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Mobile App Development: Internet Of Things Or Nothing At All


Dec 2018
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mobile app development: internet of things or nothing at all
Before now, the thought of having an app that could do anything from producing weather forecast with organized meteorological data obtained from sensors to controlling home appliances was more or less like mere science fiction. But today, it seems as if everyone is either taking or planning to follow this route, thanks to the introduction of the Internet of Things
Evidently, the Internet of Things is leading the way for more improvements in the app development world. It is certainly not hard to explain why IoT is exploding at this point in time. Currently, the cheap cost of the technology required to get the internet devices connected (such as networking chips, sensors, industrial equipment, smartwatches etc.) is one of the major factors behind the dynamic explosion of the Internet of Things. 
Just so you know, there is no better time than now for app development companies around the globe to adopt this technology and integrate it into their development processes. As it stands, there are just a whole lot of digital consumers and mobile users that are looking up to the industry for an expanded IoT experience. Many homeowners are already seeking to adopt the connected technology with more expecting to purchase wearable technology
How the Internet of Things works
IoT is primarily concerned with the process of sending and receiving data through a network of connected “things” that relates to a range of physical characteristics, such as velocity, light level, pulse rate, moisture level, temperature, static or moving images, maintenance requirements and so on. Practically speaking, developers will require an efficient system of automation to collect things and transmit data. 
To achieve this, there is the need for a technologically improved software system that can logically manage both the networks and the things involved. Interestingly, some app development companies are already helping to take much of the hard work out of developing for IoT by offering data ingestion platforms. While this often involves the presentation of useful data to end users, it is important to note that there are other processes involved. 
App developers seeking to develop applications for the Internet of Things must take the time to understand how the vast amounts of data generated on the network can be effectively organized, stored, and processed. In simple terms, they need to fully understand how to effectively build an IoT-enabled app. 
Developing an IoT application
iot app development
With an IoT app, users can do virtually anything from controlling home appliances remotely to producing weather forecast with gathered meteorological data from sensors. However, this can’t be made possible without the involvement of experienced IoT professionals that possess the requisite skill sets that are needed to develop functional and dynamic apps for the Internet of Things. 
First and foremost, app development companies need to properly understand the things themselves before even getting started. This is an uncommon process that will require the adoption of one or more communication protocols so as to effectively enhance communication between devices. It could also involve some sort of embedded operating system with a low-power processor just to get things connected to an internet gateway device, neighboring things, and/or the internet itself. 
No doubt, a considerable amount of work is required to build an IoT app from the scratch. Below are three (3) important tiers of the development process that app development companies cannot just overlook when developing an IoT-enabled app. 
The Ingestion Tier
Basically, this is an important level of the development phase that is primarily aimed at organizing the streams of data emanating from the things. It is generally referred to as the ingestion tier because it involves software and infrastructure that pass through the cloud or a corporate data center. But it does not just stop there. This tier is also concerned with receiving and organizing streaming data from the things. The ingestion tier will require the use of operating software that will not only be responsible for managing things but also providing updates for their firmware as at when due. 
The Analytics Tier
This is a development phase that is concerned with the organization of data gathered from sensors and their onward procession. As its name implies, this is where data will be analyzed and structured before finally presented to end users. 
The End-User Tier
This is the final stage of the development process that app development companies must observe to be able to come out with the final end product. The end-user tier is responsible for producing the final tangible app that the consumer can interact with. This can be delivered in various ways as it could take the form of a mobile app, a web app or even an enterprise app.
Are there any prospects?
different prospects
Already, many app development companies have begun supporting their IoT development efforts in various meaningful ways. While some are adopting meaningful tools to improve their strategies, others have started deploying network components, analytics software, and sensors to support their IoT projects. 
Those looking to cash in big on this booming technology must ensure that they obtain the requisite skill set and also endeavor to remain open to new opportunities. Recent predictions from Gartner have revealed that by 2020, there will be over 20.4 billion connected things in use worldwide. Also, the expected growth of about $1.4 trillion has been forecasted by IDC as spending on IoT by 2021
Undoubtedly, the introduction of IoT into mobile app development boston will cause many organizations to continue to invest in the connectivity, services, software, and hardware components that will enable the technology to function. Currently, the industry is in dire need of development professionals that possess the right skills needed to effectively manage IoT projects and also improve upon the technology as the case may be. Obviously, the future is already here and only those organizations that willing to integrate this technology will grow successfully.
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