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Mobile Apps Are Altering The Travel & Tourism Sector For Good

App Development

Jul 2020
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mobile apps are altering the travel & tourism sector for good
Travel & Tourism industry was always there to make our life experiences ever-lasting and is growing in the whole world. In fact, a few countries are also sustaining because of the tourism industry. However, there is a difference in the ways we travel today, and we used to visit years ago, that has positively changed our travel experiences.
Today, travel has been made super accessible. Imagine, you want to fly to another country tomorrow, you are just one tap away from the travel apps on your smartphones. Mobile apps have made it very convenient to make reservations and get discounts at a cheaper rate. Study says, almost two-third of travelers count on the mobile apps during their trips.
Many people are enjoying their trips today without worrying about tiny things due to mobile apps out there. They are getting well-planned and easily navigated adventures.
2018 Digital Traveler Survey says that 16,000 tourists from 25 countries surveyed stated that mobile devices are pivotal for their travel journey.
Tourism businesses are recruiting the Indian app developers from a mobile app development company to design their apps to flourish their business and ease travel experience.
Travel agencies and Physical bookings are almost outdated now with the rise in mobile travel apps and the features they offer. They offer everything from recommending places to see, hotels to stay in, cheapest flight options, and making secure bookings.
This article will discuss in-depth on how mobile apps have made travel experiences better and faster.
Characteristics of a Successful Travel App:
characteristics of a successful travel app
Smart Booking System
This feature helps tourists perform various functions, including reminder set up, compare prices, notify offers on time, save future reservations, and categorize them in one platform.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Many visitors will browse for specific locations and services provided, such as exciting locations in Greece or Canada like Rocky Mountaineer. If they wish to visit an exotic place, they can type “Maldive Resort,” and they can view almost everything about the best sites.
SEO can guide the users in the correct direction all the time. Moreover, travel agencies can make strategic moves with the help of an effective SEO.
Furthermore, the apps that are designed for local SEO enhance the travel experience by recommending local places to see and is thus designed based on their choices and locations.
These apps use the current mobile locations to deliver value to travelers and improve their experience and effective planning. 
In-app Cab booking
The travelers can make flight, train, hotel and cab bookings with the travel apps without the need to move out of the application. The traveler can know the right place and ETA of the cab via the cab bookings. 
Not just this, it gives in-depth information about the cab drivers contact, registration number, car color, and more. This information can also lead to more secure traveling. 
Geolocation Attributes
Arriving at the destination is not enough. Once there, travelers want to know how to get to places around them like restaurants, hotels, bus-stops, clubs, and other areas. Here is where the geolocation feature comes in use. This feature helps users get around places conveniently without getting lost.
Weather Forecasting
This feature enables travelers to plan their trips timely and on the right day. The travelers can pack proper clothes as per the weather. There are plenty of apps with excellent features appropriate for different countries, provinces, and travel types. They even inform users to know the sea's temperature, hurricane prediction, degree of humidity, and much more.
Trip Reviews
This feature enables the travelers to review a place and share their real-life experiences with others. It helps others make their travel decisions and also aware the service providers to deliver better services. 
Smooth Transactions Method
This feature enables travel companies to streamline different transactions, deliver clients with digital receipts and verifications, and go totally paperless, thus giving a fast and direct user experience.
This eliminates the need to provide a physical copy of documents and the need for human resources to finish the payment processes.
Travelers will feel more secure and comfortable knowing their travel planners, hotel details, boarding passes, and every other document will be rendered electronically and easily accessible.
How do Travel Apps Make a Difference?
how do travel apps make a difference
Easy Payment
Online platforms allow travelers to finish payments quickly. They provide you a one-stop solution to manage, reserve, and pay all your transactions in one place without stressing about paperwork or overseeing tickets.
Exploring Places
The traveler can have a glance at the place they are traveling to before heading there. Most of these apps provide real-like pictures of travel places with ratings and feedbacks. 
Awesome Discounts & Offers
Amid plenty of mobile apps out there to get your attention, they don’t want to miss out on any business opportunity; thus, you can expect amazing offers and deals when using these travel apps to manage your bookings. The discounts typically range from airline discounts, hotel reservations, and complimentary services.
AI Hotel Apps
Hotel mobile apps provide incredible services for travelers, such as making online-check ins, robotic welcome assistance, ordering food and beverage via the app, and using chatbots,
Using Alexa for voice-assistance, and much more. 
Cashless Trip
Travelers find it risky and inconvenient to carry a hefty amount of cash while traveling due to fear of theft. The advantage of this app is that it enables cashless travel and enables all payment options with just a single click.
Customized Services
Travel apps are becoming smarter with AI and Big Data, thus delivering tailor-made apps for user convenience. They can custom your trips as per your budget, mode of transport and routes, and more.
With your choices, reviews, and travel history, these apps suggest and plan better vacations for you.
Travel and tourism is a billion-dollar industry today. Mobile app development agency has been a blessing to make this possible by delivering reliable, enhanced and quicker services to users.
The smartphone use is rising massively to make reservations and will continue to grow more, with more advanced technology, thus benefiting the travelers and the tourism industry.
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