies are transforming modernity with Android development. 
What You Need To Know About Android Mobile App Development
Today, there are many mobile app developers that are adopting Android as a mobile platform to enhance application development. One of the major reasons this OS has been a favorite development platform for many is due to its open-source nature which calls for constant ingenuity and development of sustainable solutions. 
In recent times, Android has been very adaptive to disruptive technologies which have placed it at the forefront of problem-solving. Just so you know, many app developers and top app development companies are already beginning to use the platform to come up with various innovative trends that can be beneficial to not only the common mobile user but also to big players in various industries across the world. 
Here are some interesting ways these top app development companies are transforming the technological landscape across various industries. 
Improved retail activities
retails activities
The retail ecosystem is one of several industries that has benefitted maximally from the tremendous changes brought about by Android app development. Apparently, top app development companies are using Android app development to not only improve retailing activities but also bring about some radical changes in the entire retail industry
This new improvement has been largely felt across the retail industry to the extent that every business owner is looking to adopt and integrate M-Commerce into their daily operations. Now, customers looking to make purchases can easily use their mobile devices to perform such activity anytime and anywhere they choose to. With just a few taps on their device’ screens, shoppers can easily view online products and obtain services from businesses with virtual outlets. 
Additionally, it is important to note that many Android app developers and companies are now adopting advanced technologies such as online loyalty programs, push notifications, and proximity beacon API to help expand the customer base of retailers seeking Android application development services. 
Value-added healthcare delivery
Aside from helping to establish improved internal communication channels among hospital administration, medical staff, and doctors, Android app development has managed to improve the quality of patient care by providing real-time access to relevant medical records. 
With the introduction of improved Android application development services, greater emphasis has now been placed on delivering better healthcare services. This alone has enabled the entire medical industry to become more and more patient-centric. Now, people seeking medical services can easily use apps developed for the healthcare sector to effectively book an appointment with a physician. 
Interestingly, with time, patients will no longer see the need to visit the doctor’s office as they will soon be able to obtain virtual consultation right from their mobile device and have their health queries followed-up over their mobile app. 
Improved user engagement in the tourism industry
tourism industry
It is quite interesting to see how this technology has gone particularly in the travel and tourism sector. No doubt, the tourism industry has been greatly enabled by several tech trends brought about by Android such as real-time tracking, digital itinerary planning, overseas banking, and GPS navigation. 
In a bid to improve on their travel-based Android mobile application development, some top app development companies have already begun adopting some form of Machine Learning (ML) techniques to help tourists design better trips based on their preferences and travel history. 
Better real estate industry experience
In recent times, there has been a fundamental shift in the way and manner real estate operations are carried out. Thanks to the introduction of some credible Android app development solutions, people no longer need to make physical visits to property as everything can be finalized on a virtual platform. 
Undoubtedly, mobile app development (Android) has greatly transformed the way realtors find and connect with prospective buyers. Basically, technology has managed to provide meaningful solutions for the real estate industry. Now, there are several Android mobile applications that realtors can employ find buyers. Many are using these apps to not only connect with prospective buyers but also showcase their relevant industry experience.

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